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Who Stole The Eggs?

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Krom Songs for Our Darllngs. "Oh whnt la the matter wlth Koliln. That iiiMkt-s her cry round here all ÜKy ? I I hink slic must be In great trouble," Sa i.l swülliiw lo little Blue Jay . "I know why the Robin Is crylng," Sald Wrt'ii, wlth a sou in her breast; "A HHUnlily, bold robber ha stolen Three little blue eggs from her nest. "He carried them home In hls pocket; I uw htm, frum up In thls Üfee ; Ah, me; how my little heart flutlercil Kor teur he would come and rob me ! ' "Oh 1 whnt little boy was so wicked ? " .saul Swallow, beginniug to cry ; "1 wold'nt be gutlly of robblng A dear little bird's nest- uot I." "Nor 1 ! " Hald the blrds In a ctiornu : "A cruel and mtxchievous boy ! I pity hls father and mother; He Burely cau'l glve theiu much Joy. "I (jueBs he forgot what a pleasure Tli, dear little rubina all hrlng, In early sprint; time nd sumini-r, H.v the beautUul ms I hal they sln."


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