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The tennis courts on the campus were nuver in better comlition. A dozen of the Beta Tlietas picniced at Wbltmore Lake, Saturday. Miss Wood of Jeflferson street gave a dancing party Friday evening. The junior and freshmen medios finish their examinations 011 the '21 th of June. Field Day next Saturday promiaes to be especially good in regard to contests. The Argonautannounccs itsdetcrniination to niake a collection of U. of M. songs. Prof. J. B. Davis is ut Petoskey for a few weeks. Hisclass iu engineering followed Tnesday. Tlie Ohlo senior laws go to Columbus soon to pass their examination for ndmittance to the bar of that state. Avcry, senior la.u who had a leg amputated at the homeopathie hospital ahout a nouth a go is attcuding lcctures again. Prof. A. F. Lange, of Hacine, Wis., M. A. 1885, experts to go to Gerraany tliis sinnmer, to engage in a two years' study. Professor Hogers is just linishing up hls irivale quizzes of the senior laws on erhnual law, and eommences next week on doniestic relations. If it had not been for this miserable, diszraceful, " immoral " hospital, where would Dr. Maclean and all of hls reputation have been to-day ? The univcmty authorities seem to bo Ictcrmined to keep all under-clnssmen as ate as possible in order to make a good showing comniencement week. Prof. M. E. Coolpy has a trained dus that rivals any of Prof. Morris' canines, ind will do one trick - cliinb a tree - that no other dog was ever known to do. The lawssigh and punt these warm dnys with thelr duties wliich liave been so much changed with the new regime. No et up but hard work, day and night. Conundrum- Which is the better for an institution to have in it a great man contintially running it down, or one who s not quite so great trying to up-build t? On Friday night the 27th there will be a social given to the members of the Holart (.lilil. The Chequaraegoni will urnish the niusic for dancing and a very enjoyable time is anticipated. Prof. Knowlton eommences to review the senior laws on "Pleadines" this week with reference to Oould's Pleadings and Practice combined with the last year'slecures of Professor Kent on the same subcets. Dr. W. P. PolhemiH, of Hastings, who was formerly connected with the Homeopathie department s an assistant was narried last Tuesday to a young lady of that citv and was visiting friends in this city lant Friday with his bride. The eounty oftlcers have oftered a special gold meiial to any memoer of the law denartment whoshall win the most prizes on Field Day, next Saturday. To be proficient In the luw a good physique is quite essenlial to back up a good head. If the boy (or girl- it sounds very llke i trirl) who w rote that communieatlon in tlie lust Argonaut about the CouRlER would have the manhood (or glrlhood) to sign his (or her) own name, he (or she) would nppcar to better advantagp. Frcd W. Joh after graduatlng from the aw department this year will enter upon the practice of his profession in Chicago. And títere will bo many friends of his ueretboutl who will most ccrtainly give all their Ihw business they have in tnat section to Fred. I.ast Friday nielit the Freshmen held a social at the Phi Kappa P#J house. About twenty couples were In attendance and )iHed the evenine in exchanging social compliment, dancing, promcnadlng and reHIng in hsmmoekl swung about the ipacloui grounds. A gamo of base hall, letween the lawyers and business men, was the excitement Vesterday afternoon. They played four inninïs each; the lawyeri scoring 13 runs and the business metí 15. Regent E. O. Grosvenor was pitcher for the lawyers, ¦i ii il the liveliest cricket in the lot. - Monroe Commercial. " Dr. L. F. Hatch has sold his linecarriage horse to Dr. MaClean," stales a news item in one of the city papers. Dr. Hatch assisted Dr. Miller in obtaining the signatures of the medical class to to the reidy made Maclen letter recently published. But of there is no connection bctweeri Hip two facts. Hev Kerr B. Tupper of Grand Hapids lelivered leeture at the Baptist cburcli last Friduy BTeoliff. Subject - "Be a M:in." A Ihrgí amlience greeted liiui, as this w;is his necond virft to Ann Arbor, and his popularity as u speaker will alwmvs ensure him an pprecintivci aHdicnee. He was tin' gucst of Prof. M. E. ('inlpy. The students'torch-light proocnelon feature which is belngurirfd by the biys tor the semi-centenniil ceh-bnition is a good one and would nmke a fine display. Then in addition let caeli toreli lieiirer he Slipplled with say a half-dozen Roman candies, and as they complete the eircle of the campus let the firing ol tliem lf coinmenced at a given signal, and yiu would sce sucli a heautiful sight as hut few have ever witnessed. A few sky rockets in different parts of the cu:npus at the same time would add lo the grandeur of the scène. The students do not seem to