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Forepaugh And The Wild West

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4-Paw's Climax of Multiplied Attractions Coming to Ann Arbor, Frïday, June 10 The Moral, Instructive and Picturesque in the Spectacular World. BELLE LETTERS, VERSES, BALDKRDASH IX PRONUNCIAMENTOS. Adam and the "Prince of the House of Adam''1 Cotneth. Special Corrcspondcncc to Ann Ahbor Coukikk. Chicago, May, 21, 1887. In no department of public amusement hut there ever been made a greater progress than that inaugurateil by Adam Korepaugh in the consoJidation this ycar of his great show with that of the Custer battlc and the Wild West. líe falU boldlv struck out on a new line of policv which in bound to win for him both fortune wnd fame, if cither be needed. since he lias alrcady a wealth of both, richly carned by nearly :i Quarter of a Century's Strugles and Iriumphs in Show I-ife. N"t only in the superior excellence of his show, seen in cvury rifpart inent, and the new attractions of the remodeled Wild Wwt, but in his new method of fcettine bcfore the public is this fact noticed by everybody. While his plucky and iiulnm itable .lyi'iits with lar more iwtph-W th;m ever, still continue to "Paint the Town Red" with mar nifícent hthoirapln and picturesque show bilis, the literary Btaft', composlng his attvertiaing department. makc a decided departure in the unïquc and attractive in. inner in setting forth the im-nt ol the show in the columns of the press. For a week or more before the (rcat slmw rcaclied Chicago, the columns of ÜU rcat d.iilics fuirly teemed with pronunciamentos, the sanie beiug Iwautifully iJlustratcd by daintily designcd cuts or pictures representing the leading features. I forward you the cuts which Mr. Forpaugh's agents have kindly loancd me to il lústrate this communtcatión. It may occupya little more space, but the pictures c;itch the eye, appeal to the senses and please the chitdren. Forcpaugh opened on the Lake front Monday night to the largest business ever known. His immense pavillions cover twowhole squares. The artificial seats for jooooare constructed somewhat after the style of the Circus Maximus of Rome; thcre being over 4000 nice new chairs for special reserve sents alone. Between the seats and the elevated stage and three ring for Üie circus proper, a freat hippodrome trat i. wide enough lor two eiijht orse chariots to run abreast, extends around the entirc greut pavillion. On this same broad area all the thrilling scencs of are represeted bv mounted Indlan and army soldiers, cavJary, otliccrs, etc. Their thrilling episode in the battle of the Little Big Horn, in which Gen. Custer and his whole armv jerished by the bloody Sioux, June 26, 1SS7. In the first scène re present cd in the performance. Robert Stickney, tlie famous circus rider, personates the pallant Custer. whom he very latich resembles. Of course, it is very interestin(T, :ind vicwed in connection with the history of terrible tnas&acre is vivul and thrilling and receives jrieat applause for fidelity to historie flICtl and details. TTw scènes of" the circus, Wild West and Hippodrome departments follow each other in such rapíd s urces s ion it is diOicult to determine whicli is the most ftttnetive. l'orepig'M FamouN Ktarw. Mr. Kortpauj(h has been vcry fortúnate this yca in the selectioH of cquestriennus There are three nnj;s and Mcfa OfM tnorouyd und comp'cte wilhit itself; priíciscly as If three circuscs liad all bon crowdt'ii into one. It requires not f nlv a trca miiny artists, but all are iirst chiss havín beci selected frum thc Jcadintf star arenas of Kuropc am Anurica. The new style of dress adapted by Mr Fore p.LiJ.h leinale artists Is vcry prctty and extremely modest. No mothcr 0 pater fami'iea can urg;e the sliglitest ohjection So Ihorough and accotn plished are Ui tv (II th.t it is invidioiis todiscrimi nate. We must five to f:ich nnc, ïndividulallv the credit due tot extr;i ordinury talent in their respectiva