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Tho following very interesting articl n reference to tliis family so wcll knowi and so greatly esteemed in Ann Arbor is taken from the Madson, (N. J.) Kaprlc The Kev. Benjamin Day of Ann Ar bor, Mich., occupied the pulpit of the New Providence M. E. Church, Sundaj mornlnr May 1. In the audicnce were found liis brothers, Rev. T. Davidson Day and Mr. Samuel T. Day of New Providence and Mr. Stephen and Daniel Day of Siuiiinit. lïev. Benj. Day is now in the Sist year of liis age, and the nnlted ages of the live agrégate í76 years. Th y are five of the 11 sons of Kev. Stephen' Day, deceascd ; i!l beinr born in New Providence. Kour of these becaine ministers of the gospel : Revi. Mulford and Edwin Day, deceased; Rev. Benj. Day of Aun Arbor, Mich., and Ilev. T. D. Day of New Providence, are both memben of the Newark Conference. Two othcr brotliere of the same family are living - seven out of the 11 sons. These are youuger tlian the ones named abore. One is 60 and the othcr is 64, makiiig a total of f00 yenrs. There are now living about 80 descendants of Hcv. S. Day, nearly all of whom are active members of the M. K. Church. He died some years ago at the advanced age of 87 years and bis widow, known all through thecounty as "Aunt Betsy Day," went to her rest in 1887, in the 99th year of her age. On Sunday eveoing the Day brothers took part In the services; some of them made interesting nddresses and othere sang. There were present on the occasion 16 that bear the name of Day, in an audience ol about 100. A good joke is told on Bryan, the festive young reporter on the Ann Arbor Register. Last Sundny was a beautiful day In the eyesof thecntliusiastic Bryan, so he concluded to enjoy it to its fullest pxtent by a flshing excurion to Whitm re Lake. He took a sail boat and roved tue turbid waters for several hours with more or less, principally less, success in hooklng the innocent miunows. He liaally tired of the exclting sport and concluded to get ashorc, but how to get there was the questloo, and whether it was a case similar to Quy Ciirleton's iplolt when he said "there was three of us in the boat- Bill Nye, a jug and I," deponent sayetli not, anywty he hallooed lo a boy, who went out in a rowboat and towed him ashore for a sllver dollar.-


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