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CBEAHg pPWCES, .fife. SPECIAL 1 J &m% AKlNL QwnCI extracts MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared ..iih strlct regard to Pnritv, Strpnpth, and llcalthfulniva. Dr. PriciiBaklngPowdercoaUlni no AnimoDia.LlnH'.Aluni or Phosphatt1?. Ur.l'n. ¦' Extracts, Yauiüa, Lomim, etc, flavur delidously . MAKT T,ArP CHIMMIVS AJttB oflorotl lor saU' represented as good as tlie Faiuous PEARL TOP mr iiii:y ARE NOT! And liko all Countcrfcits lark tho Rcinarkablc I.ASTIt; QtUOtttM or tuk .ri ive. ASK FOR THE PEARLTOP And Iusist ySS T H I S upon jSfWwi Exact HAviNG r mBrrnrl Ë ' " e l them 3S SgHaKjL on Each wlth ÜSV CHIMNEY PatOct. 8O,lss:?. The PEARL TOP is iTIamifnrtnrrd OXLÏ by GtO, A, MAC31TH & Ca, l'ITTSBURGH, P. C. H. St. CLAffl&SöI M 1 NÜFACTÜRER8 OF SclöÉiCtarcli FÜKNITÜHE. on ii i mu si mm W1ND-MILLS. 1 now prepari! 10 man nfHcture school aml ('liurcli Kurnllure. aml Opera Cliuirs, l.awn Sctlees, (."ftinp Tables and the TRIUMPH WIND-MILL I'Ih' besl and mpll nd mosl rllable in usc Kepalrlng dom oa linri DOtloe. Also dealers In PUMPS, CYIiWDERR l'IPKS, ETC. TANKS MADE TO OB0BR. LADDERS, PRACH BOX, liKKKV CRATTE8, in tost, any rilóle riüiile to order. NO. 33 N. FOURTH STREET, ANS ARBOTl, MK'll. FOR DYSPKPSH MENTAL AND physical:exhaustion, nervousness, weakened.enercy, indigestión, etc., etc. [í m uowfords ACID PHOSPHATF. A liqnld preparaUon of the phoapbate ml phospliorlc acid. Recommnded by l'lr sloiann. Il inukes u delloloni drink. Invlgoratlni; and HlreucUienlng. l'ainpli I f ree. KOK SALE BT ALL DSALER8. Rumford Chemical Works, 1'roTidence, - - Uhodp Isiand. eRTBKWAUE OF I.M1TATIONS. REAL E&7A7E INSÜRAN6B" AGENGY. OF J. 0. A. SESSIONS, A.TTOK.VEY AND VOTAKY PUBLIC Real Estáte sold or rented and rent collected on reasonable terinR. None hul old and tirst-clans Insurance Companles represented- wlth Insurance rapItatof I1O,UOO,iki. Hatex as low as any other Insurance company and loeses promptly pald. Office over American Kxpress office, Main atreet, ud Arbor. Mich. ¦p TT Tï Tl TT TS tti tN'S ÍMPERIAL TIU ss. Splral Sprini;. graded from 1 to B poundK in pressare. WORN DAY AD 1SIGHT, liy n lnfant a week old, oran adnlt 80 years. l.ndles Trusseg n perfectlon. Enclose stampa for testimoniáis oí cures, etc. EGAN IMPERIAL TRÜSS CO., ann Arbok, Mich. INSURANCE REAL ESTÁTE and LOAN AQENCY OF A.W. HAMILTON Oftlce, No. 2, First Floor, Ilamllton Block. Partlesdeslrlng to buy or sell Real Estáte wlll ilurl lt to thelr aüvantage to cali on me. I represent 15 flrst-class Fire Insurance Corapanles, havlng un aggregate capital over }30, Kates Low. Losses llberally adjusted and promptly pald. I also Issue Life and lovestment Pollcles In the New York Mutual Life Insurance Company, Assetts, t75,000.(X. Persons desirlng Accidenl Iusurance, can have yarly ollcljs wrlttfn for Ihi-rn orTraveler's Coupon Insurance Tickets Iwaed it Low rates. Money to Loan at Carrenl Katm. Office houre from 8a. In. To I',' Dl. and S tO f p. II). IALKX. W. IfAMILTON, Hamilton Block.


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