p;irts. Mr ForefMugli de serves p;ic lor his exccllen judj;ittent in cateiing t the exquisile in natten of pliysical and i';u-i;i heauty in his artists, mulc and íenuJtt. MMIe Daisy Beilinnnt whose portrai we present herewith, is an ïllustration wliirh tn noisturs will appreciate UM dashes 'round the ring:, Her agile movements like a bird on wiii ; First on the ground, then vaulting on her stei'd She tlies tnrongh air at a tremendous speed. So, too do the beautiful Rosalie Slickney, Seno rita I.'iw.iiiil.i. M'üe Tournour, Mubclle ltced mu DeGranviile, all belong in the same ijal.ixv, blaz in tí. wlth meteroric lustre, binding their resplendent locks cnwreathed with gems, as they pose sylphlike upon their Arabian steeds, wttching the work with Icats of noble iiorscmanslüp. Among the numerou male vtars, II is bard to discrimínate, as therc Ís au expandcd fahixy o: t In in in both the arenic and f yin n ast cdepartincnt It tliere bc unv marked preference we thuik it due to William Snowles, for instance, who Ís cvery where recogni.fd as the champion trick, sommer sault bare-back rider of the world. He is a rixei star of the vcry Jirst magnitude. With matchless y race he inounts his fiery steed, And to the laws of gravitatlon pays no heed. With g race ful pulse he doth the world surprise; Observcd of all obiervers, cynosure of all vcs. In the way ol yninastíct.Iround ana aerial male and fcmale.Forepauh beats the world. Theie are so many of them that it would taVe too mm I time and sp&ce to enumérate them. I noticed, however, that he has securrd ' Ouda,ÏP the latest Euro pean sensatton in aerial, athletics and anttpodcan exploits, walking beneath a horizontal ladder, lust ened in the dome of the canvas, with his heac downwards - something; entirely new to American amuseinents; also I notice the lamous Siegnist familv wlin are champions without pcers. and scores of otners, all rirst-class ín their specialties, fifty or lts iK'injf in the curriculum at a time, HMii' Tournalre, Great Lquillbrlt. Marvelous feats of balin iny by st ron g-ar mcd athletes have been frequent, but no masculino artist has ever achicved sp absolute cunquest lïkc thebeautiful M'lIcTourn aire, one of Mr. Foieji.iu h'.s numero us v pymnasts. Her balancín? feats on the atria] awinging trapezc is a , picture to cali íorth the 4 enthusiatm of a poet of ( the superepic sty.'c, as ihe honzontally gyrates Ín described circles, limited only by the length of the lom; ropes by which her trapezc ís suspended. Then she descends like a revnlvlng sprite. Winding her winyed way f rom the tupcndous híght Smilintf the wliilc shc shifts each classic pose, O'trwhelmed with plaudits- crimsons like the rose. It is :iiti"in how raptdly the different features lass before the anxious eyes ot' tKliiiiring thOQMndl who slt and enjoy the innocent sports and p.isstimes of Korep;iujfh's modern Olympia, the like of which has never been seen atnid such tumultous applausc bifore. I daré say, cíther in tliis country or Europe. As opposites, have their oppositcs and everv hing it ;mtl'licsis so we turn from the Umi of MSOa whirh hatfa her victories, tO that of Foiimii-li Knlfchts of hlvalrj. How ly the plens of Rlnous "1Ril hc t'ruwned nis youn lockl wlth plumes ol victory." Neitlier Horace, I lomer, nor Hesitxt, the father of didatic poelry, wlth a heart once pAgnmt wlth celestial tire," pictured to us in inore glowtng .heines their poetic stories of adventure, "wlien the iniulcd men riM to ilea.lly b.iltle " Uun ;iru Hirrayed by living broadsword oomlMltMiU on horscback, in the Wild West department "I tlic reat [forepiugh show. Ilerr Xavier Orli.fsky. latcof the Prussiiin anil Cavari:m Cuirassicrs and the Hlack Hussars, and Capt. Chas. WaWi, ..I Um Mexican Cavalry, anjaed in i real hand to liund broadswcml contest on boneback. Tliey cut and ¦luh in rc.ileanicst, as the pcnulne malled kninhti of ancient cllivalry, the best man winning to cordiug to the regulation rules ol' the cuircutur. accoin plishes a new