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Braee Up. You are feellng depresserf, your nppetite is pooi-, you ire botliered wiih Headsielio, you are h'diretv, nervous, Hnd generally OUtofaortM, and want to hnue ;; Brace ap, but notwith simulants. springmedicine, or bitter, whlcb have fortbelr baalaver] cheiip, bad wblaky, andwhich ttlmnlate you 'or an hour, and then leavn yon In worse coDdltfon than before. Whwt you want is an altcrative tluit will purlfy your bluoil, start lieilthy nctlon of Liver aiiil Kidiicv. reaton your vitality, and give renewed bealtA and Btrength. Sncli a medicine m will timl in Electric Hitter, it onlv 60 renta a bottle, at Eberbach & Son'i drug Rtore. "And tlx'D, gcntlemeti of the jury, I must appeal to your seiise. of justlce. Vou in u-i remetnberthat yoa are twelve trdng well-fed men. opposed to tliis dik: miserable, piuiy dcfendatit." Ir is s;iid tiiMt a " mulé cannot hray if h briek bc lied to bla kalL" Yes, but what becomea of the mau wiio englneerai the brick? Huvr Unpleasnnt it Is toteen benutiful ehlld'ifaoe dtsfljfnred wlth viie bomora, bnraüny throajrti tinskin in pimple-, blotcbM, and sores, and ladder Mili, when tbe yonng and innocnot are lauffbed at and twitted in all such taaea, rarents ibould n Ire tbem that good aml pure rëmedy, Sulpbur Bitten, whiofa will tearch and drive out of the blood every paftlola of hamor. - HasJtb Qazette.


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