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Eoitok (,'im-kikk:- I ïiotiicil In yooi lust ïsne :i reference to tlie inanner In which the boud of supervisors of Oenea-'e had outwltled the money lonner of that c"i;ii'y. hihI unearihed thelr wealth in mortgagee. Whirh is good as fr ms t -, but t ;iiic lo us that it would be still better f the State would take n the matter kod emnpel taxiog of uil nicrtgapi'9 in Ilie nssi'ssor's dixtrict in wliich l!i(! mortgum if held Kor instaure, it i f:irm In Ann Ai l"r tOwnghlp had a mortr:ige of $1,0(10 aaainst it Inive the tnortgajfe placed upon the roll if thr raperrlaor of Ann Arhor townshlp. liet the Opervlsor MMM it ngiiinst the farm with the recular tnxcs, mul let the paymetit ui is proportion of the just taZN of the district hy the owaer of the farm he in law a receipt forso much patd upon the principal or interest of the mortgage. This can be done by a state law, and in this way much of the burden borae by poor men be transferred where it belongg, ou to the shoulders of the wealthy HMD. If the State lcrislature refuses or neglecta to pan men a law tiu-n the raparvisors of the different countics of the State could adopt a plan of co-operation. ljet encli coUnty do as Genesse has done, mil whin i mortgage is fottlld tliat is held by a man in a different eounty, let tlie same he reported to the supervisors (throngh the eounty clerk) of tlie eounty. Tliat methoil wonld insure the tnxatlon of all morrgares held by people in Michigin (ivhich are :i eood raiiny). It is nsoiTtecl that tliere is onp man in Waslitcnaw county, holding at lest $200,000 against property in thigeminty, who only payd tnxes on $5,000 or $G,000, and it ig elaimed that tbere is no power to laeen hia great wealth. Tiicn' g nne thing which is very unjust. If a man ukes his monoy nd puts it toto ImprovemenU In a city or township; if he bullda him i nlce new house; if he erecta r barn to protect liis ttock 'ir csopa; if he is enerjjetlc, public spir ited, mul lieljis builil up the community In wliich he resides, and Bdvaaoe the prlee of property, he Is immediately Dlaced od the assessment roll for every cent he Invests. His neiVhbor, who s not public spirlted, wlio never balldi ¦ buHwng, erects b new bara or bel pi improve property in the community, but hordes lila money and puts it out in mottngrt, e.-rupus tnxatlon aluiost comjlctely. I teil yon, Mr. Editor, by tbe presen! mode of taXHtiuii Uure is a preiniuiii placed iipou misers mul sliylocks; tliere i :i burden plsoed npon the public spirited " n . 1 1 1 . It m not rlght; it ihonld be n verticd. Tlie nmn wbo invesls lijs inoncy to billld up coimiMinity sliould be encmrni (1 to keep on in tb goed work, the miscrs who livu by incklng the litc-blood out of tbelr less fortúnate Deigbbort ihould be compelled to pny tlicir ot iiic public bnrdenii Is ii not so? Y on ra for the riglit, Dixbobo, May 8Otb, 1887.


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