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Circuit Court Proceedings

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The followtng cases have been disposed of in lue circuit court, Juüge Joslyn pieslding, up to thU noou : Klclmnl Ij. Hale. ad'r. vu. Celesllne FurgeOO. Kplevin. Conti muil. Eugene McDonald vs. siinnu Weaver, Jr. Coni itiued. Solomon F. Hes8 vs. Permella A. Hlcks and Walti-rS. Blek. Continued. The People vg. ChaH. Cuniitock. Ancnult wltli í ii t in t to klll. Arraltcned, plend uot KUllty. E. D. Kinne t, ppolnted to defend, derendanl adiulited to buil in thesum r 3'WI, to appear at next term of court 1 D People vh. John H. Davls. Slander. K. 1) Klnnle appointetl to defend. J. E. r.t-at. et al, vh. Jas. M. ( 'ongdon, et al. Order naaud amudtng tjlll of complalut. Jeunie Klieffcr v. üeorge W. McCorrnlck. Continuad. Nilcs H. W'lnans & James M. Stafford vb. In Icrlck IIusun. Appeal. Verdict of Jury liy order Of court for i;iintif!, In the turn of $186 unit -okih. a raoilon was madegrantlug 20 (Iiijk In whlch to move for ncw trial. Mry Morton vu. Washington D. Morton Appml. Vtrdlotnf l(h)55for philullff. Mnrvr B Poster Vfi i '. truden, et al. Order that iiluintlll lile ii iml la the Duin of 1SU hu securlty and costn bufore the Itith day of May, or inow oauM wliy naid bond be approrad, Siirah E. Dlrlam vu. entate of David ItotHford. Vcrdlol for nlainllff. $7(X. Andrrw J. Welth vi A..I VanSlekle. AgRUmpalt. .iiulüiui-iit by deluult, daniuge uI for (III. TIn. J. Wood vs. Wllllam Sanford et al. AKsnnipKlt. .Iiidgiiienl for plulntlff on del'Hiilt for $296 84. Qeo. i .ns, vs l.nkeSlioreaud Michigan BoDtbwm Et, R Oo


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