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Short ailvorllsemenU not to exceed three liaos, of Lost and Found, House ror Sale or Kent, Wants, etc., Inserted three weeks for 5 cents. Sltuations wanteil. free. FOB SALK - At ft bnrgaln a Toboggau PSllde. Callón or addraaa e. N. Banks, Ann Arbor, Mlcli. 53 WA nt k I) - To rent thotue, aboats rooms wltliln reasunable dtstanee from Universlty. Poanulon wantsd-July lat, Refer tiven aml wauted. Athircs, p.o. Box 1111. 52-5l AS I wish to nnilU the work of the Christiau ministry I offer at a rare bargain ray plaMon Waal Kuronatreet just miiMiio city Mraits, comprlslng 1VÍ acres aud cholee tmprovenients. Wmilil olvida tha land and sell a portion with or without tha improvements lo snit the iiistomer. Ternis easy, Kev. S. II. A.lauis. 54 1.U liMSHKI) ÏHH'SE on Wllmot Ave. V City, lor rent. New Sewlns Maohlneund Oaaolln StOYe iukI House Kurnlturo loba soi.i in irvsc'. tfathawi' Real Kstate Agency. 1350 -1S52 FOR SAIjE at asacrlflce 200 acres of land In the town of I.ymlon- the Itott farm, or wlll exchanue for city property. MA TT li l'AVS' 48 3w Baal Kstate Agency. I.OH BALK.- A fine Qkadkd Ykaeiim. Büli.; about WX) poundH welght. Sire, Covert' reglstered fuif Dlood ; dam, a twothlrd Jersey-Holateln, one of theflnestcows In Wushtenaw ooumy. (Money in hini for itnyouewho has time to handle htm.) Knqulre of .1. 1!. Haimders, thls office, or cor. Mili iiud Washtenaw strs., l'lfth ward. 48-SO .pRICYCI-P KOR SALE, snitable for Rlrl i_ from 10 to 15 years old. Inqulre at the l'oURIEK Office. CITY SCAVENCER. TOHN A. ROÜINSON, No. 32 Wall Street, O 5lli irtl, is now prepared to attend to all business 1 ii the line of a soavenger. sueh ascleaulng viuilts, cesspools, etc, using the patent tight barrels. All orders wlll recelve [iroinpt attentlon. WANTED Money to Loan on RaaJ Kstate. Applyto Francia A. Slatterv, Washtenaw Couuty Abstract of Title Office, 2ud floor of Farmers' aud Medíanles' Bank. Ann Arbor. 1385. E KAL ESTÁTE FOK SALE OR RENT.Eiousea and lots valued frora $1,000 to $(,(KK aud contiilnliii; from one-flfth of an :,i'ir to twenty acres- all in the city llroits. Houseso rented on reasonable terms In central locálltles. Karins oxcliiinged for city property. Enquire of J. l. A. Sesslons, Attorney And Keul Estáte Agent, Ofllco over ErpresK Offloe, Main St., Ann Arbor. 51tf FOR SALOR RENT. HOÜSK- No. IS, Cemetery street. Apply at (Jouiukk otHce. LOANIN'Q-Money to loan on flrst-class Real Kstate Mortgage at Cnrrent rates of interest. Satisfactory arrangement made wltB capitalista lieslrlng snch lnvestment. ¦'.very conveyance and transactlon In abstracts of tltles oarefally examlned as to legal elfect. 'í. V. KINU. Ann Arbor.


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