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PIOYAL KKJIS POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thlspowdernevpr varíes. A marvel of purliy. streimtii uuü wholesomeness. Mor aoinical than the ordinary k inds. hmiI eau ooi ie old In coiipetltlon witli the mal tunda al ow test, short welht, slum or phnsntiAlc' 3owilers. Kaidngly tn cans. Itcj iil llukln Pu wder Co . KM Wuil si.. N. Y. VfflATEDBLÖÖD. SCKOKILAS, INHEEITED AM) COÜTAUIOl'S HIMOKS GUKED BV CPriCURA. fMlUui UH ihe medium f mu o! wmr booki X rect'lved thruuU Mr. Fnuik T. Wmy, Lrug gist, Apollo, Ph., I beeamu Rcquainled whb nu L-UTicuuA hcMt dub and i:.ii vpportuultjr to testify to yo . th it thetr ugo his per in ineiitly etired me of onu l Ihe worrt ca-e ot blood polsouing. lu connection wlth erypipc as, ttuit I bave uver and this alter luvlofl bM prououoced litturufele hv mhm i'i tbfl i'i pbj ilclin In our connty. I take great pu-usare in luiwunhi: to ym Ibla u-ti oiuiual, iiDfoliciu-d & Uta by yon, in orl"ttiti oiher iiirterliii: trom ciinüur muhtdit'r may bc fiicouratid toglrn yoar dtiouha Kiiiuib a tri 1 1. s. Viilll.lM. Elï. !¦¦ hbury, ia. ; t-rrtuk i. Vtwy, I uu'u' ft. i 'In la SCKOFDLOÜS ILCKHS. Janicc K. Kichnnlon, Cmtom Hunsc, N ( - leant, M o;i(h MJ : 'In 1870 Ö ru U H l ICt-M bruue o til mi my lxdy nut il 1 Witt Of COTTttplion. Evec iIhul: kimwn lo Hic Medfc II hicuity was truü ra 1 btTiint a HMffl ri-ck. Ai Umes could not Hft in y httuds to my heait, could not turn iii bi'd ; in con-ttint pain, ai.ri luwlLtri) upon Ufe un a cile. No iHti-i or curu in t D yem".-. In 1S80 I ht-ard of ilu: Ti i im:ka KBVMI1B8 ued tbetn, mul perfoci y carwd1 Stiru lo taiMN l'. tt. t-oiii. J . 1. í.'kaw fuki). OXK OF TUK WOHST CASKS. We have bien tul!ii' yonr Cuticura RtouJlê f'irytiirf, and the flrt compMiiit ycl t ruceive liom n purcu i-er. uv i-[ me word OM bCTutaa I ev-r faw whi ciiit'd bj lh q of Uve butileM in Culicui (i iir.sttlve.itty Culicura, tulnuj a 'oap. The Soap takrf luu hi r ta i m' dicuiHl t- ap. lAYL'iftit TA Yl,')l;, hniL'ui-'. l-'i.n:k(uri, Kun. SCROFtlAU S, iMIKitlTKü, And Contaious llmuurp, wlib Lum ol II ilr( hik) Brupiione of iht Hkln, we ioal v ¦¦!¦, entré hj (uMcura au d Vutumu Soap . x'a-i na y, aml iMUiCurü Seêolvent Iniuroally, whuu il utuur mudlciuea fai1. berni lor l'uiptilet. DRC66ISTS D8B THEM. We have obUlned satbActory recolta from the u üf ihe C'uticnra KeiiKdies In O'ir own imnüy, and n-cuinnit-iid iticin leuiid uiy uther remedtt d lor dlHi'aCM ol' ihe ckin and blood. '1 li ¦ (U-in u d lur tbetn irW8 iheir QMriiri l)eCom known. Mai:MILLAN Jk. ('o., ürucEffista, Utrobe, Ph CUTICUKA KKMKIMKS are sold everywbere. Prlce: Ooticoe. toe Skin (Jure, 50 Oen'; Cut CUBA Soap, mo Kxquisite UcAucifidr, 2"ct ; CtrncuRA JituL,VhNT, the ni'W Bloo I I'urirt:r, ïl.