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New York's Obscure Millionaires

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New York ricli men u-e ft " ¦¦¦¦¦. peraont wTiom naniea you see in the uewspapers often turn oüt to be of lulijoiw credit, but the milllonaires who never ret into print are the men to be h fruid of. Here is one, Christopher Weyer, who is 3iiil to have rnoney n n Li li to liny the IlilliiiKM i' V Ollio railumd umi iilvmice tlie cash. I'robably no lauspapcr reader ever heard of llill nnlil yesterday. It is intimi out hut In' a Uerimin who got into the robber trnde in its Infancy nd kopt lloiljt with it u il til it mide hitn :i jivat 'ortune. In the same wuy the Poppeiiianfii funily liad their start. The rirst Poppenhausen was a Germán who wa9 a oii er r something inferior in a wliale io'ic hOMF. At time wlule bones were H8eil lor inany of the purposcs f [ildla rubber, sndi as tor uinbrella rod?. !iow and tln-n thcre would be a sort ol ub lot "I vli:il' bones in the store whicli ;he portet would buy at a bargain. In course of time Poppoiiliausen became lu'ad of the rubber bu9lness, and liad enormous works at College Point, on Lont: htnnd; some ten miles from New York. Getllny into controversy wlth a I'Ong Islund railroml, lie concluJed to exercise his wealth by buyiiif; the railroad. It very soon tunied out to be an elephant, and ciush him and all his furiine, and assistrd at the s.nni' time to reak up tlie fortunes ot the Havennerer family. Now, we flnti that Chiisopher Meyer is another undiscovered ricli man who can buy the lS.tltiinore & )liin railroad and Ihink it not any rrnt


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