ieat which younz Adara Forepaueh has lauuht him, which is perfectly marvclous. lie ucendl a long stairs la a platform about thirty fcct hiKh. lrom which a tiïht rope is suspended, over which he walks fnrward and backward. to the disniay of a duwl multitude, who watchcd i'very move'incnt with breathlcss silente muil the close, which is followcd hy much applanse. Adam. junior, luis also trained thiity horses lodo a single act. in the gntt Jiippodronic track, which inav well be slvliil lh climax of multiplicd horsemansliip. I hmc oftcn sten one, two and four horse iicts.but ¦ thirty hor-c act isa novclty Ie ft for younii Forepauffh to accomplish. to whqm credit is due for the darmg ft-at. IwishI could illnstrate the performances of the elephants. Forcpaugh has always had the laracst menagerie in the country. TIn-" ycar it is largcr than ever, willi more trained elephants tlian all the showi in America combineil. Young "Addy," as the boys cali hiin, has UOghl thirtytwo elephants in sets of eight each, lo dance a regular Frcnch quadrille, lic has UtOKfat I'icmniiiny to play clown equal to the fmnnus Grimaldi. has taught anolher to ride on a bicycle. and still anntlier callcd John I.Sulivan, to put on the gloves aud knock out the most skillful pugilist in the country. All these acts are as nstructive as they are comIcal, and produce roars of laughter that can be heard a niile away. The sport creatcd by the elephants is succeeikd by thosc of the pony circu and the monkey circus, and the dog circus. wnich picases the children immenscly. Speaking of do;s, 1 have ih ver seen Mtythlllg in the world to rqual Jaclt. Forcpanli'M Nomrrsaalt Ioic Thcre is no domestic animal more faithful and intelligent. He has been taught to do everything buttalk. He can laugh and play and enjoy a caress equal to human species. Mr. Watson the trainer of introduce him on the elcvated stage, upon which bc givcs r performance Uut is richiy worth thc whole pricc ol" admission to sec. During the show of the opening night here, there wus no feature, ïf we except the enladrille KJephants, that creatfd such prolonged rapturw of applause as Gyinnastie J:ick. 1 11 addltlOD to all his other wonderful trie lis, he htt been t:iught, by Mr. Watson to turn scores of as clear and clean-cut somersaults in as many seeonds, as any athlele that ever cntered thc sawdust ring. He Ís ¦ laige si.c handbOMie Mastifl", of the Shephcrd stamp, and laughtngly enjoys the sports he creates for others. If any perbon ís afliieted with hypocondra, or . insomonia, I advise thein lo st-t tliis dog. Laughter is better Ihan iiuduinc. Knri'pauuir- Athleten Kirairlloary. No College athlctc ever yet aspired, To ioftier themes physique than these inspired All of Adam Forepaugh's athletes are classical expert. Of Pindur's famous Olympian and Pvthian Odet. six of whicli wen ihvoicd exclusívely to the victories oí" AgintUta athletes. no le endary tribute öf pr:use COOM cqual tliat of which Korertngh'a artist, and teníale, are justly worthy. lowbeit. Pindar. Hke Zeus, profusely rained upon hisOlympiao athktes, "plenteousshowers ol gleamng grain." Next to "Onda," Forepaugh's latest E uro pean (¦en al on is lus world oí marvclous aerialists athletes, acrobats and gryninaits. 'I'tu y have reduced theír irofession to a tine art. Kach Utlftt ís a peer to hit fcUow. All are atnbitious and uiastery. In Korcpaugli's gviniiasiuiii , Lftdtes are imong the most brilliant CBMBpfaHM, They seem to ytttvr nutre ilaring .uid Miiturrsonie evtry year. In aeri::l leaps, ¦omenatüt plunges, swingin trmpete. supr.i iiini infra cordonic blcyctlHL they have no equal. Scores of the most gorgeoml? bsp;m led a.tliU'tt'-', iiKt.f .ín,! i.n..i -. o_..