ÜÜ. tJrt-pired by IVrtkb Dhvu andCiikhical Co., Boston. nT'llPPLllS, MackluMii-t, Skin tfïtimipht, and XllVl Baby Bomore, ase Cuilcura Soap. CHOKING CATARRH. Hav i you awuk -ikmI frnm a dtfturbod iloep with all the horriblv geDMtlou o!' uu naftain eloiobtsg yur thnmt and prevtblg tbc litc-liriMith Brom oiii ügbtencd cbesti Uu yon nut!' cd lanffour aud dcblliiy ihat mk'i"im1 the effjrt lo oiearjooi thro:it and head of thie c.ttarrhul maltci I Wlmta fcpresslng Inrtuenco it exertt u;xm tlje mind, tfoodlDg the raemory atid fllliii' the lu'ad witli pain and ütrange iiolsee ! Ho.v ilitli uit It ti rid the nal puuiiei, ihroa' and Iuiiíí .if ihis puieoniiii mucm all can i.-Htify who are afllict d witli catarrh. How diftlcnlt to proteel tb rites atraiust it fiiriner pmceM lowirdt the lui.f;-, fret nnd kldni-ye, all phyaUianK will dmit. It lx a terrible dlsease, and cries out (or relief and c re. The remarcable curatlve power, when nll ether remedio utterly fatl, of SaniÁfoiU'x, Radical Cure, are ailivted hy ibuusand" who raiefnllj recom mand H to fellowiioffererti. No utatraent ím madirei:ardinu' It that cannot bu Hiib-tantinied by Ihe DioHt reapcr.tableaod rellablu roferance. J(K ch nirkit onttrna ooe bottle ol the Kam CAL CTRI, OUU box nf ('ATAKKHAL HilI.VKM'. andan IJfPUOVFTn lNHAI.ER.Wlth al.d dtnctlona, and nuld ly all drnUta for tl.' U. I"o-th Dnr.iAM. CiiemiialCo., BoíIod. HOW MY SIDE ACHES a From tlie beoda and ttie counier, rrOD jMêl the Ioodi and ycwiny gott op ftl y thc cry of pain and wt'akiLtíwn. Achina MfiTáP Sldes ard Hack, Ktdncy and ['li-riiic TeeM=11 l'iiins, trains and Wi-uk s, Ciuf;lie, nold and Chet Pains, und cvirv Pala and Ach' ol !ih toil n'lii'vrd iii omL luliiuíe by the 'utlt'uru Antl-Paln IManíer. New, 1-iiL'ini and Infalllble. A t drgglt. SBc. flve for $1.00, or oí Potter Drun and OberalraJ Ci .. BoatoD. WatchsprinG oöo c jo Wiih slidlng: Dctacbablc Sprints. LagrBcller tlian Wlialctxme or Born,L3 antl Tuaraiitccil ncvcr to break. Hricc, $1.25. For aale by leadla wholesale and retail estabIkhincnts. MAYER.STROU8E&CO. 412 Broadway, N. Y., Manufacturers. aRTHMACURED GERMÁN A8THMA CURE Inntjintly rwli-Tn the munt vlolnnt attAck. and insurwi rirnfrtahl nitmp NO WAITINÜ for KKHL LTH. lit-nnf wwmI hy inluüation. it k aotion ím immediat, direct and rrrtnlli and n cure la the [¦uil in all curahl caaes. A MÍnjcle trial oonviin-it) t]iH Tn.iHt Bkptioal. Príca Bito. and $1.00 of auy driiKniirt., r by Sfirujile Freí ftr UDp. lr. R. NiUlKKMANN, M. !'¦!, Ma.


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