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Frehman bitnquet Muy 6th. Prof. Cttrty desires those takinir part to altend promptly to " Elijah." The homeopathie hospital is crowdeil with patients, and clinical material appears to be abundant. Prof. Kogers uow takes the hours between 9 and 11 a. in., toexamiue allapplica nts in erin i 11 al luw. Prof. Kent fllls Prof. Griffin's place because ol the latter's illncss, and lectures upon " Pleadings " thia week. Dr. Stowell has been lecturing to the laws on the "Possibility of DetectlngHunian Blood in cases of Crime." The sophomore canes gotten up in the class eolors of yellow and brown, were swinig to the hreezelast Tliursday. Prof. Rogéis will preside over tlie joint debate of the Webster and Jeflerxonian soeieties, on the evening of May 6th. Prof. Pajne's clftU hMttUtwl a MtMCftption to procure a piaster oat of soine ein inent teacher, am] has $8 to start with. Tlie hom, brigade is said to be organizing for practica, tlie tirst engagement beingjune llth, when Forepaugh's show is bate. The collegiale alumno: associatlon of the northwest will hold their annual meetn": in tliis city sometime during October nest Rumored that u inember of '90captnred the entir lot of netv class canes at the social last Friday evening. He ought to be caned. Prof. (rillln lectured to the laws for the lirst time slncn election last Monday, lic having been ill since then with an attack of bronchitis. Mr. 8. B. Cliittenden has given Yale college $100,000 for an addition to its library building. " Wallo and bricks do not make universitie.," you know. William il. Mitchell, 'b2, was married April 19th to Miss Lulu Ferguson, at Port Hurón. Billy was an alderman last year ; this year a Benedict. What next? The Beta chapter of Gamma Phi Beta received the news Saturday of the establishment of a new chapter of their sorority at Boston University. It starts off with ten members. The ladies in the university are more numerous than last year by :i0, there being 265 nuw in attendance, classifled as follows: Literary 175, medical ól, homeopath ie 27, law 0, dental 4, pharmacy 3. On the 6th and 7th ot' May a prohibition convention will be held at the university, the same to be composed of delagates appointed to represent the various educationat iiibtitutions of the state. The university papers have it that Mr Hobson tlie custodian and taxldermist of the museum, bas been requested to resign by President Angelí, because of " difler enees as to the management of the museum." The university Glee Club will give a concert at the opera house in Ypsilanti, Wednesday evening, May itlt. They appear there undcr the auspices oj the Young People'8 Society of the Baptisl church. Prof. üb Pont is president of the U. of M. base ball club. The Prof. takes great interest in athletics of all kinds, and is one of the useful all-around-professors in tlie university. He is a hard worker, also, and a general favorite. The medical department lias boen called upon again to p.irt company with one of its number, this time death claimiHg for lts own Alphous W. Kinger, of the gradimtiiig class. He was about 25 years of age, had been ill but a short time with pneumonía, and was thowght much of by hi.s associates. The university base ball association met Saturday and elected the followingfofflcers for the enguing year: Prof. P. R. B. de Pont, president; Charles Miller, vice president ; L. K. Comstock, secretary and treasurer; C A. Read, John üuffy, W. II. Holden, F. D. McDonald and M. M. Mann, dlrectors.


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