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Coiisiiniptioii (in ni. An nltl physicUn, retired l'roin pi .iciirc, liavinu; bad plaocd in bis hands hy an (bul Inili:i mlnnlonary the formula f a simple, rifretabte rcnicdv for Mie ipeedy umi permanent cure of Cooaumptlon, Bronchitis Catfirrh, Asthma. and iill throat and lung Affeotinns, aUo a positl ve and radical cure for N;rvons DeMllty and iind all Xervous Comptdlnts, il'lcr havlng tcsicil its woiiderfiil cur.itive powen In thowanda of casus, bM feil it lii.s duty lo malee it known Du hls suffering fellows. Actuated by this motive and a desire to relieve suff(;rinr. I 11 gend free of charge to all who dexire it, this recipe In (icrnniii, Freneh nrEnglish, wltli fnll dlrectioiM tor preparing and uiliij. Peul by mail by addrftMlng with Btftrop, naniIn' ehUpaper, W. A. tïoyee, 1 18 Power' Ulock, Koi'liesier, N. Y. "Madam," said a ffantleuan U a lady, "pardon me, but your hair is neming down." "And yonrs, sir," replied the lady, iudignaotly, " is coming out." Uelicuto riiililron, Nursln Mothcrs. ( Iverworkeil men, and for all dlseatee where the ttunei are wmting tnruy f rom the inability to dlgeat onlinary loon, or from overwoikof the hmin or Imdy, all tncfa riimtld tak Seott'i Kmulslon of Pure ('ml l.iver Oil wlth My popliosib iles. " I Ufled the Kinul-iiin on a lady who wal Qelfcate, and Ihreatened with BroncQltlt. It put lier In ncli irond health and fleili, that I must sny it is the let Emulsión I ever used. ii' P.Waddell, M. I) , HiikIi's Mills, s. 0


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