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Councll meeting Monday evening next. Tony Schiappacasse lias the boss fruit stand now. Dr. Steele supplied tlic Baptist pulpit last Sunday evcninj;. The north end ot State street is lookin,c 909 per cent. better nlready. The small boy has delightfnl drcums now, of all the pawi of 4 paw. The boys bathing inside tlie city limits in day light better "look a leedle oudt." The street in the 4th wud have the appearance of drtvtng park tracks now. That Pontlac street bridge will have to be changed somewhat to protect pedestrians from teams. Remeniber the reunión of the old 4tu Michigan infantry. to be held in Ann Arbor, on June 22ü. The prizes for the Lawn Tennis Tournament re on exhibition in Andrews & Witherby's window. Peter Carey is about the happiest man in town now over his recent trade of locations, and well he may bc. Nel. Sutherland will sell 900 volumes of books in the St. James block, on eluittel mortgage sale ncxt Saturday. The first home-made strawberry of the season found its way to our tablc - and inoiitli- Mondaj-, being raised by George Sweet. The firm of Bliss & Bliss bas been dissolved, "Wallace W. Bliss having pur - chased the business, and will continue the same. One week from next Sunday is Children's Day, and the various Sunday Schools are makinir extensive preparations therefor. The news of the success of the Orchard Lake boys at Washington was received with great satisfaction in tbis city where the cadets have many warm friends. An attempt is being made to raise money enough to furnish the rooms of the Women's Auxilliary society of St. Andrew's church, at the Hobart Guild. John T. Fuller hM been appointeil town clerk of Ann Arbor township uiitil Eider Davis shall have recovered sutliciently to attend to the duties thereof. Wliere piles ot sand are left in the street for building or other purposes, lanterns should be hunjj on them dark nights for the protection of those who drive. Prof. Henry Wade Rogers has bouglit the lot on North street, at the head of X. Ingalls street. of Prof. Pattenjrjll, and will erect a new and handsome residence thereon. Tho ttHMl Memorial Duy rain came Moniiay, hut in mui-nul quantity. It was miich neoded, liowcvcr, aml th rond it did will lullv ovcrlmlnnce the disappointments it cannd. The minimi social givon hy tlieladies of St. Thomas' church society for the benefit ot the school tumi, was down for hu-t hvcning, lut was poslponed until to-inorrow evening beeause of the rain. On ome of our street corners, exciting games of quoits afford daily amusement toathrong of spectators. The old (recian games bid t iir to le re-establisued in the "Athens of the West." Jas. R. Bach having bouglit a half interest in the business of W. Tremaine, will commence work there alout Junè 8th. We all wisli ''.Jim" the best of euceess. and bflieve he will win it, too. Tue Ain Arbor'Fuel Gas Co., has filed articles of Corporation. Capital stock $300,000, with 8.000 sharw wliich . re held byeliheM of thli city, Detroit and Pittsburgh, l'a. Thie nieans as- natural gas. There are severa! points of land in the locality of the M. C. H. li's neW station house, that ought to be owned by the city, and it wouht not hurt the owners thereof to dónate soine of tbem for the good of the place. Four byciclers from Toledo and five from Detroit, came up to the nty Sunday on their wlieids and todk - spin iroun) the City, enjoying the good roada O Iliis locality. Monday Borning tliry lelt for Detroit via NoitlivMIe. Prof. David P. M lyliew, w!io dled at I'.iroit Saturday night. v:is formerly protecsor of natuial sciiiue, and mental philosophyat the State Nornwl School at Vpsllanti. He wm alno at one time a member of the Sute tMMtrd of edWMtton uiuler Gov. Bagley. Capitalists froin Detroit un: looking over the pruund s to the fcasihility of Liyiiiu: a Ktreet railway. Tho route ennslderwl h from the Michigan Central deIot up State si. to Univeisity, nnd thence to Washtenaw avenue. Wonder if our council will jrratit them u cliaitci ' Chas. D. Bcntley, whose home is in MimiMpnli Mimi. , is to be mar-iod to Mis Mary Ferdon, at the loidence of the lirifle'i irents Ttiurfdwy, tomorrow. evening. Rcv. Dr. Rjnnxa ofHclutlag. None but the immediate rel .tives will altend. Theeouple will live in Sault St. Marie tliis summer. "They marched up hill and then marched down again," could al most be applied to the ('... A boys, who ïnarched ut u couple of blocks Monday p. m., nnd the rain comniencing to como down pretty tast marched back again to their armory. 