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Bill Nye Corrects An Error

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It yon vv 1 1 1 excuse me for introdueing a purcly personal matter, 1 would like to iiiiikc an xplaiuuinn at tUIl time which concern mr, ut ooane, more llian auy iimc i-lso, and j[ ii Diiiriit to be made In tiic interest of general Justlce also. I refi-r to a recent urticle published in a western paper and handsomelv Illustralrd. in which, ninong others, I tind a picture of my residence. The descriritlou which accompanies the ent. amone? other tilines goes on to state as fnllow: "The struotiire i? elaLorate, and beautiflll. It consista of thrce stoiics, basement and attic, and onvers a uree aren on the round. It con t ji n an elevator, electrle bells, steiim hi'.itinir arrangement?, batlis, hot and coM. in every room, electrie lights, lauuiry. escapes, etc Tu (ibunds eonsis-t of at leat tive acres, ove look ing the livci lor geve rul linies np and down, witli ine I oiiing and i private fish pond of two ncres in extent, eontainins every knovVn v iiictv nf jtHini' (i-ili. Thegrounds al":' Hnel !aid uut n hnndsnuM drives and wiiihs, nnd w li M liuished the establishment will Ue mie c.f ihc mo-t complete and I -.-iii 1 1 ii : in the n rthves'." Xn imc reahzes Maft fully than I the preal pmnf ut tlic prees tor ;ood or cril. Hiirhily iiscil tli newspaper can make r uumake men, aml wroojrly uacd il cm even uuur sini.ter. I might nuv, knowintr tliis as I ln, I want to be plao d rlglit lirl'.ire the propte, 'l'lie aoove ia nol u correct degcription of iny hóuite, for several reasous In the li rut plucc, H is targer .uid mine robnst in appi'ur.uici', anil in llic m'coiiiI place it hal int tlie s:inu: tont eiMcnible as niy reddence. My house is (e88 obtronire and i - arrogant in ttl dNMmr than the one detcrihed and it li;is nn elevator in it My licnisc is nol the kind that Henu to ciiic an elevator. An elevator in my Uotue would lose inoney. Tliere is no popular clamor tor one, and il I were to put one in 1 would have to abolle the lliiing room. It would m10 interfere vv it Ii the parlor. I have leirnid rccently that tlie corirs)ondent wlio canie here to write up this ni.iltii' vi-Hcd the town whlle I was in soiith, and as lie could not find me he was at tlie ineicy of ütrangers. A young man who Ifves here and wlio is the lieyday of lile gleefully consented to show llie correspondent mv new residelice nol j-et completed. So they went ivcr and cxamlned the new Oliver Wen dell Holmes hospital, which will be comlriiil in .lune, and which is of coursc .i bandeóme structure, but quite dift'erent Irom my house in many partienlars. For iru-tance, niy residence is of a different s hooi of architecture, heilig latlu-r Ou the Scaiidinaviau oider, while the iOffgoifig has a tendency t'iward tlie [ronic. The hospital belonjrs to a very recent hcIioo', as I may say, while hijresiilence, in ils architeclural methods nul concept ion, goei bnek to the time of :he moutid builders, a time wlieu a Gothlc liole in the grouud was cousidered tlie niagiuim bonum and the sciuinptuoiis hing in art. If the reader will o around bcliind tlie above building and notice It carefully on the cast side, he will not dis cover a dried coon skin nailcd to the icar brendtliti of the woodshed. That alone oulil to i-oiivince an obscrvin' man tl uit the house is not mine. The coon skin rtgardanl will always be found embla.oned on my arms, tojiclher wiih a blue Uixldesa ot Liberty and my name iu green India ink. The front Hrtof my house runs back to the time of Polypui the First, wliile the Ij runs bock as far as the cistern. In ctoetnfr, let me say that I m not flnding faalt with ny onu bccause of the above error, after all. Neitlicr do I wisli to be considerad as striviiiü to elimioate my name trom the columns of the press, tor no olie could be more tlckled than I ani over a frlcndly notlce of my arrival iu town or ii timaly reference to my courteous liearini; and youlhtul appearincc, bul I want to see tlie Oliver VVendell Holmcb hospital succeed und so I :ooe out in thls way over mv own signature b'ihI admit tlial tlie bllNolog does not lielong to me, and that, po tais as I iim conccriicd, the man who tlies a lien on t


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