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BACH & ABEL'S COLUMN. Thcrc was a grcat for Dry Cüood luwt weck. Tlicre will bc more of' a rnli ilii weck. Il will pay jou l rcad Ihi adverllsemciit ml Uil j . simón Black Gro - .rain Silkw, marked down a5 cent a yard. Tlicy are the iiionI durable Black Mlki in tlie World. Wc giiarantcc tliein in tlic moni liberal iiianiicr, and in Iliiw giiaranlcc the maker MhimI behlnd ii. Quality A hitlierto gl.25 now #1.00 b " ï.so " i.a " C " 1.75 " 1.5O " l " a OO " 1.75 " ti 'h " a.oo [Down 50 cents. Our iilnnil Surair are very cheap at fil.OO. We kIiow all the dcHirablc olor in Pink, Llght Blue, ri-iini, White and cvcral Nhadcx In Tan and IJght Brown, IVo beller Oros-Grain Colorcd siiu In the world Ihan ours al 1.00 a yard. All shades of' Tan and Itrou n in stock iln week. Excellent valuc in Black Watered mik at #1.50 and #a.OO. Our l.ihi Pink, l.iyln Kluc, (jirecn, and Ilcliotrophc Watercd iiu at a.25. are very liandNomc. Do you know a bargain ln n you hcc it Í Aniong the vcry Uooda you would think to bc the iai to tuinblc. Scaitonable Good. Whcn you rcad the prlce you will want to sec i in. Ten Slylcs or more. Summcr Sllks at 55 cents a yard, lierctoforc 75, $1.00, and $1.35. Thcy are good value at the old prlcc. Tlicy are mprisc valuc now. Cali It Percale or "Shirting" Hiere' no iiini.(ii.i' about it. Tougli and plunip ttO-inclic wldc. The wcight is from the Cotton in It. Hard-lwisied and liard-woven evcry thread of it. A luir for hard wear if you will, very neat and lr , too, liaiidNonicly prlnted lu Miripcü, plaid and figure on white ïioinnl. The price ha been 16 ¦ui. Il been a lively goer at 10 cents. Wc makc It ia 1-2 cents. Takc a quick glance at our Cotton li ¦ Muir. Countcnt plled high. It will be a ruj i-riukle year. ycar flxed It. Fine, hard-twiatcd, trregularly wovcn, crinkley, thlnffi you Mhouldu't iron, rough-dry Hkiii in the mui. Cream and White a i-oiiikI. A Ioii i j i. Tour or lu - times a many coloriiiK Sec a bit, M and Im, {.-hii ¦cm dainticr than ever. All on Cream tri"inul nnd plump jard widc. I ii.iul trlpcN and odd liü TIicnc are the Cottonw that drovc oni the prlnted Unen Liiwiih, ia I-a CJemU' The llncst liaiii that i made ia 1-a centi. Why, your leisure linie in buyiiiK material and making tnderiicar ¦¦¦¦ warm weather whcn we can iïirnili jou with jni what you want and Tor lens ni o noy. Don'l jmU our Inderwear by what you xee In other MtoreM nor by the pricc you hear quoted. Judgc it by ihe I'nder%vear ilst-lf, and wee il lierc. Examine llic scwiiiK, the cuttlng, the decoration and the i) l-. You, ladies, know the guod from bad. i a word abont that. We ask your Judg¦ucnl, nol your favor. Traühy Iace I 'louneing are eoiumoii cnough in ome lore I ',anr in make ini.hj i uil' than good. lia.iiT In lace than nni ui. i iij -:ij wc have the iiicetit pattcniN and the i-i aKttrlmeiilK mt black lace tlounclng that you can flnd any wlierc oihing irah) about them, that'N certaln. 4a-inch, ga.OO, #3.50, $I.OO and $5.OO. Cream and White floiinclng ia-iiifh 95c, $1.00, a.OO, I9.M, --."o and S5.OO. Vc are showing thi week the flncHt line of beadcd Irimniing In the city. If you want ehcap trimmiiig! we have them If you want medium priee IrimmingN wc have them. n you want high priecd triminings wc have them. Will you examine our beaded triniiniiigN at f'i.OO, -:i - l.oo. $7.00, $10.00 and -l. a yard. a5 dozen tiauxe VcnIk for ladicx at a. ecnlN. (Don't come expecting to get the a5 dozen for a5 ¦ni. Yu will be nappolntcd if you do.) v mean i't .-ni each. Yes twcnly-flvc centx. l'erfect, regular gootl, made to mcII lor 40 cents. Alo 35 dozen I :nin ' .auc ¦! at 50 centN eacli. Wc kim of no uaniu-iii at all approacliing eithcr of them in quality that were ever before otfered at the prlcc. I nl- you know more about I 'nderwcar ihan the Wrltcr of i h i you will a thcy are eheap. bach & abel. Celebrated The best shoe yet for the Best American Calf, Button, Lace and Congress, all'cut [Seamless Hard wear in every pair. GOODSPEED i SONS 17 South Main street. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. 4 South Main St., Anu Arbor. The oldest agency In the city. Establlshed over a quarter of a oentury ago. RepreHenting the foflowiug Ilr8t-clas oom pan it, with over 00,000,000 Capital and -i. HOME INS. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA. INS. CO., of New York. QIRAHD INS. CO., of Philadelpliia. OIUKNT INS. CO., of Hartford. COMMERCIAL UNION, of Loudon. LIVERPOOL, LONDON and OLOBE. WA8HINUTON KIRK and MAIU.NK, of Boston. Kates I,ow as tlic Ixjwest, Losses Libcrally Adjustcd and promptly l'aid. C. II. MILLEN. "W" IÑT T E! JD. BICYCLE AGENT. We wnnt a I-lve Agent for Ann Arbor and vlclnlty ti httndle ". T O !-¦ L O " and other Slnger (óyeles. Liberal Discount. Senil for mr CMtloCU. DETROIT IHCYCLE CO., Htftto No. Jll WiKiilwarrt Avp., } T' '. L


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