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fcELÉBRAIEí I- -í; I I 1 W J I fc C : VT . i r ' THE aupertorlty of Coralino over hom or whalebone has now been demonstrated by over slx years experience It is more durable, more pllable, more oomfortable, and NEVER BREAKS. The Immense sale of these Corseta lL now over 7OOO daily. Beware of worthlesa imitatlons bonec. witn varioua kinds of cord. None are grenulne unlesa " Dr. Warner's Corallne" lsprinted on insideof the steel FOB 8ALE BY ALL LEADIHG MEROHANTS. il niTTITT to bemnde. Cnt thl out na reI l II V lr" to u?, and e will useudyon I IU H I Ir. -e, .iiinrthinL' ol t'n-Ht v lui J 11 t I and Importance tü you, thi will w rtart yon lu busüiei!' uliich i :! hrlne you tn more moncy rif. awny tbaumjtlnn eljein this worla. Auyone "can o th work aml live at homt'. KithiT sex ; all ¦ .¦¦-. .nielhint new, that just solns money fr h! 1 workeri. " will BWrt you ; capital do' ni'edeci. Tlit 11 ore tbe penulne.tmportaDt chaiic'8 ol a 'Ift'liiae, '¦ ho are ambltlou aud enterprleiuK w'H uotdelay Aridren! Tkuk A Co., Aatíuta. .Mame. FOK, SlXjB. ¦;;. IleiiiiUfnl siitMirliim Imiis.'. v'inr 'kiiuto-. Ic Town ..I Ami Arl...r. Norlli ol C'ily on Wliltmore Lak e raad. % mlle from Coorl liou.Good brlck hous, frame b:trn, Kialnery ai"' lien-lumsc. .s."i paaoh, IU apple mul 1(X) pear traas; oherrles, plumba, uil young aitd l"i" Ing traas, irrapaa, qulnnèa, nuipbarrl, t'ifli'klrriis Plaat; oí vatar, two well, crefk mul llurim rlvtT. I. o Box 1646 6Ed L. LOOMI!. DISS0LUT1OX OF PARTNERSHIP OTICR li berehy gtven tlmt Ihe pnrtne iblp lalely auboUtlng htween Mie Wnuiiis iui.1 Jarnea M. stHtt'nrd under the tlrni name of Wluans 4 Htatfonl was dl-¦olved ly mutual consent on Ui seventn iIhv Of Kcbruary, 18S7. All debt dui to in mi partDerahlp and those due by muil'11 be setiii'.i wltb and i Jamca M smiron wlio will conlluue the business ut íhe ola HtHlUl. N. It. WTNAOT, J M. S1AK1OK1' Aun Arbor, Mich., February llh, 1S81. WAITTB 33.""" BICYCLE AGENT. - wint ii l.lvo m-nt for Anti Arhor ii'1 Vlcllllty ti hulnili' "-A POLLO" lul oIIht sinter ('ycles. I.ilicnil Pisoouiit. Band for our Catalocqa. DETROIT BICYOLE CO., 1 sutf No. Ü-H WfKMlward Av.-., V Aje,iis Dl utoii, Illoa )


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