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1 lB ""J ri.Uj THE superiorlty of Coralino over born or whalebone haa now been demonstrated by over slx years experionce It Is more durable, more pUable. mors comfortable, and NEVER BREAKS. The Immense sale of thase Corsets U now over 7OOO daily. Beware of wortbless lmitatlons bon wlth vartoua kinds of oord. None are genuino unless " Dr. Warnor'8 Corallne" lsprinted on taalde of the steel cover. FOB BALE BT AU IXADIBG MEBCHAHT8. WARWFR RRftëi 257&259 8UUBtrt, WñryULtDlUp., CHICAGO, IUlïniTTITT to 'x Ont thl out and reI II V "lr" '" "" '"' W(' w"l "'¦lidjruu I II P I fr something of ïreat v Int lili I and lmportance to yon, tht will ftartyouin huilne hlch wlll bring you In more money rig t away than anythlng loe In this worla. Anyone "can do the work ai d live at home. KIUkt nel ; all aeex. Soraelhlng new. that Just coins muuey fr all workers. W wlll start yon ; capital do needed. Thlieonco ihe eenulne.tmporlant chancve of a 'fetlme. Thos ho ambltlnu' aud onti-rprlflDg wlll not dclay Adilrep? Trui 4 Oo.. Augusta. Malne. W. TREMAINES FIKE AND LIFE MRAMJIJGIIMÏ ! 'o. 16 East Hu run Streot, Opposlte Cok House. Ten Klrst-Clusa Conipanlt-s reprenented. Assatts Over $25,000,000. 1319-13!l. TRAVEL VIA IUBTMhI Through Traint uiith Dlnlng I N ïmTI Cars, Pullman Palact Slttpllllj IIL-JII II"'' Oars. Modern Coaclns. ÉaÉÉÉraH II urt connections ín Union I ' IU flll OPOts at lts terminal pointt, ¦ 1 1 ' 1 I -flll """' trams f rom anti to (M ¦UiHII f ast. West, North and South. HfffWPHI Cheaptst, Best and Qukkest B2JUkaU II ""' (""" Peoría - SSJ or St. Louis to DENVER, ST. PAUL, SAN FRANCISCO, MINNEAPOLIS, OAHA, PORTLAND, ORE. KANSAS CITY, ST. JOSEPH, CITY OF MEXICO, ATCHISON. ƒ or Tlelttts. Rates, Maps, ac, apply to Ticket Agints Of connectlng Unes, or address T.J.POTÜR, H.B.STOHE, PAUL HORTON. It V. P. 0. M. G. P. A T. A. f "r a rronuumlnir llctlonry rantlnliiK a.000 word, BH) payes, avnd i(k-. in stamiM to l'aul Uurtun, t'bicajroTHIS PAPER SËSSS Kcwspapcr Advrrtlsing Bnroaa (10 8prao ypiu tnnu tlNiliK.-nutriii-tsiuuy ¦hllf VII HK be uuulu fot tt L Hlá fff I UIIIm


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