„ c;..,„i,:,„)Uiiy n thc giettt quadruplc área, during the brilliani n-:yt:of the curriculum. It is a alffht that is seen bul once in ¦ lifetimc. And vt tliese are bwt single features of one stupendous whole. Imaginv i docn circuses all coinbined in one, and yet tliís but fairly expresses summum bnnum of the gymnastic depftitmenl of Korepaugh's great show. Ladlen' llitilng: Kuckins Homím. The artisl has givcii us a gliinpse in the MCOnfMk nyin picture, of" the 111:111ner in which Mr. Forepaug'h'l femlnliM AJaestrose de Vabaltios manage the famous Mexican buck iae hoid i" the wild west de partinent of his show. These are new and interesting changes in theprogram oí" modern progress ;ind no mana er in (AC world is quickcr th:in Ad;im l'cirepaujfh to introduce the pirturesque, unit) tic and marvelous to dcÜL'ht hís audiences. Sports in Vorrpangh' Wild We-it. Feminine Crack Shots Comlnir to the Front - "Mexis." Belle of the Azlecs. Mr. A. H. dus and lus tour sons, uil of wlioni are the recognized crack ing shots of the world, have chrf of the wild west depart '.nent lint tlic ipCRtÍQK w nrli! i nol altngethtrr made up o masculinee. itniniiifS, it iipH;ir.,in ¦lao comlnff to the front. A beontifu) senontn "Mexis" by name. who U said to Wa verituble belle of the Atecs. has tiüveloped into a !ullHed.ed clüimpion of the md and gun. Ukt the s k i 1 I ful iiK-taphysician shc oat ouly 'splits hairs' but pasteboard stt up endways, and fairly knocks the spots olí ai a huitdred vat ds. Her picturcMjuc i ti il romantic s t y 1 e of dress tives the wild west depattment a brilliant relief. Forepauti..' uaiiipiun Itn rlts. Now that the bicyclc has bccomc so ctninon ii" not really uscful :ts a ttu;ins')f t-ttin a bout rapidly Trom place to place, thosc who tre fond of sucn sports wiu nnd som e very beautiful Icats perf rmtd by Mr. ForepAUffh! artists. in air and íemale. In a word the entirc entertainment from the opening act to the close Ís of the most in te resting chametcr. No languae is adequte to doêcribfl it ; the subject TiiütU-r ot hu UnUfr ment enterprise involvin such fcigantk: proportions, is enough tn tinplov the ablest talent, f and a Kalt a dozen col k unmstodo it lul! justice. Itembntces such themes as tribes of jfenninc IndJans, It o Hunts, lndinn Scouts, Mexican Vaqueros, Ladies Ihrowin the I.;i riat, anny and c;i - alry h ht with Indians. Broadsword c o n t e sts on horseback. The robbery of mail COMdm by ïndiiins, nnd rclicl' furnished by cow boyg, (,'nmn over the plains, aja hundreds of thrillInif border life scènes as actually encoun ered by i routier herut'ü who first pmneered the wild west. Then there are the feat oí" the Hippodrome. wluch are so graphically foreshadowi-d liy I'indar in his odes of the Olympic gaines, all reproduced in a classic inanner by the best artists. In order to represent the prairu¦chooner, Korepauiih purchased at Lancaster, J"a.. the centeniual emiu'rant wa.-on, 141 vears old, and the oid hnriK-ss used bv James Buchanan when a boy and by his [grandfatlier beiore him. These are seen in the ureat PasMUt, lso in the wild west. These ancient relies were placed in the hislorical departtnent of the centennial in lS7g, Bad also at the cotton exposition in New Orleans two years ajo. They wlll irrcatly interest the farmers oi Washtenaw county 110 dnultt. Adam Fortpauj;h lias always Vx-cn very popular in thr west. This teaton he has fairly outdobe iiimself. The price of admission ís the same as usual, althnugh more is KCD lor the money than a dozen ordinary shows. It is estimated that the reci-ipt8 here wlll bc not lest than tt-n thnusund dolirs a ílay, pnivided the weather is od The excnses ol course aru cQormous. 1IOWAU1). Perry : Co. of Chlcnirn, licmiflit 1,(K)Oof Hiukins Willis' tiia,ior. Tliey are gomoü likt; Mot cakes The fnlloulnojurv lisia were dr vn by 3anervltor Bntan mul CNark Dnvi of Aun towii 011 Monil.iy, for the yer: I'itil iror.i - Win. BarkOi Ili-nry lïritii i, Ni'Immi S (iiilinglioiisc, JiiIiii Keppler, U'ii. I). MowenoQ, John O' Ha ra, AuüKtus s-iviinc, Jolin (' Mi'ml, Joh 11 T. '"ulier. inmil ini-ori- -Win. F. Mini, fnhll M. V li.-il.-r-: 1. N S. Koster. Beiden V. BUurtleff, Kvin l'opk i lis. Andnnv kiilth, Richard Bllble, Bmll Muur, Wm. l'aylor.


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