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In General Debilitj, Kmaciatioii, Consuinptioii, aml Wutiaf n (.'hildren. Scntt's Emulsión of l'inv Otté fjrrer OU witli Hypopho-phites, i ;i motl v.iluable feed Mild medicine. Il OH ;m ;i ] ft itfor fond, rtrenytheni the nervmit pysleni, and builds lip the body. l'leas.i read: "I tried ScotCn Emnltloii oa a young man vvlioiu Phyfticliiita ut tlaw.aave tip hopeles-. Blnoe he begao uninit the Emuislor hta i oiijili lias cttas' (1 Kaliiec] dt-sli al ¦trentfi, an 1 trom ll appeaancei liislitv will Iv pmlonKoil in.niy ears."- John Siillivan. Hospita! Stewntd. Mnriranza, Pa. __ __.__ Uncle Esek's Wisdom. Tou can outlive n ilander in half (lic time yon can out. aitic 'tIf a mau Is rlght, lic can't be too railieal; f wrong, Itecna't bo too conüeivative. There is DOthing so irecMsary as bWuslty; (vitbOUt it. mankind wonld bavc cea8ed to cxistyears ngo. As a raindrop forelells a storm, so does a pimple apon tbe human body indic ito hcaltli-di'-troviiií; virus in the blond, wliieb can be neutralizetl and t'xpchi'd only by Dr. Harter's Iroti Tonic. Hethod and dUpatcb govern the wofld. Tbe heart jreta weary, but never gets old. We stand in oor own (umthlne oftener than otlier? do. Dninkcnnoss, or I.lquor Habit, ran be Cnred by Adininistering: Dr. Halncs' Golden Specillc. Il eau be friven in a cup of coflee or tea without tbr knowledge. of the person tak Ing it, effectlng speedy and permanent cure, whether the patiënt is u moderate drinker or an alooliollo wreek. ThouMncM of drunkiirds have been made tcmlerate men who have taken the Golden Jpeolflc In thcir C(iH'"e without tbeir [powledge, and to-day bclieve tbey qnit Irinkiiijr of tlieir own ireewill Noiiarmul i'ffecta reauU imm Ita idinlDUtrgtion. üurel Kiiaranteed. Seiul for circular and uil partieulars. Address in oonfldenm Ooiden Speel Ac Co., 185 Kace st., Cincinnati, Ohio.


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