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The stones furninlied by Uncle Sam for t...

The stones furninlied by Uncle Sam for t... image
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The stones furninlied by Uncle Sam for the soldiere' graves iu tlie eemetery have been iet. Ttiey are plaiD and neat, bearIhü tlie name, company mul regimeul of the deceased, and are mil ir to those in the natioual cemeteries. - Dexter Leader. What a suggestive expression is that - "Held his peace !" It is lie wlio holds hls peace thut cun hold his toiigue. It is lie l luit holds his tongue that eau hnld liis peace. Tlie penco and the longue are mutually re-active. If you want ti lose your peace, let your tonque loóse. - Baptist W.ekly. Tlie Observer Iihs tb aninml election of illii'fis of the Wonieu's IIoiiii1 Missionary Society of the M. K. ohureh, ot Saline: President- Mr. V. 0. Iloyt. lt vlce Pres.- Mra II. liassi-ti 21 vlce Pre -Miss Mary IHVeiiiort. Mr. S. A H'ilZKrall. Cor. Hec.-Mr. It. K. Koblnnon. Treim- Mis. P. EL TOWnMDd. Samuel Sein'y, justice of tlie peaor, of Lima, UhVIiiK been CM liad on to hwüuI diiinages to Mr. Tomas Fletolier of Liinu, for tlieep killed by ilog-, wonlil say for the beiiflit of dog owners, Hint tliey are Dot only li.ible for datna;e done by dogs, but HreaUo Hable to $50 line and l h ree inoiiths impiisonmciit in tli' iMuuity jail, for keepiilff ¦ (]n known to be a slurp killiii' dos - Heralil. Many que9tioii tta :iK( il what way the ttg wool ilwuilü be bandled to m]L Our iIimUis sny WMSh tliem deun, dry thoroughly, put what belongs into each tleece and do it lip with it. Never put ilead or iinwaslifd wool ot '"}' kind lottdfl ot' a wMsiicd fleece If our farmers will wah, and do their sliearing from six to teudays after and put thelr wool up fairly, the ch ron 1c distrust of the buyers wlll toon die out, and our wool wlll bring as good pricus as Ohio wool. - Observer. The Saline Shorthorn Ureeder's Association is the name of a new organiiition just formed amonftour best tarmers. The ottlcers are: President, II. BasRett; secretary, A. A. Wood; treasurer, J. E VVood. Misrs A. A. Wood and 0. O. WarniT were stmt to Illinois to selcot a buil, mul they have just ïeturned wlth tlie M l'eri Duke of Norway. The animal was a yt ar old in Febrnary, red In color, and was bied by J. II. Laflerty, of Alexis, III. Mr. Warner also purchased a lluecow, Llllle Eelle Airdrie, 3d, which he brought


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