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Plants do bettcr wlien not watered often but copiously. Soap Mi.U is a splfinliil fertilizcr for Bowèrlng planta. Tutee bushels of seed to the acre of either blue grass or red top are little euough. Branches that were broken during the winter should be ent near to the trunk, a tiiiok out iimdc, and covered witu grafling wax or thlck paint. The sulky or Heling plow, on wbich the plowmitn iscarried around the field while the work Is done, revolutionlzes all the oíd ideas about plowing. A western inventor claims tbiit prairie graw, ground uto a pulp with corn stalks and pressed luto blocks, makc an excellent Mibslitute for rood und cosl. ETi9 intended for hatching should not ba Wel BWO weeks olil. Jf much older it takes tooger to liatcli them, and the chicks are, as a general thlng not so thiilty. With a good home-made Iiotbed, the COtistruotton oí wliio.h any woman can at lenst siiperintend, and proper seeds, the battle for a floral display is half won. Milk be canned just as you would can fruit. Uring your milk to the boiling polnt iincl till your j:irs to the brim with it: then sluit airtiglit. Tuis will keep Bny leugth of time, and be just aa good when oponed na wlien it was put up. Iflobtgan has pass':d a law against the adiillevation of honey. Iowa has prohibited the ilealing in dUeased hogs. Maryland, Michigan and Keutueky have provided tor tlie Hspection of fertilizara and reiriilalcd their sale. South Carolina has poned a leyere ipeclit) law punishlng the straling of venerables. QeorgU will reward all wlio dltCOVcr pliosphiite within her borders. 'l'hc soiiudneis of a log of tiniher muy be MoertaiMfl by plucing the r close to one eiul of It, while anolher person deliers a succession of smart blows with a hammer or mallet upou the oppotita end wheii ÜM coulinuance of Ihe vibrations will indícate to an expei ienced ear even the ilegree of soundness. If only a ilull thud iiieet the ear tlie, llttfllUtr inay be Mr taiuthat ungoundiicss i-xists. One of the ditticulties in rrowing wool In fir (oathern latitudes la'tlMt the qnality of the wool deteriorates. Where tlie elfmate ia not ¦ 1 tl enoujrli tn make tlie wool a nec'Ssity of piotecüon of the Blieep, nature, always considérate, is less cai lul to maintaiu its qttttlity. It soon deponentes Into ¦ kind ol hair and soon loses its value as wool. For this reason iiortheni sheep-t;rowers will always have an ailviintage over those iartlier south. Sow lawu gras-i secd hs soon as possible. If one only h:is small patcties to cover, rake the soil to a perfect level and sow the seed as evenly as may be. Then rake agaln, sowagainand rakeaain. The object is to secure a full even stand. We regard blue grass and red top as the best varictios to sow. Mauy tdvise that proportlon Óf titnothy seed be added for the reason that it spiouts before the others uud therefore covers tbe bare spots earlicr. As a rulo, milk is richer in the I'all aad poorer in the spring. The qtiality of cows, is not only ull'ected by the aj;e of the animal but by the distance from the time of calving. Climate excites considerable intluonce on the quality of milk. In moist and températe soasons a 1 arger quantity, though generally a poor qtiality, of milk is obtained Ihau in dry and warm seasons. The race and breed, and size of animáis of course, oxercise a powerful inlhieuco on the quality of milk. It is ¦ pleastire to some to train certain kinds of bushes into staudards, so they may totia miniatuie trees. The currant or ooseberry so trained or grafted is a curiiisitv. In this case it is a very easy thlng to graft Imtli kinds of fruit on the same stock. The wistaria is a curioslty trained inlo a Standard, so is the bitters crt. Fortune's Forsythia is a natiirally a ghrub that suckers a great deal. It is, nevertheless, one of the few ehrubs that is improved by leinx trained as a standard. Variations in the composition of milk are depeutlent also upou age aud bodily health. Profb;sor Willard calis attentlon to the fact that, other thiugs being equal, young cows yield a milk more rieli in solids i h a 1 1 ilo old cows a view not adoptcil by all American dairymen, soino of wliom uclievc that an old cow's milk is as irood if not beitel' tliau a yoiiug one's. Knglish dairyniau agree with Profnator Willard and L'eni'ially observe the rule of tiirnini; off 1 lic i r inilch cows at trom geven to eiüht years of age. C.VKK OF HRR4. Tilo l'ullowii}í principies siiys L:mgsir.nli, the eminent bee culturlst, u'nderlle and iivcrii prolitable bee keeping and honey produciug: 1. Iiees gorjted wit U houey never volunteer mi uttack. . lieos muy iilways be mude penceahle by Induclng tbena to accepc uf Hquid sU'ecIS. 8. Hees, when frijfliteiH'd by smoke or by rirummiuv 011 tlicir hives, fill thcuiselvcs witli lioncy and lose iill di.spo8Ítion to 8tinL, eupectaUy If tile motion jiirs tbeir combs. 4 I ti dUtrlcts nlicrc foraj;e is abundant only lor a slmrt pi-rii.l, the larffest yicld ol honey will be seeured by a very modenile iiuTiusr of in iDaj(IUj{ beus. .". Qiuiíiiless colon k's, unless giipplied wiili .i qiieen, will inevit.ibly dwindle away or lie dtMtroyed ly tlie bee motil or by robber bees. (t 'l'lie foniüitiou of new eoloniesgliould oidiiiMí ily lij e-on iiiu-il to tilt IMlon when ln'i'i arriiiiiulaliii lioncv : and if tbiá or any other operation must be perl'oniífil wlicn rrM)(V i -nri', the ffientest pnciuitloii sliouM be used to prevent iol)tin;. 7. The essence of all prolitiible bee keepim ! conliincl in t hi golden rule, "keep vour stock st,rouf." It fM cannot mcoeed ta doing t lils tlie non inoney you invest in lieet tlie hcavier will be yonr Ioshcs; wbile if your stock iré stronf you will show thüt you nre a bee niaster as well M bee keeper and may safely calcúlate un gcncions returns froin your Indu-tiioiis sutijocts.


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