appreelate tlie iidvantages extended to them by the Hobart Guiid. Very few avail themselves of the privileges to which they are entitled as membe'8. The gymnisium is very neatly and well liitcd out and aflbrds a pleasant and attractive pluce for the student to regale himself after a hard days woik. The readinir room is umiuestionnhly the lineal in the city- all the desirable magnzincs and papers are on lile and accessible to all. This apparent non-appreclation may be explained by the nuinber of out door sportó which the weather att'nrds and students are not compelled to seek sheltered places in order to get thelr exercise. It is hoped that when the weather become9 cooler the studentf may fiequunt the comfortable parlors and nse the lK)wling alleys more tlian now, so tlmt the donors of this elegant institution may feel that their beneficence bas been placed where it may do the most good. There have I een sonie days when only tlnec person9 have entered the building bealdet tin; necessary attaches. 8. C. A. The Student's Christian Association held ts annual meeting last Wednesday, when a general report for Ihe past year was made. The meinbership is :::!1 divideü as fllows: Literary students 19, medical 55, law 31, dental 15, homeopathie 10, pharmacy 12, and members of the taculties 33. The treasurer reported rccclpts for the year $327.32, expenses $130.1 1. and amount on hand flitT.'l. The olHcers selected for the year are: Presldcmt-John K. Hodge. Vice-presldenU- lst. A.. Brown; id, MIks E, R medical department, E. S. Blalr and MIhh KrDcls Beule; lftw depiirtment, W. H. dental department, W. E. i;ier; homcBpathlc department, W. . Brooks ; Pharmaceiitlcftl department, KA. (.reen. Correspoudlng secreUry-Mls Llllle HoseKeconllnt; ecretary-H. M. Frost. Awilstaiit-W. K. Huhbard. TreaBurer- E. M. Coolldgö. I.lbrarlHii-I.. II. Mlllman. ChDiister- H. 8.8mltli. Editan of the Bulletiu-MUH I. M. Andrews, B. ('. Loveland, Jan. N. McBrlde. TUK TENNIS TOUKNAMENT. The spring tournameut of the I.awu Tennis Association of the universlty commenoed Saturdaf, May 21, on theasociation gronnd, inthesouth end of the campus. Tlie entries were numerous and mUcIl Intemt hu been awakened through the effortt of the executivo commlttee. Despite the overpowering heat the contestauts entered into the Struggfle with the usual energy displaved by the Unlversity of Michl'iim student, and afforded much entertainment to the throng of interested spectators, who were reclining beneath the friendly simde of the trees. Those who took part were as follows: r%nt Ciaai Smglea-C. I. Miller W. g. I'arker, 8. H. Mitchell, J. R. Augell, T. II. 'Virtt Clan Doublé- Miller and Sale, Muir and Augell, Cooley nntl Parker, Adam uud AlaiiiH, Ilitll and cnine. Hecond Vla noj-H. J. Bton, 1. B. Thomas,.!. B. Sovertzer, J. B. Warner. Q, V. Carev, A.H. Hebar.1, J. K. BU, W.H. Adairw, W. l'ope, W. D. Bill, K. W. Crane W. W. Ifnrrls II. V. BlrdMU, H. KlwiiHtnedt. . J. Baker. T. J. Ballluger, P. W'. Hawke, J. lllulr. Owing to the numbcr of entries for Sccond Clnss singles, the committce adopted the Bcheme of pairing them off and the loser of two out of three ets was barred out of the tournament. Owing to the number of contestants and the Kiime cf base ball at the fair grounds in the nflornoon, no final games wereplayed or conclnsions rcached, and the gaines will be con tin ucd nextSaturday, weatlier permitting. SATURDAY'S HALL GAME. The Cass club of Detroit played the Univer8ity team on the Fair Grounds, Snturday afternoon. The score resulted ÍS to 11 in favor of the Cass. Ilibbanl and Miller occupicd the points for our boys mul Wollenwebber and Mullenbach for the Chss. Twitchell and Sliindle of the Detroit League team were brought out under assumed names and playetl lcft field and second base reipectively. They were soon recognized and vociierously applautled by the crowd whenever. thcy came to bat. They made seven ut of tho lourtoen hits which the Cass managed to get from Hibbard's puzzllng curves. Miller was injured in the sixth inning and McDonell took his place. The principal features of the game were Twitchell's batting and Hibbard's long tlrives to the sheds. The umpire, Mr. Frank, was very satisfactory with the exception of his mioconception of a foul ball. The Universities were weakened by the absence of McMillan, whose rheumatism prevented his occupying hls accustometl position. The attendMOe was good and the association reaüzed about f 40.00 above expenses. The foTlowIngit the score by inningg: iDDlngs123456789 Cai 3 12 0 2 3 3 2 3-18 Unlv 2 0 0 0 10 4 0 4-11 Two liase hlts-Hlbbartl. Tlirce base liiu- Hlbbard, Uooth, Twitchell. Home run- Twitchell. Krrors- Casn 14, Univ. Ï3. Tlrae of Game- ï hr. ló mlnutea. Struclc out By Hlbbard 8. by Wolleuwober 8. Itas liluCass 11, Ünlvereltles 11. Umpire- Qeorge Krank, of fetrolt.


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