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In Memory Of Rev. S. W. Duffield

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At ii meeting of tbe scssion of the First PretbyterJnH Ohnrch of Ann Ardor, held on the twrnty-ninth ihiy of May, 1SH7, Hr' i'ollowinL iniiiute (I i reeed to l' placed upon ÜM tMiliHl records : The members of ihe First I'resbyteriaii Ohurcb have reccived witli doop sorrow the of the death oi KkveicKND Samlki. V. DvrrütLD, at bli reddenoe lu Bloomville, New Jersey, on the tweifth ilay of May, 1887. Iimtalleri as pastor of this people in 1871, he minis(ered of the gospel ofDlylne ;ra'e dtirtnji thrce years of the ftrowth of this churoh, and In labore were blessed by the Mmter wlioin he served. The hearts of the people gracel'ully clieiish the inemory of his service. The young pcople's asáociation is a livinj; niciiiorial of his ell'ortf, and the house of worsliip d its compleliou gives pleasant evidence of his activItles. He is reinembered for the congolalion of personal niiiiistrations, for gilts of spetcli in services of thanksffiviug, and for riches of grace unveiled in the gospel it was his privilege to preach. Witli all those who have shared in his ministry, the people of this church and the members of lilla sesslon desire to join in plactnr n tribute of most gratelul aft'ection upon his {jrave. To his bereaved compunion and children, and to his lionored father, the people of the First l'resbyterian tlliiirch of Ann Arbor ecpecially desire togivetheirmost ueart-feltsyuiputliy lu this great atllictio:i, and otter tlieir prayers to the Oreat Source of all streiijrth for the comfort He alone can afl'ord. It is his bidding to write: " liles aed are lite dead which die in tlie Lord " and tlieir works tlofollo'W thiin.'' The Detroit Kveniiií; Journal Lansing correspondent gives this glowing deicrii)tion of one of our representative'8 flights of oratory in a recent house debate: "That grand, that bcautiful, that noble, tliat good, that generous city of Detroit." This catne froni Manly, who was indulging iu a rhotorical tlourish in the house. 'siiii is the pride f our hearts, the pride of our etute, the pride of- of- the pride of our people. There she sitó, aye, like a jcwcl bedecked crown gleaininjf amidst tue_yes, gleamingshe stands there, the noblMt and pronawt city in God's green univer.-e outside of - outsideof - " "Anu Arbor," Interjected Diekema just in tiuie to save Manly froni a total collapse, for the strenin of eloquence had run against a suddeii dam. "Yes, Ann Arbor." responded Manly, as he sat down.