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Forepaugh To The Head And Front

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Krom the Detroit Free Prega, May 31. There is no longer any reason tu doubt i.-it Ailam Forepnugti in mis at the head ml tro;t of arenic amusement managers i this country if nut in the world. That ac I wiis denionstrated yesterday, when lic worst weather that lias bMO HH in )etroit this year falled to knock Koreaiirh out, ftltbOUffh tlie battle lasted rom noDii till niglit set In. It is a rare ight to sec euch u vast crowd as t lint vliicli gnthered Ml the streets as early as i trli i oVlock wlien tlie parade forined in ine at tlie show gnmnds and marclied own t 'wn. The streets in the business mrtinn (it tlie city were literally lined vith people L thered to wltness the ror'idiis piclucle of a retinue of brave viitjih t and lndk'8 fair, mounted on iralicing steeds ffaily oaparisoiu-d and oorei oi hufre wagons, decked with rlitei in Irappiiif, the wboU presenting a mgeaDt, which for magniticence has i. ver büfore been pqttafled in Detroit. orepMiigh has done rnaiiy tliinfr? in the ast in tlie way of tented attraetio-is, so innli - tlmt he has educated the public o a digne of taatidiousness in exhibioiif! of tliis char lett-r tliat Is disastrwu o tlie oidinaiy circns. However, it was lot Blltil vi'-teidav tliat Detroiters were nailc au' ue nt the ininivations the solid 'liilailelpblilll l capahle of. Tlie erusli In the vieinity of the city lall was RODietliliig terrible while the larade was paMiiift tliat point, the sidealka and streets heing n inass of adinirng lunimns. mnirlng fron the rraybeard o the wee toddli-r, to say noUllllg of the ialn- in :il ui-. At the afternooii perfornianei'. howviT, the clinmx was reached. Tlie tent paeked as sardines are pitkcd In 1 ui. Tliere uot a vacant seat Bnd Iniiisiinils Ftood around the ring and at he entranee. Hardly hal the perfonnDC6 bejjun hen a drizzliiig rain set in, 'oiinwrd by a downpour that tbreatened 0 suhiiier'iï the spectators. Water poured hrouu the root of the canvas as lreely s if it had tiean a sieve. Uinbrellas vent up, tliere was il siniultaneous and ipid gathering of skirts and rubber Idiliiii};, and Ihen thecrowd aettled back o Me it oat The whole programine was gone through with, the Ihrong slttin" atiently through the show in spite of orrents. In the evenlng there wns a reutition of the crowd, and the performiK ¦! evoked the saine enthusiasni as on he Corner occasions. The races were lotly oontested and everything passed off vitlicnit iiicnleiit. TlMItWU not a glngle uferlor act preMnled, and as a whole the icrforiiwinoe and nienajferie were the best iver witnessed In Detroit, and if ForeMiuttll never does any better than he did csteidMy his name will gO down in liisorv as the prince of circus managers.


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