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Out Of His Own Mouth Is He Condemned

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The Register proprietor in tlic lust two issues of bis paper devotes niuch space in mourning over his failnre to secure the pamptalet prlntlngof the Business iMcn's A.MOdtfoil (wbich was awnrded to the Coriiii-.H), and recklessly charjfing iipon otliers deception and trlckery, in tlie followiiifr, taken from the Regist'r of Muy L3th: It was understnod on the part of the bidders, at least,,! Ihe Argus and llegluter representutlves, that the committee consldered them respoiiKlble and the loweat bidder was to have the contract, but lt seems that was not to be. and by a llttle "slight of hand " performánoe, the " trick " waa ueatly played lnto the "rlLht" person'8 hand. Wlio cotild p'uiy the trick but tlie committee V Was uot that a direct charg of colusión on the part of tlie committoe But not latlsfled with tiat vile slap, this one is given a littíe further on: That amount would have beeti saved to the Bnrinen Men' Assoclatlon. they would have Kt il neater pamphlet and they nor the coinmlttce would have t;een placed In a posltion that raakes them aceessory to a transactlon whlch is, tOBiiy the least, not strlctly honorable. And still in its last issue of May 19th the proprietor of tlie above sheet lias the clieek to ImpaM upon his readers a denial of his lnivinsclaimed anything unfair upon the p:irt of tlie committee, and then has tlie effrontry to charge thnt tlie Coüribr is tryln# to make it appear that the Register made these charges. Wil] the reader of average understandlng reqnlre ny furthei pvOof of this cheekiue-sllian liis own words which we have quotedi Wc t'nink not. It is lamentable to see any man, without just euuse, place himself voluntarily In a position wliich raakes it necessary to ie-svallow liis own veiiiini It must have been a bitter dose, but a jiist return ot that element to its natural SOO roe, ifter havlng been belcheil fortb upon the public for tlie purpose of ciixt'm;; ;i st iin upon others who had acted in eqOftll; as gwA, if not in much beitel fallh, thW Uw man who so generally assailed fbe goud raitli of tlie entire lïusiness Meu's Association, as well as the printing i'onimittee, and a more fortúnate eornpetltor Tot the work. It i?, to say the least, very poor taste on llio part of the Register proprietor to thus whiningly protest at tbis late day over tbe loss to liim evidently of a mueb eoveted work, in view of the f.iet tli:it he had repeatedly met with the printing committee and had failed to give them his experience (as a printer) as to the best coursc to take in order that there might be no misundersUndlng relative to the uniformity of bids, etc. You were called upon repeatedly for your advice, why did you not then miksjest to this committee the necessity Of submitting uniform specific specitications to all parties nllowed to bid upon the work? Wliy is It, Mr. KUtredge, tha you did iiot (wlien yon 8aw no chance ot getting the work without competinsr for lt)Rive the benefit of your cxperience aru obtain and place before that commiltee samples of desirable paper and say soine thing to this effect: "Gentlemen, now select the weight and quality of paper you desire used In the work, place a sample of same with other uniform specifications in the hands of those whom you desire to lnd upon this work. If this is done there can be no discrepnncies or miaundcr¦taodtog after the award is made." Had you at the proper time givi-n tbis assistance to the committee, your preeence before them would doubtless have been better appreciated. Would not that have been the uprigut, iniinly conrse for you to have taken ? Instead of withholding such information, and Uien al tha last possible moment, aftcr tlie committee and the other bidders opon the work had waited nearly un hour, thcii jiut In your appenntnce, and to cap it all, put in the plea that (illhoutrli yon liad i bid upon the work in your pocket) yet yon did not know whether it would meet the requirements of the comuiiltee or not, that you had been obllfed to make up your bid somcwhat lmgtily, and thought liUely may have got sorneuliat mixed in BO doing, therefore youstill deiircd more time from the committee? [t t to ba wondcred at, in view of sueh a ¦tatement from a min who bad araUed hiin.-t'lf of every opijuiluiiity of BMetkig with them that lliecomtiiitteesliould have tVh dlapittMl No wuiider that they dedded then and thcre to close up the matter without sny further quibbliug. We had not Ihougtit at liibt ttiat we uiiuld devote ÚBJ OÍ tlie CoL'Kif.k ti tlic DOtlCC of t man who wmilil til tis In hta rano nl dUappoIntment wautooly i.istasliir iiiin) the honor of the futirá Business Mcn's Agsoclaüon as well M to single out aiul attempt to smirch the charnctcr of the CoUBHB representativo, whicli lie undertakes in the followinj; word, ijuoted from bis issue of Muy lil: The Courier makea n very lamo attempt to cover m 118 own inlHiloing, und to break tliforce or the obarge that by lts unfalr raethods lt decelved the Hn.sln.