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Enjoy Life. Wliat i truly bcaiiliful world tv tl li in : Nuinrc y ivo na grmdour of iniuntlu, gtani trui ucean, and líiousmidHof inenns of enjoyment. Wc nn detln m better wli-n in perfect hciltli; hut howolteii do t lic nviJorTtv of peópte tVel like tí i vi iijí t apdUbearlened.dlsooiirkged and won out wiiii (Hani, whtn there s no cooin tor this fwluifr, Mscvcry guffercr can caMIv ohtiiin s.iüsiiict'uv nrooftbüt Qren' AiKjiisf Fluwir, ill iiiakc thcin tice I rom cli",ic, m wlicn Imrn Dyspcpsbi ;m( Livrr Coniplalul :irt' Ilic direct causes of 8 ¦vcnty-tivc per rent. of sncli niihulics as Hiliousncss, Indiiicsiion, Siek HeadacliC, (J8tivnii;!-, N.'ivu l'iostnition, I)iiiiP8sol tbe tiend, P.'ilpitatlon of Ihe I Ie;irt, and iitlipr iiistns-inir lymplupia. Thtee d si-s ol Aiujitst WlmUt wlll prove its woiiderfol Ill-ct. Sample holtles, 10 ci'nts. Try it. Tilt' wilc ol' Senator V'iince is s;iil to teil a liuuioioiis t;ile willi (Ven fireiiter ertect Ui in her hintend, hut it must b DÓted In lier defei se thnt tlielr ideaë-of humor ore not the shiih1. In (Jcnerul Di'liilit v, Eniaciatiun, ('011Mimplioii, and Wnstiug1 in ('lilldrcii, Scott's Emulsión of l'uic Cod Iiver vd with Ilypophospliitcs, is il most vulimble lood nnd inidicine. Il érente .111 :ippetite br food, streiifitliens tiie nervous system, and uuilds np tl body. l'lease read: "I tried Srott's Kmulsion 011 a yoimi; nmii whom l'hysiei nis at timee gave upliupecms. Stiiec he begttfi usinvr the Kinulsion his ('oiiyli hu cc:ised, lic has gal lied Uesh nul streiiKtli.ainl trom uil appt-ai linees liis ite wlll prolongcd iniiny years." - John Sullivan, Hospita! Sleward, M01ganza, l'a. Mis l''lorenee (JrolV is the tirst Amciiein woiiiini who hag luid Ihe honor of heilig ippointcd 11 pupil of the school o orici.t 1 anfruages (Aiahic and Persian) in Paris. Drunkeiiiicss, or laquor llahil, ran hc ('lll'cd li) Ailniinivleriim Dr. Hnincs' (jolden Sppclflc. ItCan hi' ven in I cup of eoll'ee or lea without the knowlcdüe ol the person tak Dg it, cIVeetiiiir :i specdy a"d peininiienl cure, wbether the patii-nt Isa morlecatu liinker 01' an nloOlrolk) wiwk 'riionHamls of drunkanls have heen made Icinlel'ate men who have tuken the (lolden Specitie in their enll'ee without thcir knowledt;c, mul to-day believe they i(iiit Irlnktflgof tlieir own freewill. No uarm'ul elle.cls result Iroin its adniinist'-Mlioti. !ui-cs fruaiMiiteed. Send for circular and 'uil particulurs. Adilietw in cunlldence Jolden Speeilic Ca., 185 Uaee st., Cinclnïati, Ohlo. I


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