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"the Grand Army A Humbug"

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HOJ.Pll'.RS REAI AND TIIINK ! Chicago Time (Democratie), Keb. SB, '87. The following is a synopls of the devIlisli uriirli' tlnir appeared under Haring headlines in the Chicago Time ot' tlie date mer.tioned. Il says : "Tliank God! the claim agents, the demagogues, the dead-beuts atid pordioseros and deserters and coflee-eoolers ind bounty-jumpers compositie our graal army ot voluuteer mendicante have been defeated. "Bul the niaintenance of the Prcsldent's righteous veto of the pauper pension iniquity is not the end of the war upon the nalio'nal treMUry wliieli has been prosecuted by tlntt army of Insaliable cormorants ever since the war upon the natlon closed. Tlie Presldeut ordered a halt and the order has been sustained, but the army of comoranta and claim agents and bounty jumpers and professional DMDdlcanU oiily have been checWed, not conquered. In fact it i their tlrst repulse since the crUMde of the noble army of pension beggars begnn. Tlieir leaders, the claim agents and the party detnagogues, will endeavor to rally their blood-eucking host and renew the war of mendicancy against iudin-try. It is necessary therefore, to follow up tlie advantage tliat has been gained, and give the hostile horde of tliieves and beggars no rest until they shall have abandoned their villianous undertaking to depend on the government for support and (tont to work to support both themselves and the government. "Tlie Times repeats, thcrefore, now that the veto of the pauper pension stenl has been sustained, every.tliing that it uttered when there seemed to be great danser that congreseional representatives of the claim agents mid bounty-jumpers would override it. Not merely that most scandalous measiire that has ever been sent to a president for hls sijmature is the object that invites eontinued and uncornpromising condemnation, but the principie which it was sought in that iniqnitou" measure to tpply, the theory and doctrine upon which it was projected, and the wliole vicioua fabric of sophistry, cant, hypocrisy and humbug that patriotic rascállty raised for lts support. "It is a postúlate of claim agent that the grand army of pension beggars 'saved the country,' etc. That postúlate is absolutely false. No country, no nation, political constitución, system or establishment has ever been saved by, or been able to depend for salvHtlon upon, citizens that are not in the liabit of depeuding on themselves or that wonld not indlgnantly spurn the idea of belnfr or becoming either dependents or beneficiarles or government. Nay, the truth is broader than this. Not In all the history of the world en a political society be found that becominjï permeated with the idea that government is an establishment for the support of citizens instead of an agency for the execution of justice among theni, did not speedily perish. No ! this republic has not been saved by an army of pension beggars, nor has any pension bejrgar, nor miy advocate r pologit of pension bcary the least tia-is of a claim to b enrolled amonji its saviors. On the eontniry pension befgars, pension BCggnrjr and the notions of government that they imply are more dangeroiis enemies of the nation than undisguised rebels. " Southern writer who stiod hiiiüuk the unpensioned rebels has objected in tone of great hitterness to this ciumuIc of the pension bejiyars ou the ground of alletred injustioe to the citizens who fought on tlie wrong side: 'There is nothiug left of the war,' says, 'except the annual tax [that ] wrested trom the iuipoverished south lo par pensions to the soldier of the rich and proaperous North. Ñot a southern cripple receives a dollar of these tuxes. Not a southttn home of u soldier gets a penny of lliein. Yet the south i fnll of poverty,' etc. 'If the south is a vassal let us k'now it and oeaM this mockery of equality.' " " 'The ex-rebel soldiers,' continued the Times, 'are toiling day by d.iy and ex hibiting industry energy and thrift that never were expected of thein. Why Is this? Simply because the ex-rebel soldier has not been entio-d, tempted and encouraged by pension bilis, dsl)rued by deniHsrojiues to buy lii vote, to become a professional inemllcant. On the other hand, the ex-soldier of tlie north, instead of thrivins bv indi'Dendence on bis own enérgica and I milist ry, is in the, according to Mr. Warner, or, according to other claim agent statesmeii, will soon be tliere unless papa government grants htm a pauper pension. Why i this? It is because papa government bas indoctriuated liiiu willi the peslilen notiou that it is becoming lo :i savior o h is country to fullill tlie diameter of dopendeflt on lts bounty of a mendieant of a lo.ilrr, ot' a pauper without eharai'te or self-ivspect who hasgalned the blessei rlght to 'lay down und open bit moutl flr H tllll tO -lick "Which of these oitizen? - tlieex-rebe soldier wlio Is BUpporting htauwtf and a the saine time ooutrtbutlnfC to the snppor of the governiiient by 1 ¦ - 1 n 1 i 1 1 r on hi own industry and energy, or the 'X-sa vior of hi country who is lyiug at the door of a pnor housu (unless the bidde of liis V'itt lies) opening 1 1 is uit li ;iiu yelling for a teat to suck - is the worlhle inemlier and more eapable supporter anc (iffrodiT ot the coinmoiiweallb f Tli 'l'inies says witliout hcsliation : The ex relM'l, the urn who i.ssupportiug the gov eminent as well un liiimelt by in dnstiy, energy and thritt, incompitrtt lily a betler citien and stronger iilla of the state than the ex-avior ot hi country who is begging the goveriiineu to put a premium on paupn i-in aml ini providence by glviiig him suiport fron the earnings of the moru indu-.trious am worthy."


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