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A Slick Confidence Game Successfully Worked

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Our liuMliiiir llttle city was startled lai Sturdav to liiul tlmt t. was nut entlrel; free trom the wiles o( the eonlideiitv man. Daniel B. Brown wus the victin of a very neatly executed game whicl cost htm jnst $2,700. Mr. Brown rwMe nn Soulh Main Kriel, Hiín side of the toll JpttO. He is 82 years of ige mul eamc to Aun Arbor in 1S20. The experience he may h:ive jrained iis the tirst iherlff a Washtenaw connty sceins t have beei torffotten in his dealin witli the two sharpcra who violated his confidence. He is general ly supposed to be a man o coti8iderdl)le property, tliougli not what miirtit be termed wealthy. It ieeins that rfcently two jomtg men eojrajrpd rooms on pifth street, and made inquirics luto Mr. Brown's peculiariiies. On Saturdny mornliig me f ikta ¦,¦ costed liim as a friend of former years and iuquired tenderly after hla henltli. He conlided to liim rhat, contrary to lils usnal cuitom he had bonjrht two lottery tickets and had drawn two books alike, the History of Ohio, und that he desireií to make Mr. Hrown a present of one. Misled by the apparent frankness, Brown followed li i til to liis room, wliere he was introducid toa friend. This rt:tleman piitported to be the agent of tlie Louisiina State Lottery, who hamled tlie books to Brown's friend. and alio gavo liim tv ( lóttery tickets and $10. Brown received his prmised sliaie and was iniluced to tukt; the lottery ticket. ItB cheapnefs beini; the only virtue in liis eye 'l'lie LodmIum lotteiy belBf( prwent In tbe tora of is agent, both paitics drew, without tlie formulity 01 wniting ro correspoiul with htiqtmrbr. hu I weiv lucky enousch o (JthW !fi, 7tK) u piro. The iiffent coutiteil nul tWfl pil s eqnalItlK that Mini, hut n Th-cmI :.i h ml ,,vcr im til li f f ou Dd out whctlii'i' ( w-re worth tlint much, m he did nut wili lo {ive the inniicv l iir-mis nrlm witc in no position tn bcitflil li!ins.-lf in t!ic iicj. ?erliitiiiü lian. Ili-n-kfil tli-in h i-ni, that thcv rere ivnrtli ( I ¦ t namiul i ml i so, had nutliiox in v The cappcr dr-w IKmi liis mh k. i $-J,7(K), I us givinf i'iiru-hi-ivo rViilvi ¦ li Iiír rlifhl to the iiionev aml liicil lo lel Mr. lli'iwn'a reputation serve ii,.,l ,.f hu bCIIIiI exhibitiun f the muiicy. The iir.-nt wuntid to si'C the iii'ii:cy iIm-II, mi Br ¦ n -i.nicü off to get it. lic r.'iiir'el in il ftcr noon wilh :i ceililiel check lui! llw Hifent WU8 Dol RMlb-fliil muil II, e eln-cl; caslieil. B'liwn w liv linie el iti-il and hül'Iii y co ,f,M,-i ',hi vlie i Ihc Int i.'ili.s ut' l.illerv :,ft'iir in:, ,le il m veffitry ti (imw .nfiiiu. lic ilid si, (Mliiwlnjf the cx.iiniile nf inpp r TIip njeeiil d ciilcil tlmt a tli.y il ew blank", a'l g. lilis M ('nitelli il The capper (leiinuneeil hiin as fr.iiul and witli attemptlng lo mvludlo be aml hii frieml Hmwn nut if tlieir mmiev nnd me a'eneii to ciii mi i HSoer. i'he ayent expounded to llicín tfefl i;iw rovcri7ing all lotterv tiMiisiiotions so üiiccessfully thiit Itnwn mi mtlfid lv the promise of the capper to refluid hls loss and lie would sue tlie sireiit, and proposed jioing up and setting the money wlilch lie liad at liis room on 'i'hiiyer street. They drove up to the house where he Uld lie lived with his wile. hiiü iskeil Brpwn to hold the hom a minute while lie got the money, mul tlmt lie would j over mul see Jeny Enowlton who llred irouod tlie corner. Brown kw the min go around to the sidn of t lie linu-e and presently an over towards Mr. Knowlton's house. After walting a reasonahle Inngth of time he grew niieasy and went to the door and asked f Mr. Jackson and wife lived there. They knew of no such pi-r8on, and then it dawned upon liim tliat he had heet. llie victim of a confiílciice gatne. Sidly he drove home and ntm constantly w.ilka his room, and his friends fear tliat the shock may prava scrious to him. No tmce has yet been discovered of the perpretators of the robbery and it 8 feared that there is no chance of reiiining the inoiiey.


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