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Widder Greene's Last Words

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From the Baltttnore Sun, I'm goln' to die," says the Wldder Qreene, I'iu rola' to iiuti thls ulrlhly sceue; t aln t no plftöa tir me to stay ii suob fi worlüs as 't Is i lu aob Works aud ways Is too much for me, obody cniri let nobody be, 'he girls Is flounced from top to toe, And Umi' the huil 'o wliat they know. 'he nu'u Is wad ou bouds and Mo.-k., waarin' u' shootlu' an' plolün' loeks. 'na reitl ufrald I'U be hanged myaelt 1 I lialn't luid on my Haal Hheir. 'bera tiin'i a cretur but knows to-dtiy liever wu it lunatlc anyway, ut Niuce crazy lulks all go free 'u dreuilful ulrulil they'll haug up Dae ' 'here's auother thing Umi' penk' hard- i'Hii'i go luto a uelKubor's yard 'o ay 'How be you? ' or borry a ptn, ut what the pnper '11 have lt ui : We're pleased to say the Wldder Ureene 'ook dinner aTueday wllh Mih. Keene,' r, Our worthy Irlend Mrn. Oreene's gone o ii to Bark hiiniHlea 1 to Ree her hou,' u-ui Jerusalem ! uau't 1 stir Without a-ruiain' oiiiu feller'a fur? In-re aln't uo privacy, so to say, 'o more than ir Ihla was .1 u.lüiiu'iit l'ay, Viul as Kir infellu'-I want to swnar mt.v time I put my head in there , V liy, even 'üld Huudred' 's splled aud done, .Ike everylhli.g else under the sun ; L ust'd to be so DOlemu and slow, ralM to the Lord trom men below.' uw il goes llke agallopln Mteer, linh duldle diddle there and bere. [o respect to the Lord above 'o more'n ef He was hand a glove Vliu all the creatures Ue ever made, And uil the Jlgs that ever was phiyed. reuchlu' too - hut here l'iu dumb - iut 1 teil you what ! I llke lt soine I good old l'nrwiii .Nuthun Strong ut 'o hia grave would eome along, An' gkve us a stlrrln' tante 'o tire - udgintMil au'jusllce my deHlre. ui ii "i uli love an' slcklsh sweet hul inakes llils w.irld or 't olher complete, ut luw ! l'iii .i il ! l'd better be dead Vlieu me wurld's a turuln' over my head ; pi'ril'H lalkiu' llke larual luols. ibblt-K klcked out 'o deeslrlct schools, iazy oreton a-murtlfrln' round - luiiehi loiks heller be under theground. o lare-yi--well ! thls ulrthly scène o melle 'II ba peslered by Idder Ureene."


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