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HA8OSIC l'iHK l'"a h Ahiior Coma:dkky, No. 13 raeets flrst íueíd.T of eacli tnoiith, W.G Doty.K.C; W. K. Tolohard. Recorder. Ta-Íhtbkaw Chaitkk, No. 6, R A. M.- Mw" flrst Mouday each month. Isaac Sandy, H. P.; Z. Roath, seoretary. BUSINESS CARD8. o. :&L- LÁ.'smsr, DKAL.KK IN CLOTH CA8KETS, METALIC And Common Oofflna. Cftlls Itented to Day or Nlght. Kmbalralng a apectaltv. Htoreroomoi K. Washington Htreet. Realdeuc Cor. Liberty nd Klfth. W. H. JACKSOX, DJEWNTIITIIX!! SUTIL OFFICK : Orer ach A Abel's Iry fiood 8tor. Entrance next to National Bank. ll.l.l l HERZ, Houue, Sigo, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! Pupwi'ii;, UUxln, Uildlng, and ('aldmlulntr, and w,.rk o ery do-criotiou done In the brut. t, Ie. and warrauted to gUv tatiêfaction. Shop, No. 4 W. Washington St., Anr. Arbor. U A C. XICIIOI.S, DE1TTISTS. Rooms Over Ann Arbor Savhijfs ank, Maonc Temple Block. QA.SorVITALIZED AIR A4intnUtiuuil M thu palnles fitracti n "( tueth. CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE! $29,000,000. Becuritj eW for the protectioii of the pullcy CHRISTÏAN MACK fleprmeDU the fnllowlni: lt-la comgaajej. ol wbkh oue, the iBtn. tms lon pain f5,tHi,0U0 ürc OHM in lzty-ave yer : Btna,of U-.irtfonl ,1M,644 Fraiiklin of PhilkdelplitH 3,118,718 Qennniii. N. Y 2,700,7-39 Germán American, N Y 4,060,968 Lomloti Assnr;ince, Lonilon.. . 1.410,788 MAchvüHu V. & M., DviroH . . . 287,608 N. Y. UnderwriUTs, N. Y 3,696,678 National, Hartford 1 ,774.505 Phoenix, Brooklyn 3.759.03(5 Loca liberally adjusted and uromptly puid. Polieies itsued at the loweat rate "I premium. llDltf LXTMBER! LUMBER! LUMBER! It jrou i-onteiiiil:ite bnllilini, oall at FEROON Luier Yiri ! Corner Fourlh and Depot Sts., aml e our figures for all kinds of LUMBER! We manufacture our own Lumber and Kiiiirantee AERY LOW PRICES TGivc ui a cali and we will make t to vuur Interest, aa our Urge and well graded stock fully ¦ustains our aasertion. Teiephone Connections rith Office. r.I. KBKCHSupt, JASIKSTOLBKRT, Prop A. DeFOREST. Fire Insurance Plate Q-lass Insurance, Steam Boiler INSURANCE ! Lowest Kuti's, Honorable AdJn.stmentH and liosscs Fromptly Paid. REAL ESTÁTE RENTS 8PÏCIAL ATTBNTtoy GIVEN TO COI.LECTION or Rent and Manacikment of Real EmTATK INTKKESTS FOK NoN-RKSIDENTS. ENTrBE SATISFAiTTION TO OlTHElUI QUARANTKEP. A. DeFOHEST. Mmoromoney than at anythlngelelr Uk Ing an agency for tbe bent selling bonk out. Beginners sncrced Kiandly. None fal! Ternn free. Hallett Book Co., Portland, Maine. PENNYROYAL WAFERS. tprescription of a physiclan vbo hu had a Ufe long experience in tre&ting female diseaaea. Is ueed monthly with perfect guccess by over 10,000 ladit s . I'leasan t, safe, eSectimL Ladiea askyourdrueirlst for Fennyroyal Waft-rs and Lake do substitute. or Incloae postaseforaealAdparticulara. Boldby all dnirirists, $1 ter box. Addrss TH EUREKA CHKMICAÜ CO.. Vtnaort. mica. Sjld tu Anu Arbor, Mich., ty Ete rb ir n ék Son 18OS-136O lAITcan Mva at home. and make more moncy at I work for aa, ihan at Hiiythini.' eire in Ulij I III I world. Capital not ñeeded ; you are swrted free. Both noxea ; aliases. Any on rao do tbe work. Lare eartilntra nurc from nrst start. Ciatly outflt and term fnc Bettar not delay. Cosrs ytin nothint; to end na yonr nddrat and ünd out ; If you are wtse you wlll do eo at once. H. HtLurr A Co.. Portland, Mulne. Í uï l N M RS A L Ik iu fc. A Vpor añil ffrtrÍ fSa, ' fxm 1 -i- LLatflrT 1 WlötMmtt A Hunl V Old Rkthi RmmwmL ï hal aun. E. J. KNOWLTON. nn Arbor, Mlch. A.OOMPl.KTK AKKANUKMKNT KOK hjiiciu mi Families. Neiter udJCkeiper AND MDRK CONVENIENT TH AT A 8TATI0NARY BATH TUB, WITH NO KXl'KNSE OF BATH ROOM AN1) FIXTURE-S Js-83 SUBSCRIBE FOK The Ann Arbor Courier.


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