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Pk-; í 1 1 K A 'f THE Buperiorlty of Coralino over hom or whalebone has now been demonstrated by over slx years eiperlence. It Is more durable, mora pllable. more comfortable. and NEVER BREAKS. The immense sale of thoae Corsets U now over 7OOO daily. Beware of worthless lmltationa bonec wlth various kinds of cord. None are genulne unless "Dr. Warner's Coralino " Is printed on taaide of the steel cover. TOB 8ALE BY ALL LEADISG MEECHAHT8. ÍBDRirD T?D(1 257A259 8Uto8twA Vi AryULr títUp., chicaqo, iuu imiTTTlT to bc made. Cnt thls out nil rfI Rl I .' II turn to u-, and w wlli n'endyoc 1 ÏU fi I free, somcthinK of itrtwt In I 11 I I and importsnco to you, thti wil 1I1U1IJJ1 ,trloaln büiincw hicb wil! hring you In more money rlg. t away thmi nythtog elíein thií worlti. Anyone ncn do iheworkHiO live t home. Elther ex; II ge. Sonu'lhlni new. tnatjust c.iins mnney fir all workers. w ill start yon ; capital no' needed. ThisKjneo Ik L'-iniiiHlTuporiaiit chimccj ol a Mfeiimí. Hi" who are and entcrprltng wlll not di-lsj Addres Trui & Co., Aneusta. Malne. W. TREMAÏNE'S FIKE AND LIFE ÜIJRASiCnfilWCÏ ! 'o. 1 Kast Iltirun Street, OpposlteCook Hoate. Ten Klrst-Clnss Oomptuiirs rapnMDtcd. Assatts Over S26,OOO,000. 1319-13WI. TRAVEL VIA ,, frSrrBSI Through Trains with Dimt II 'ffl itTiI Cars' Puil"" f "io" i'p llM' Ill-Jll II 'n9 Cars Modern CoachesLLU11OLJIJ Sure connections in Unit 1 1 nHll Depots at lts terminal pointt, I 1 1 1 1 II rJQII uilh trains f rom and to I iUJIII f ast, West. North and Sou"¦NHÜ Cheapest, Best and (?" II Route front Chicago. Ptori ISSSSSSSSSSl or st. Louis to DENVER. ST. PAUL, SAN FRANCISCO, MINNEAPOLIS, OMAHA, PORTLAND, ORE. KANSAS CITY, ST. JOSEPH, CITY OF MEXICO, ATCHISON. For Tickets. Rates. Maps, de, apply to Ticket H"a of connectlng Unes. ur address m T. J. POTTlR, H. B. STOHE. PAUL HORW. It V. P. 0. M. 0. P. , For a Proaounclag Pli-tiunary oontalninit aW f""!; 8 paires, umi lc. io Btnuips tu l'KUl Mortonu" THIS'PAPEREE'fS Ncwspaiwr Advortlslng Bureau (10 Spru SrffiáñsTS NEW lün


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