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W'hi'ii nelglibor's heos ynur threats desplse And won't oonsent at home lo stay ; Iet not your angry p; rise, lint ñx a place f. ir them to lay. Special council meeting calleil for totuorrow niglit. Geo. Wahr will furnish the books for the high school library. Fruit-growers are ghul that the cold weather keeps the truit buds back. The Express oülce is being moved into its handsome new quarters to-day. Kate A. Ulber has filed a bill for divorce from her husband Herman Ulber. The K. T. beauseaunt was at half mast Monday and Tuesday in memory of A. F. Hangsterfer. Next Sunday thirteen young people will be confirmed at the Gertnan Lutheran church of Scio. Boni to Edward T. and Jennie Hawkins, of Ann Arbor town, on April 20th, a a 10 pound boy. Mondar was St. Mark's day, aud appropriate services thereto were held at St. Andrew's church. Hobart Guild will give their initial social in their new home, on Tuesday evening of next week. Mary Collins Whiting of the Senior law class was admitted to the bar last Saturday, and passed a highly creditable examination. John M. Gould is to move from bis present place of business on Ann Street, to the store north of the Arlington house, on Fourth street. J. E. Wyman has invented a rack for the reception of railroad time tables and folders that threatens to make a bloated bond-holder of him. Joseph Ditz, one of the old German residents of this city, died Saturday night, aged 68 years. He leaves a wife and a family of grown-up children. Judge Campell Is to deliver one of a series of lectures to be delivered during May, at the Guild lecture room probably on Thursday evening of next week. Justice Frueauff sentenced a French gentleman trom Monroe to ten day's free board at the county jail Situaday, for being drunk aud disorderly. The new gasoline bread toaster invented by Harkins A: Willis is a great success, and they are inaniifHCturing tliem by the humlreds already, but ciin't keep up with their orders. Ex-Öenator Kempf, haring purchaeed the two desiraMe residence lots on the corner of N. Ingalls and Lawrence Sts., expects to erect dwellings thereon the coming season. Irying K., and Allen B. Pond, formerly of this city, have rented an oflice and starled in business for themselves in Chicago as architects. Tbelr prospects are quite brijílit for a handsome business. Sunday, April 24th, think of it ! April 24! it snowed! And it snoived wlica the suii sbone at the sume time. Now, wben the oldest iuhabitant tells you uext year tbat lie never saw sueh wlieather before, re ter liiiu to tliis item. The store in the St. Jaines block to be occupied by the Express office and the Western Union tnlegrnplí office has been handsomely decorated. "Chris." will probahly put on considerable many airs wlien he gets into the uew quarters. Elias M. Thomas, who attended the university In 1867, and the following year took one of Aon Arlior's f ai rost dattühtcrs, Miss Ruth Hftiion, awny as his bride, is now living at Huron, I) ikota, and at the late election was chosen pólice justice by the handsome majority of 135, At a recent meeting of the Ann Arbor Co-operatire Baring Association the followingexecutive boiird was chosen : John A. Gates, Gottlob Luick, W. E. Howe, J. E. Flinn, Ernest Eberbach. The meetings will be held at Albert Sorg's shop until further uotice. Lawrence O'Toole has moved into the St. Janics block with his sewing machine office, occupying the store next west of the Ann Arbur Savings Bank. Tlie store lias been handsoincly decorated and carpeted, and '"Larry" proposes to makethe White machine boom this sumnier. Will W. Watts has purchased for his own use ¦ new Calignph type writer, and proposes to earn a few extra nickles in copying legal and other papers. Mr. Watts is also agent for thlg style of type writer, and f you know of any one oeeding such a machine, it would be a favor to them to send tliem to Will. Owing to t!ie bursting of a steam pipe at the electric light works the streets of the city were not lightcd Sunday eveniiig ltt Considerable ilamagu was done by the accident, and some new belts had to le obtained from Detroit before the works could be starled up again. Quite fortunately it vu not a very dark evenIng. The Ypsilanti km thts pleaslng reference to the new head of the State Normal school in that city: "Prof. Sill, as prioclp] of the Normal, is the rlght man in the right place. His admlnistrative ability is of a high order, which i an essential qualification for the position he occupies. He lias acquired a masteryofthe school in all its departmentï, and ivhenever any defect Is manifest, he h cjuick to apply the proper reinedy ; and lint little escapes his watchfiil eye.' Uuring a recent visit to Bav Port, Prof. Baur tells iis that his son caught a beautiful jet black female bear, about eight months old. Be says that if our university Imd a zoological garden, it should liave U,Ls (,m; „,le specimen of the wild beasts of our own state, as he would lie Klad to clónate It to the uniyersity. Mr. . asks if there can not be foiind witliin Hip state some wealthy man or men who would dónate enough to the uniyersity to start sucli an enterprise? Judge Joslyn says that since the organiMtlon of the law department.he has been 'itlicr iipoii eommlttee to examine, or il Mfe apon the beneh to pass upon the exaalnulon of uil luw student admltted to the here, and that the students who l'ave been befon lam this year and last M'ive bera li.ttciprepaiedfortliepractlce law by SS or :,0 per cent. thin ever be'OW In the history of the school. He says B is not the result ot bctter instructora Dut because of the adoption of a system of quizzes that helps wonderlully to instruct and in.prove the mind and memory of Ann Arbor town hae bought two rond graders for $80 each. Geo. May er of Lodi, aged about 63 year?, died yery suddenly nt bis home yesterday. Ypsilantl gave a majority for probibition