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Washtneaw Pomological Society

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Meeting of the YVas-hteniiw Pomoloíical Society, the 7Ui of May, 1887, Mr. J. l. Balduin, presidium. In the absence of the reconling aecretmy, K. liuur wils chosen to take hls place. The secretary read Circular No. :t, by Botiiniciil División of L'. S. Department of Agriculture, section of vegetable ptt. thology on the treatment of the dovvny inildew and bluckrot of the {fripe. This important circular dcserves the attention of fmit-itrowers. All mimibers of recular societies or granfre are entitled to these circulara by addressing the (lepartment at Washington. The eommlttee on transportaron made an oral report by which it appears that fruitjjrowers Wl get more reasnnuble rates and tnore careful treutment of thclr JflKHls. Mr. CMough, chairman ot' the committee on fruit preserving factory, called on Mr. Martin Clark to report. Subscribed $790; still wiiDtlng, $210. Mr. Mills thoiight that Ann Albor was no place for factories. Ann Arbor pcople depend too mach on students. The men like to sit arouiul dry goods boxes and let the womeu do the work for the sludents. Some one suould have commenced long ago in a sinall way. Tbr lactory at Elgiu. 111., conimeuced in I kltebra and will this year put the product of 2,000 acres of corn in cans. E. Uaur: The present indications are that every peHch and apple tree wül bear. The jrowers of this fruit will miss t if they let the oppoitunity go by to have a factory established where their surplus fruit can be canned, jcllied and dried. Soinc peacll-jrrower will loose linndrcds of dollars. They can uut slilp on Satiir dy nd Sunday, and In warm and sultry weather their best peaches will drop. Unlessthey have provided tliemsel ves with large dryers and jelly machines, or other provislons to can their fruit thousam! of dollars' worth of this precious fruit will be lost. Mr. M iidwin: There are three partles who will go into the business with this bonus, but I would prefer Allincndinger A Schnelder. At present Indicatlous transportation will be beyond the lty of the Express Compnny, and we will not allow ourselves to be treated as last year. Mr. Kllison's motion thatthe cominittee be t'ully authorized in cloiing up this business either by dlftwlajt up a note or by immediate coileclion to make up the $1,000 bon ui nu carried. Benedlet's Berry Ilarvester was on exhibit. The corresponüing secretary had written to tlie inanufacturer at Dundee, N. Y. H sent Uie Harvester by expresa. H U at tlie room of the society for iuspectlon of tlie meniberg of the society. Mr. Hmediet says in bis letter : We ev-iporute our black raspberries eutirely- think more mooey is obtained thnn 'by shlppintr steen. It cost $172.43 to obtain 3,402 pounds of cured fruit. The anuoyance of so manv hands was avoided and Uie fruit, the pieken wou ld lose in pi.-king, was suved. The cost of the 11 irvester was Hve ilollars. The noUon to pay the expressie of GO cents for the llarvester was ciirrieü. Mr. C. H. 8t. Clair & Sou, of Ann Arlior, exhibited two kinds of bushel orates for berries one for forty cents the other for lifty. The meml)ers'of the fociety were pleased wlth the idea that sueh substantial crates were nmnufactured In our own city, l'alraer & Son, of Dexter, exliibitcd tlie neatest popular quart and pint baskets that ever appeared in this inarket at feven dollars per thousand, also ba?swood at six dollars per tbousand. Rev. Samuel Clemems, of Ann Arbor repreBented tlie O. S. Cook Stove Drier price scven dillars at factory, manufac' tured at Wsnesboro, Ponn. Berries, appies and pcacbescan be dried on thU m;ichine. I can recconiiiicnd t to evcry farmer1! ie. lt is gotten up by Dr. Hyder, who has invunted M inauy usefui machines for putting up and preserving truitsiuid can be iifed on any cook or ¦íasoline stove. Motion to recoinmend the fruit baskets of Palmer & Sons, and the erales of St. Olair A Sons, was c:irried. A coinmittee cousisting of Messrs. Bald win, Clouifh and Baur was appointed to confer with Messrs. Allmendluger & Schneider in regard to the fruit preserving factory bonus. Mr. AUraendlngM represented tliat ke wouldttladly pay $25 f auyoueelse would start the factory as his health was such that be could not uudertake any more work. But if tbeconditioi under which his tirm had agreed to establish the factory were fullllled they would fcelobliged to commeuce the work at once, if they had to hlre a capable superlutendent. Ihe fruit-srrowers and farmers cannot iiflbrd to let this opportunlty pass by. Also the business men have a deep intereet in this matter as the fruit factory is the forerunner of a manufacturinsr boom


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