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Some Of Smarty's "straws."

Some Of Smarty's "straws." image
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There appenrs to be :i pcriod in the life of a certain class of journalists, wlienthey feel ihcinsclvct so miicli smarter than their brothers that tbey lirul Intense satislaction in bragging about it in their own sheets. It was thought tliat all of the Ann Arbor craft had outgrown this period. but it seeuis there is one who bas ju-t arrived at that peculiar stage, and so after making a spurt on twoand three Hoen last weck he pompously calis attentiou to the q'xantity - not quality - of his ilems compared with his neighbors. That our readers may know what this peculiarly fiuart younji man palnis off on the public as items of news we will quote a few specimens of higglganticenterprise, taken from the crack edition ot' the Itegister he is bragging about. "The tlowent that bloom in the spring trol la" Arejuxt beglnnlng U bloom. This is original(y) and poetioul, of course. and truthful(?) too, forthe tlowers had been in bloom several weeks. "Gene'' Hall bas cllpped lii.i Kentucky pony. If neither Mr. Hall or the "pony" kicks, it is probablyall rlght.but notextremely thrilliiiK. Bead ,W. O. Dteterle'8 new ftdvortUeiimqt 1 n tli la paper. '- '¦.¦, Waitner A Co„ ofler a remarkahle eb anee for raaktng lumiuy, 1" thclr ailverlUeinent . iliis week. Rut It is not neoeasary to quote further, as these serve to Ilústrate the great struin of intellect made in getting out that gi ent paper.


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