1 he G. A. U. boys llke old veterans, proceeded on through the wet. Cases of ovariotomy are of considerable valué to elinical work, and last week two persons came to the University for treatment. But, we are reliably Informad, that Dr. Macloin, Instead of Rlving liis classes the Ufiu-fit of the operaüonsl hurried tbepatieuts oft to Detroit where he operated upon them. Is that the way he huilds up the Uuiversity whicli built him up? The Edison Incmdescent electric light has been put in the livery barns of Jaf. W. Robison, on Fourth street, V. O. Brush, corner Fourth and Washington streets, also in the stores of George W. Cropsey, on Washington street, and Geo. Wahr, on Main street, and orders are being received which will be filled as soon as posslble. The chamber concert ef the Detroit I'hüharmonic club at Hobart Hall Saturday evening, assisted by Miss May Whedon as vocal soloist, will be one of the cholee musical events of the season. A few more tickets can lie obtained, and it will be a treat for music loviug people. l'o Prof. Cady is due the credit of Urloeing the club herc. The members of Welch Post feel under special obligation to the Ladies' Decoratlon Society, who so tastefully decorated the soldicrs' monamenU in the Flftti rard cemetery, and arranged the llowers into boiKiuets and other lloral designs, at the Court House, on Memorial Day, also to Col. Dean's daughter, who assistcd them and to Mis. J. G. Price.who klndly made and presented to Mok nicniber of the lost a handsome button-hole boquet. The Detroit Evening Jouinal hits these truthful words: '-The monoy appropriatid by the Micliigan legUÓtort t the University is one of its best investmenu. Every dollar whioh makes it i'etur and moro uaeful, makes It more widely anii ,)(.tter known . makps t)e SUte more wldt-ly and better known, and attracu to the State the must tlmfty anl Hinb.tioug km.l „f pnpulation. It wouhl Ïu%ieS"beUerWl'yOfl'Uil11 City property is verging very dosel y on a boom in prices. Weeds on all the streets ought to bc cut now anti then agaln at cominencemeut timr. It ralns just as easy as it didn't rain a few dart or weeks ago when we Bantod it so mncli. The council should look well to the city's interests in giving awiiy the rights of the people. .Terorae A. Frecman is building a handseme residence on Fuller st., opposite tlie ncw depot gvounds. The wheat in some places is sald to be bonding. A thin seldoin heard of in this latitudc at tliis date. The Saving's Rank people improved Memorial Iay by haVtng the wood work insido the bank nicely paiuted. Oucc-in-a-while you see the light in the clock tower, and once-in-a-wliile you don't see it - more often you don't. All bilis njrainst the city not in the hands of the coramittee Friday even in ;r, will have to wait over until the followin: month. Some excellent iuiprovements have been made at the 5th ward city cemetery by the trustees. A tliing vcry much needed. Wheat brings 85 cents per bushei now, and there is quite n rnovement in tlie cereal. There is a good demand lor tlour also. Kmanuel Wagner paid Justice FrueaulV, on Tuesday last, $25 fine and $4.55 costs for keeping open bis saloon at unlawful hou re. There are too many youngsters playing in and around the court house corridors on holidays tor the comfort or safety of older people. C. F. Hauser, who attemptod suïcide at the county house about three weeks since, bas been adjudged insane, and will be taken to Pontiac to-morrow. Mr. J. H. Lyons, of Bush Centre, Kangas, and Miss Carrie Henion, are to be m it ried this evenlng, at the residence of the bride's párente in this city. Welch Post G. A. H. have signifled their iutention of giving the Wiltsie Post Sons of Veterans a helping hand toward ncw uniform?, paraphernalia, etc. If the weather should be favorable the spring fair will be continued through Friday. as the exhibit is too good to be lost. So fiir the rain has been a dampener on it. James J. Parchall and one or two others have taken hold of the fruit-canning scheme and will make a success of it, liaving nearly completcd the desired pubsorlption. If you have $2,700 about your person ust give it to the Ladies' Charltnble Union, wliere it will do worlds of good, and don't, we beg of you, invest it in a loltery fcheme. The M. C. R. R. make the following reduccd rates