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New Liquor Legislation

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The tollowinji is a coiulensiition of the bilí introiluced by Kepresentatiye Bates, lo revise mid tunt-iul tlie llquor laws of state: TUK TAX KEATITHK. 1. An Inrreii-e of the lax lo 1800 per year for all Wholesale dealere, aud luijii per year lor all i e I ,ii 1 ilt'itlt'i, reuardlt-i. ui tlie surt of llquor Ihey Bell. Tbls iiu-lucks druggisu ls). -. The tiix tuiiKt bepalü before opening the store or suWon, uud a uotlce of lUi receipt, lo be furiiished oy the authorilies, iquhI be kept poHled in a coosplcuous pluce lu llir fsla h! ish niflll . Bi The tax muNt be pald annually, oa or before thu llrst Moiuluy lu May ; or, lt au eH labllshmetii is opened after Ihat date, a proportlunate amouiii for tlie remainder of the year; luit In nu OM less than half of the anuual lax. 4. Halt the proceed of Ihe tax Hhall go tu the couuly aud half lo the ctly, vlllage or towngttip trom whlch 11 was collecleü 6. The pfimlty for non payruent of the tal slmll beallueoi 1300 mul (not or, lmprlsouruentfor 10 to 90 ilays, wlth the coudltlou that if the lux is nol paldal the end of the term of imprisomiieni. the liupriBoniuent xhitll i'ontiiiiit' iiiiiil II la pald, luit nol lo exceed 90 days. KKOILATION. 1. No liquor stiall I)h sold to minors or in toxlcated )¦! Mms, or to persous In tlie huliit Of gettlDg luloxirall'il, ol' lo pei8Ull! WIi.imhu.Hhand, wilc, parent, chlld, uuarulan or eml'liiyer, or tlie supervisor of tlie city or townshlp. ur the superintendent of tlie poor, shall foruhl such selllug. 2. No appantlus for miy billiards, pool, carda, üiee, etc.,- shall be kept in tlie room where liquor is aoid, or in any adjomlng room oommanloallug by Uullway, aud ït sliall nol be iawl'ul to plny sucli games in uu aucb riMnn. 3. There .símil be no concert or entertainment of auy kind ín the room or in auy room adjolntng or conuected by liailway. 4. No Haloon, bar, tavern or restaurant, ur ottier place wuere liquor Is Bold, allall b.openeuon Hunday, election day, legal tiollday ; or on auy nlght from 9 p. ra. to 7 a. m. Thi proviülun covers back doors, lde doom, and all eulrunces whaUover. 5. The place of sale must be In the front room, on the dist Hoor, and the view froin Ihesldewalk must be uoobsirucled by any curlain, acieeu or other device. 6. Provlslons are also made agninst adulteratlous ; for the prosecutiou of offenseH agalnst thu luw ; niaklng proprleton rwpooblble for the acllon of tlielr clerka, bnrtenders, and other afeniN and employés; for the forfeiture dl tkfl tax pa d as a penalty lor aoy against thu regulatlous, auu Ihe deprivallou of the privilege of doing business lor avi-ar; In addltlon to penultlex of fine and lmprlsoument at every turn. 7. Muuds must be glveu wltti two surotles, w In j must iniikf iiilldu vit that they are no way Interested In the sale of llnuor, and who caunot be on more I hun one bonü, or hold any electivo or appolntive oüice in anycouuly, clly, vlllage or townshlp of Ihis stalo. STATU CONSTAB('I,ARY. Ou Frlduy last, the lower house of tlie logMaturq pasd by u vote oí 00 to 13, very important measiire, and oue wlilcli f passed by the senate mul npproved hy the governor, will put the enforoement of tin: lawin the hands of a state eonstabulary, and prartically take all responsibility out of the hands of local officials. The luw copied souaewhat after the U. S. excise law. The bilí provides for the appointment by tli3 goveruor of a state raiirshal, at a salary ot $1,200, with power to appoint a forcé of deputy state marshals throiijjhout the state, wlin are charjieil with the duty of enforcinjf the liquor law, and are paid by the counties. The practical effect of the law U to take all prosecutions from the prosecuting attorneys and other local ofticers and jfive them to the state constabulury. The deIgn of the act is to coiiijh;! a rlid exe cution of tlie liquor laws in Detroit and the larger cities of the state, where it la thouglit the liquor element lias a controlling influeuee in the choice of officials. The fact has been developed that it wil! bedililctilt to pass tlu; scction requiring the tiix to be divided equally with the countie, and a hard fiylit will also be made by the saloon influence to compel úmf store to pa y the same tax for selliug liquor that a saloon has to pay. Tlie Detroit Evening .Journal h8 Imícii 80I1I to Win. H. JJrearley, formerly manager of the advertising department of the Detroit Kveninx News. The Journal han c to tim front gramil y under the management of' Win. Livingstoue, Jr., and the bed wish for Mr. Urearley, wboin we all know, i.s that he m iy kei-p It u to is present BMlieM xtaodurd. Adjiitant Ueneral D. 11. Ainger has promulfrateil au ordi-i' wurnlnj; the soldiere that tlie law, whicli proridfl thatany ottlOtr 01 priviiti; found jfuilty of drunkennecs at the animal encanipnifiil toi tuits liis pay Uw geven dayti will b enforced. '1'IiIm will ba a crntMi1 tur toine of the boys.


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