-4s Men'n prlnllng mm mittee. In the matter if iiwardtng the print mu of the "booming" pamphlet last week. As a complete refutation of tlie abovc baseless charges we will here state that the Cockier representativo has in his possession the following vindlcation, signed by cvery member of the Business Men's Associatiou present at that meeting, excepting the priuting committee : Ann Au hok. May 23, 1887. Welhe iiiiil.TsluniMl members of the liusineas Men'n Anaoclation. belng present at the time of awanllug the printing of the paraphletof sald ansiclatton by the prlntlng cominltlee, cn most cheerfully gay that we saw notlilug on the part of the Courikk repreBentatlve that ihODld have lead any one fnto the ansertlon tlmt sald representativo used or attempted deeeption upon tlie commlttee or auy oue tbere present in the Hecurlng of suld work. We lüive omltted the WMI signed to the original of the nbova for the procnl out of courtesy to the signers. Shoiihi the Rejjister proprictor doubt tlie accuracy of the abova statement as to the 8gners, he can satisfy hiniself by a personal interview with saiil ineinbers. Tlie printiiijf counniltee wero uot cillccl upon to sijin tlie above for the reason that the action tnken by Hmmii since the printing was awarded to the Coürieh, would make sueh ¦ vindication at their hands entirely supertluous. They have niet at the COukiek olfiiie and after Inspccting varions weights of paper wcre uuanimous in selectini; as the most desirable for the work, tltevery weight of paper tipiMi which The (Jouuiku representative's bid was originally nmde. And tliis, too, after a direct proposition by tlie Courikk ri'pre.-ientative had been made thtm that if they preferred a heavier paper, even as heavy as that upon which tlie Uegister proprielor claims to have bid, it would be given thtm, and at a less figure than Mr. Kittredfre's otfer. Is uot this a fair admission upon the part of said conmiittee that the weight of paper bid upon by Mr. Iviuredfte was considered by thetn undesiralile for the work ? Is not their decisión a complete Tindtoatton of any antalrnett upon the part of the COfKiEK represeutative? In view of the above statement of facls as tlu'y Hctnally exist, ( the eoutrary of wliieh yon can not prove by a single mtmber of the association present at tlmt meetinjf,) would it nol beau act ot miinliuess ou your part and justiee to tlic CourIek representative to retract your baseless charges? If not, then it Hay truthfully be said that tliere is one man in Michigan in whoni llie Mnse of lionor to a conliinpdiarv has been so callowsrt by ffreed and envy that he cannot c with fairnesp, aiul we leave hini to hi own unpleasant mfltfliMII Over in QoMMf County the supervis orí lmve passed two vcry stringent reso lutlons. The lirst one ordered the Regis ter of Deeds to make nn abstract of al mortgafres against real estáte held in tha county, for the InformaUon of supervisor? The next resolutioü required eiich super visor lo Hsk every freeholder HMMMll i any mortage was hele] agalnat bis or lie property, and il so who held it and fo how iiuich. This ia being done, and a mlght be inmtgined tliere is some tal squirming. Men who paid tnsea on onl a few hundred dollars personal properl. are now down for inaiiy thousands, int the poor people who are atiuggliiiaF along, trying to puy taxes, insurance, in terest and cveiylliing else, have brei greatly relitved of llieir himlens. Thei ought lo be inore exact ju-ticc in the dia trlbutioti of tiixcs, and tlir qiieítloii i wbetberor nol ourGeoeaee eooiity Wend have atrack the rlght onama taattenre it A visit to the Cyclnanii of the huil of Atlanta, now to lie reen In Detro'r, i an event in the lite of any person. Th pen tliat cici faithlully picture out onr' l'eelings upon lir-l beholding tlih masiii fleent palnttog is indeed n fneile une Every Ihinj; seenis so real tlmt you lianll believe thut it la only canvii-s t li:i t yo are toaklng npon. Take 00 r advic-e, kik when you o to l)i troitdo not fail to visi the cyclnrama. You ut-ver wil1 icgrt the time or nioney gpent in so doiug. Tlie appoi:tm"iit of Henrj 1). Tuit of Pittffïel), as State oil inspector, Ir (ov. Luce, a fitting rfoognitinii f n only ii lï rui fiiend and helper, luit al-" 0 the Kmiftw elenif ut in thtf m;cUoil ot tli State, of whom Mr. l'latt is a proinin-n leader. Some of OUT democratie triend in tliis eounty may take lieart mid b; coming over to ihe Lnrd'a s-idi , fptt i office álso. Win. H. Wlllinft lias Icen nppfinlcc pcKlinaster of Niivnunli, tilla rimnly, il place of David W Putter icsifTMcil. Mar'iiret I, SkinniT. of Ypsilanti, wa ftranteil ii Jlvorcu from Kdward N Skin nrr, in tlie circuit curt last Siturday, by JoiJire Ji'-tyn. The Nlls'on Amateur ('Uib 11 tn 'ive a concert at the M. K. Chuich, Hambaty, nn the ening of May S7tli, to tid in purchasing an oran lor the s.iid eliurch. At the examination at the Annapuli military aoademy last wiek, John K. Robicon, of Detroit, rrand sou of EiMayor Jolin J. (tobjwn, pa anuí standing No. 2 in n class of 79. every stale in tha unión beine represented A Japnoee boy stood No. 1. John K was bom in Ann Arbor, that's one reason. Last Saturday p. in., Daniel Murmy. of York, liad three hoisi1 struck by lijrlitning and killed in a lieUl wlieie tiiere were a Hoek of seven altogether. Two of the animáis killed were Tnlnabln, the price of one beinií placed at $1,000. They were insurel in the Washtenaw Mutual, l)iit tlie most Mr. Murray can receive will be $200 each. The Register endeavors to ring in the Argus as beliiir dissatislied wlth the action of the committee. If such is a faet-, why do not the Argus proprietois, wlio have quite 8 nadv and brilllant a pen as lias the Hejister, have somethiiifr to say about it? They are evident ly too honorable, aiul not 8ufficicntly hard np to suspicion fraud and trickery in everything that does not happen to fall into their hands. One thing is ii!te ol.scrvatile in business circles, viz: The men who are torever whiningly protestinsf how inueli more holy they are than their nei-rhbors, will always bear watcbing.


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