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The spring session of the Field Day sports of the University took place Satuiday on the Fair Grounds, undor the auspices of the liugby Association. The exercises comnieneed at 1:30, aud i large crowd was in attendance, ladies forniing quite a share of the spectators. The ofilcers in charge conducted everything with promptneas and dispatch. The offlcers of the association are: President- F. F. Bumpa. Secretarles- C. DA. Wrlijlit, E. I). Peifer. Vlce Pres.- D. Worcester. Treasurer- J. Hegier, Oeo. Whytf. Qglcers 0 the Day : l'lerk- John L. Dufly. Marshall-W. M. Morrow. Judges- Prjf. H. Sewall, J. H. Wade, I'mf. A. (J. McLaughlln. C. D. A. Wrlght. Tlraekeeperi- Prof. J. M. Sehaeberle, Prof. M. W. Harrlugtoii, W. Watts. Meauurers -C. lijmen, O. N. Banks. starter - Ed. Come. Judgeuf roiliiiK Kil. Come. Keieree- Piof. P. 11. H. de Pout. The most interesting features of the day were tlie heavy weight wrestling and the liitch-and-kick of E. D. Peifer. Tliere were six entripa for the wrestling and those wlin lost two out of three were exeluded. Xo result was reached ns Mal ley and DeHaven will wrestle this week to decide the contest. E. D. Peifer entered in six classes and in the hicli-andkick broke the world's record by four inches, makiug 8 ft., 7 in. The events were: 100 yds. .lah won by J. E. Dufly. Time 11 2-5 Hei1. Throwlnif Mammer, 16 lbs., won by W. W. Harless. 70 ft. SlHDiling Broad Jump, won by K. T. Ducharme. Il It. II)1, In. KM yds, Hurdle Kace, won by E. D. Pelfer. 20 sec. Llght Welght Sparring, won by R. T. Farrand. Heavy Welghl isparrlng, won by W. CL Malley. Polntsl3u6. 220 yds. Dash, won by J. E. Duffy. Heavy Welght Wrestllng. 1 Mlle Blcycle Kace, won by C. Bauman. Time 6 m. 21 sec 440 Yds. Dash, won by 3. Sanford. Time 1 m. 2-5 sec. Three Legged Race, won by Saníord & Jones. Time 14 sec. Fat Maus Kace, won hy T. S. Maxwell. Time J3 sec. Putting Shot, won by E. D. Pelfer. 31 ft. 1 In. Kunning High Jump, won by V. B. Bust. 6 ft. i In. Hltcüand Kick, won by E. I). Peifer. 8 ft. 7 In. Exhibitions were given on vaulting horse, parallel bar and horizontal bar by Prof. lieinhardt and class. A liorse belonging to Geo. Olp feil Mletp and droppeii down, causing a little txcltement for a moment. THE GYMNASIUM. Prof. lieinhardt of the gymnasium sparei! ua a few moments the other d:iy and gave a few points on the effortJ and siMvoss of the gyninasliini. Upon being a-Uní if lic wag satisñed with the result of the gymnMIUtn this last yciir he replied, in effect: " Well, in a nieiisure I am. It certaiuly Iihs done a KM&t daftl of good U) iniiiy of the students and Uiat U the object of ft gymnasium. Tlie priucipul reason why in ie students do not exercUe here is that they do not h:ive the time. Tlicir time is so taken up at college that they cannot allbrd to waste the little time tliey do have in coming :iway down here, for a iew moinenU exercise. The gymnasium ought to be on the campus. Then t would be successful beyond a doubt. As it is it is not selfsupporting, and it the assistance from outside was withdrawn, the Hugby Association could not continue t. I belleve that on the whole there is at present too little beuetit derived for the amount of money sacriticed. Wliy, if only the professors would show a little more interest and drop down and look on occasionally, even if tliey do not exercise, it would be helpful to the enterprise. Ouly three professors have been iuside the door siucu I came here. President Angelí never has been here, and I tMirk that this non-stipport has fomething to do with lukewarniness of the leglslature in granting an appropriatíon for a ymnisiuiu fund. You know, of coure, that the present apparatus has been donated to the university by Mr. Hegier, and that he now supports the enterprise. He has been williug all along to dónate a good sum provided the legislature would do their share, and I believe that if sultlrient interest had been shown he would have given it anyliow. Correspondence Is now kept up with Mr. HegIer, but 1 do not know wliat will come of It. During the first semeeter there were 200 members and 230 in the second. The average daily attendance is itbout 40. The batli room, though plaiu answers tlie purpose and if the building was botter veutilated and not so hard Ik heat, we would have a very gooil place. Can't teil anythlng about my plans for next year, but I like the place and if eiiviunstanoes point that way, I may reinain here.''


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