on special days: If 50 persons go to Detroit a rate of l1, fare is made. ir 100 go, one fare for round trip and if 200 go, one cent a mile. Cards are out announcing that Mr?. Kittie Lindley is to be ottrrled Thnraday cvfiiinir, Jane M, it s oVlock p. ni., at the residenee of her sister, Mr. Spl Jama, to Elmer C Uary, M. I). It is altogether probable Gov. Ashley, will not attend Ben. Perley Poore's (the greal Washington newspaMr correspondent) funeral as a monnipr. His recent book is too fresh in the Gov'a raeraorv. At the Memorial Day exerclsea ut Dexter the oration of H. W'irt Newkirk of Dover, ia said tn.hnve heen na linean effurt as boen lieard tliere for many a day. It was full of good thouhts and of fecling. Charles Calliighan.of Cliicago. ,I!1., and Miss Annie Donnelly. of this city, were married this a. m. at St. ThoniaV church. The bilde has a large elrcle of frientls in the city to wUh her yen ra of happlness and usefulness. The crowd tliHt congrégate iu front of Rosey's evpiy night makes it exci-edingly unp'easant for ladie" who are compelled to p'iss on that side of the street. Perhaps soraething could be done to remove the nuUance. There will he a masa meeting at the KnifrUl's of Iibor Hall, on Main Btreet, Friday eveolng June 3d, at 7:30 p. m., of all the laboring classes of the city. Members of trade unimis are also invited. Everyone should uitend this meeting. The Toledo & Ann Arbor railroad bas cnnlractert to extend lts line from the present terminus to Cadillac, in return for which 0'ndillac will issue $30,000 In for the pompanv's ben. til Work will begin at the Cadillac enil wltliln a few days. A linn cnlllng tliPm=elve the New York Adveitisiiif; Co. is ofl'enng a greal sclicme to students. They offer npon receipt of $2, to cive a man a position :is aiiiit tor New Era soap wlth ii salary of $.ri0.00 per month. Very few have applicd as jet. Monthly meetlngof VVashtenaw Poíno, logical Society next Saturday at the court house, 2 p. m., elmrp. Topics: Report of coiiiinlttees on iransportation ml fruit ])n'servin}t factor)'; spraying trees for tin1 ki Ui n ir of insect; price for berry pinkinj;; and olher impo'-tant buincss. All are oordially invited. Tliere is much complaint - and just COmplalnt, too - of the utter diaregard of decency diaplayed by many of the boyi and youujE men of the "city who ga in buhlns in the mili race iu ili ¦ day time. The Coi'Iiier has had one or two communleations upon this -uhjtct, bui it si-cin-i as thoujili our offleers of the luw ouht to be able to cope wil h tlie nuisanee without the newspapers taking ui the warfare. Wc will soon bore for gas [At least so 'tls suld] Aml 'iwlll Hoon come to paxs That Aan Arbor's nelghhors Will all scratch thelr headH, Aml offer no "saas," Ittit euvy her fortune And copy her labora Ia boring for gun. We'rc gure to il m! gas. 'Most every town has- Of a certaln bad Bort A rlamlxiyant mans That IgnlteH at a word And contemnaa retort, Maklog trouble.alaü! Rut Ann Arbor gas Will not be or that class ; l'.wt beneficeot flulds That wcallh will amas. Mak Ing taoh man a CroestiH Thouiïii honestas Drulils;, l'.iiicvolent gas!- Trae ubterraut-un, Inter-Trentonlau, Upper Hurlan. Lower Devonlan, Ur a Hallferoim üax! o we'll bore throufh to f fados Hul ivliat we'll strike gas. Some foreign burglars attempted to gain an entrance into the house of ye local last Thursday evenlng, while be was quletly sleeping the peuceful sleep of the righteous. We say "foreign"' because none of our home talent would so ilisjjrace their profession as to attempt to breek uto a newgpn]er man's house, whcre tliey know there would be notbinj; to steal hut old newspapers, halfworn out lead pencils, a few pads of white paper and perhaps a dried up paste K)t, none of which would be marketalilc, not even pawn-able for a drink. The minute our name was called out by a strong-lunged inmate of the house who wilg awakened by the raising of a window, the would-be burglar dropped the wlnilow lo ¦ hurry and skulked oft" as if tlioroiiülily ashamed of himself for baving made such a wretchcd mlatake; and we judife he did not stop running until he reaohed Ypsilanti, for we DotToa he was down tbere Friday night. We shouldn't care so much about tbis reckless buijrlur if hehad nottrampled all over our garden. That made u.-t mud, and il he does it agaiu - well, he hadn't better be cauglit at it.


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