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RTAl POWDER Absolutely Pure. Tllis powder liever varíes. A marvel of parltv.sirt'nili and wholesomeneaa. MoreeooBomlcal ilimi the ordlnnry kinds, and cannoi beaoldln oompatltion wlth the raaltltude of Inw test, t-hori weluht, nlum or pliosphale powil.M-. SolUonfy invaiiK. Itoj al link Ing ! ilt-r Co . 1O6 Wall st.. N. Y. Á CHILD'S SKIN Ears and Scalp ('ov red wltfe Eczema(ons Smlis and Sores ( nrol by Ciiticura. MY 100, aijed elght yeara hip heen litlllcted wlth .' ni. i ol Iba sealp. lid ni time a i;reat portion ol the body, ever al ace ta waf twuyean old. It betran in hia ar, aiid ex'omled U his icalp WhiCh bei Illecovert-t wil'i acaba and sous, jilid froni whlch ii i icky il lid p.junU out. t Dfcdng Intin-e tchin and dMres, tr.d leavipg hls bair matlad and llfelem. Cnderaeath the-c mht the kin waa ran :i plece of )¦ idnaüï ttie came out and waa dectrojsd , unül n kimhII patch u lelt at Iba back of tb baad. My (riends in Psubody know bow my littlo boy hs uAerrd. At niirMt bewon 'i aeratcb Ma h"iid mil ba i i 1 1 w ven-il m blood. l navd to tle tii bandi babind Mm, and in Tnai.y wayi tned to prev.nt hie BCratcblng; luit it waa no Qe, lie wonli scratcb. I te ak ti i ui to tlie li pital Hiul to the baat pbrttelan in Paabodv withou' Boccwaa Aiumt tbla time, lome í' i u ii d - bo bul been curad bj the c f i h"l-k IíkmfiiiK'I, pre.iilf(l apon me lo try thero, I bomii tu use tbum on the lAtb of Janoury laai. In monto avery pardcla of the dbwaM renovad. Nutaapotor icab remaloaou liiJ fcalp to lel! Ihe s'or oí hls .utïeril.i;. Hl 'ii'' ha" returmil. and i tblck mul tröo]r, and hit ca'p ais ¦wal i and clean u anv chlW'o in tbe worid I can not eay enouL'ti to npreaa my Rratltada f ¦¦ thla wooderfal cure hy the Cuth-uka Kembuiks. nnd wlrh all almiUrlT affl'cted to kn-iwhat my Btatement is true and witliinlt eTaííeratiou. CIUKI.ES MoKAT, Octoer ti, 1 5. Tbaboiiy, Ma b. I liave nei-ii Mr. bOT when haddiv affected with the K(2 -nu. UtlUI pltüal lht to look :it. I know iiiut ha ha trled our l)et pliysi iiii. umi did nll a father conld do tor a anfforing child, bul avalled DOtbJi E. I know that the rtat ments he has made yon :i n f at Hm arias of ¦ by yonr i in uha KauDiai aru trui In V VMI.UAM MrrAUTHY. .- t sire.-t. l'ealiody, Mass. I do not know of nn iiulanca in whlcb Ihe i'ntirn ,i Kemedlea üuve t nled lo produce naMífactory ruanlu I b lleve I bave o]d ni., re of th.-in khan of ny oihiT pk'ii remedies I have ever ba the thirtythrec yens of my expertooee as drucgiat, A. D. TRYON, Batavia, N. Y . SOLO EVKRYWIIEUi: Moe, Cl rn ik i,60 cént ; Co nci u Bo -, - , II MM i: 'Hl -i.l.vlN I, f .00. I'repand by Ihe Poler, Drug umi Chemie jl (o , Boston. lelilí lor"Hoiv to 4'nrc Hkiu IlMeafH." nfWPLKS, Blackbeads, Skin Blemiilies and Huliy rlR Hatnors, os Cuticura Á WORD ABOUT CÍTABRÍ 1 it ia the muc nis membrana, Ib it wonderful emi fluid vnvelope mirroundini; the delicatatla-ii. - ol tlie üir and bod paaaae"!. tlit ('aurrh makes it.- stronuhuld. Once ealabllabed it eate Into the vrry vitulfl, and renders lile bat a loni;dravvn breath of niiJery tod dtaaaae, dulliOK the Dl beariDg, trammellini; the p wer of ipecch. déltroTing the facnlty of fineH. taintlng the breath and kilUog the reüniil ptoaauTea of taaie. Insldionily, by creepinc on from a simple Cald In the head, il afsaullrt tiu; membranout lininKanden velops tlio bonef, eatlnu' tlirouijh the delicate coate and causit'K iuflammution, elou-ihin and dcath. Notlun',' short ol' total eradication will fecure baalek to ihc patiint. and all alleviates are imply proi-r:ist oatad HutViTiutr-1! leadin to a fatal termiuation. KADoD'e Kadicai. Curk, by Inhalation and by Inlenml adminietraltuü, hat never failed ; wi.en the dlseaae made fri;btiul intoad in del cate consütnüona. hearing, amcll and tapte? have liein recovered, uad ihe digeate thorouKhlj' glvon om." s nii .-oKirs Radical ivkk consiBts of one botileülthe Radical Cuae, one box of ('ATAKR11AI. Sol.Vl N r. IHld one I.MI'ROVKD INiiAi.i ii. iie.itly wrapped in one pacKage, with lul dinctlona ; prict-, I.i o Po Tien Ukch ano Chimícal Co., Boston. HOW IT ACHES. jcv Worn out wiiii piiu, hut still couipt-led fiy y stern DOCetalty to stand up lo the ( work before il aad beur the pain. BeSSAl Ili-rin oiie minute in a 'uilra 1 3tS Anli-I'ain 1'lOMtrr for the aclilnK Vttt sides and back, tbe weak and palniul miiBClrs the sore chest nnd bacldnff coui{h. and evury pain ache of daily toil. Klef;nl, new, orli;!nal, apeedy aml inlallihle. At all rlrogKial, lïoc.: flve for $1.00 ; or poeiage free, of Tutter drut' and Chemical Co., BoBton. hat n taidi ré taarae, dnt t)H who wriu i I I suiiinn (' .rnrtlind, MlB,willreerlT I - I I II free, f uil inform.llon bout work whlch II I llhpjondo, nd lire t lionn.thM will p.j A 3 Uil i,em from SS to 25 pe' Soma Ii.t. carned orar SW in day. Ettber tel, youDR or old. Capitml sol taqulrad Yoo ara aned frea. Tboio wbo rl l ono tra abaoluuly ura of auuc UUla fortuuu. All la sar. WatchsprinG 'fl-ff O QO. i ¦. ¦¦t3tÜOOOQOQ00OOtOO00 O OOO ' ¦ aai i Q ,o Orto Oj O njoooootoooooaoopoagoooootctoftootoo o QQq- 1 1 - ¦ - 0 W'itli gilding: Dctachatole Springs. C3TBctter tban Wlialeboiie or Horn and jiuarantccd nevcr to break. Prlce, $1.25. For ale by loding w holcsale aad retail citablishmcQU. MAYER,8TROUSE&CO. 412 Broadway, N. Y., Manufacturera. f 't TtLttlKArn T k....„l ,.„ Hlluatlona I rurulahod. WrlU Vul.iitliHi Uro., JauoKvlIlu, Wl


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