and lins one lonc republicau on its councll. Tlie flre alarm last Friday even ing was causad by a lot of burning rubbisli in the Gth ward. The Chcquamegon 01 diestra is i great deinand these days and have more calla than they eau comply with. An order was granted by Judge Joslyn last Saturday, allowing certain bilis of Laura Beavis to be paid by Zina P. King. County Treasurer Belser received (he tirst liquor tax of the year yesterday, the sanie coming from Christina Frank, of Saline, $300. Yesterday Chas. H. Wkitman, as attorney filed a bill for divorce in favor of Margaret L. Skinner, against Edward N. Skinner, for cruelty and failurc to support Don't always searek for theserioug side of things. The man who bas no eye or ear for the ludicrous is an unhappy mortal. Next to virtue, the fun in the world is wliat we can least spare. Hon. James O. Blaine passed through the city last night on the express from Chicago to Detroit. An enterprising reporter who interviewed him here says he lxked very niuch haggard and woru. The Orchard Lake military cadets had a very unpleasant day for tuelr parade here last Saturday, but they wou the hearts of all millitary men here, and there will be many who wish them suoccess in their Washington contest. Everything was very quiet agaiu last Sunday, and scarcely any business done, except on the tly. The correspondent of the Detroit Kvening News says "it was imposible to get a shave, a bath, a cigar or a drink," and he probably knows. The calendar.for the May term of the circuit court, which convenes next Tuesday, contaius 57 cases in all, divided as follows: criminal 4; issues of f act 43; sues of law 1 ; imparlance 2; chancery - lst class 2; chancery - 4th class 5. The jury is called for Tuesday, the tirst day of the term. Atits recent anima) meeting, Sedgwick Dean of this city, was elected a director of the T. A. A. & N. M. 11. It. The annual report showed that this nad last year earned $380,251.01, of which $47,113.9S was prolit. It built 45 miles of road and o)ened 71 miles, riving it a line from Toledo to Mt. Pleasaat, 171 miles. And still the well on the court house square is not condemned. This is radically wrong. With an immeuse cesspool withiu a few rods of t uto whieh gallons of drainage are poured every day, the watt-r of the well must be polluted thereby. The well cannot help but bc ¦ disease breeder, and should be condemned at once. A young Ypsilantian, over whose fond locks hut iifteeu tumntera have smiled, named Slaurice Root, imbibed so much of tlie granduer of ludían tijrhtiiijí from diine literature, that he left home a few days since to search for scalps and injuiis, it is supposed. ile may have to Root around üvely for grub to eat, for Injuns are not as thick ai they used to be. The St. Louis Leader of April 21st says: "Mr. E. U. Lewis, who has been in charge of the photograph gallery here for the past slx or eijrht ni'inths, yet who has not removed liis family from Ann Arbor, closed up hls business here on the 15th and returned to Ann Arbor. Mr. Lewis ha? proven himself an honorable gentleman and a good photographer." The pantomime, "The Blind Beggarof Bethel Green," rvpmtod by the Unity ('lulj, ThursUay BTeulBg, was one of the most pleasiug enteitainments given in the city this season. The costumes were very appropriate and plcturesque, taken trom tablón platea of the 14th centnry, and added much to the presentation. There was little to criticUe, much to plt-ase. The membei's of St. George's Society (English) about 40 strong, attended divine service at St. Andrew' church last Sunday forenoon. Rev. Mr. Earp adapted a sermón from the text: "Be ye sober minded," and those fortunate enough to be present, consider it one of the tinest serraons of the many excellent ones preaehed by this divine dwing hls rectorship here. Sorrow and aflliction bare dealt wltli i heavy hand at the home of Harrison Camp who lives in the northeastern part of Ann Arbor town near the Superior line. Ou Monday of last week one cliild died from diphtheria, and the next day two others followed. Mrs. Camp bas not fully recovered from an attack of the disease, and unotber child is down with ir, Surely this attlicted family deserve the deepest sympathy of the entire community. The case of Lienawee Co. va. Washtt1naw Co.,growing out of the care of the Kittrede family wlio removed from bere to Adrián gome tour years ago, will come on trial at Manchester, Thursday, at 3 p. m., before a Justice of that place. This county'8 interest is being cared for by Proseeuting Attorney L. D. Norris, with ex-Marshal Chas. S. Fall. Washtenaw county is in the right in this business and it is to be hoped the law may be on lier side also. The Ypsilanti Sentinel reads our city falliera a little lesson: "The new council of Ann Arbor took a spasm, and ordered all places of business closed last Sunday. That shows no friendliness to temperance, but simply petulant splte. Itissaying: "Jf we can't have a chance to get our drinks on Sunday, nobody shall get milk, or meat, or cig.irs, or livery rlgs nor get sbaved." In a more serious view it is placin; rumsclling and other business on the same level. The Council will not get mucli credit for enforcing the Sunday laws in this nianuer. Their motive, to makc them obnoxiousis too plain." The monthly meeting of Washtenaw pomological society ocours on the 7th of May, in basement of court house at 2 p. in. sharp. Topics: Report of committee on the resignation of Hon. J. Austin Beott, our worthy president, and founder of tliis society; Of the committee on clieaper and better transportatlon; Final report of comraittee on fruit preserving factory ; Klection of a new president. Kxliiblt of lienedict's Berry Harvester, of fruit basket, eepecially berry and pcacb packages; Fruit of the 6cnson and fruit preserves. Every fruit grower of Washtenaw has n deep interest in this meeting and every friend of the society is most cordially invited.