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The Sweetest Girl In School

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"Slic's swi'clfsl jirl in cliool"! ril thnsiasticdly cxclaimed one youiifr ini-.s t imothei. Hl they passeddown Ihe stnct toi-l lier. "Ivlilli is sn kind, and tienllc, and nnselnMi, every one likes lier. And flic luis lowly jolden huii umi pretly eyrs. I-n't it a pltty lier complexion is s uu it spoils lier looks. And Ilion she bil MCh clr.adtul headiche"! The pilla iklpped aloug, but il lmiieiil Kditli's iiiotlit-r Imd licind wlmt lliey snicl. It et lier tliiuklnj{. Wlmt could be done for thoM lieudiu'.lif.s, und the rongii, muldy com!exioii, tli'it. was sucli a trial (o litr ffentle daugliter. Slie recalled what slie had ruad of Dr. Picrce's (íoldt-n Medical Piacovery, and on Uic par o( the nioineiit slic -lippiil inti n drurstnie and uoiight h Bupply. Bdlthtook Itfnltlifully, wUhtlie result tliut Itcleared Uer dltordered blood, rrllcvcd Ilie htüidaclieH, made lier ikln tuft, (kit and rotji and now 8he is nol only the "swccte.-l jriil In school," but the most beautlful. _______ l'c"Oil who havn peucli trees thal wcro BXpoCUd l lirin loith a erop of IniClOUl fruit thisyear, will be doubt, to itnd upon examlnation of the buda that bo pestlleut Enlisli gparrow Ims been belplDE blmtelf, and robbëd Ihe trees of many bushcla ot peacheï by picking off ainl MrtlDg the büiisas sikiii as they bagan to show a piíikish tint. The hole country slioilld arise and loi no time in destroylnji the piolillc little biril whlch r(nlisc to be in time, üuxh au expcnslve nuliance to inankiml in general and fruit Ctoweri In particular. - Dexter Leader. The present legUlatura ouffht to cbanse the law it him already passoii o to make It eflective.


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