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South Lyon will piobably have a glorious time next 4th of July. Boys in Pittsfield township get 20 cents bounty for coonsand woodchuck scalps. The Milán Leader Is kickius on the opening of business houses on Sunday in ttiat plaee. Tue lHdles of Chelsea W. C. T. U. celclirated the lOtli anniversary of their orgunization yesterday. Henry Stapish of Chelsea, says the Herall, out off a toe whlle chopping apple trees one day last week. The Stornis, Rockwell, Kelluin and Boy n ton families had t lic i r annual remiion in Lima last Thursday. The fish and game law breakers In and about Brighton are being brought to time by Deputy Warden Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ward, of Lima returned Irom their wedding trip last Wedi:esdayand weregíven a receptlou. Quarterly meeting at the Lima M. E. church last Saturday and Sunday, and quarterly conference Satuaday evening after service. Sunday excursious to Wliltmore Lake began last Sunday. It seems as though a little more interstate reatriction is necessary for the Ashley's. - So. Lyon Excelsior. We learu that John Fallen, formerly of Lyndon, was killed by the mino explosión in Bi Hish Columbia, on May 3d. He was a brother of Timothy Fallen of Chelsca. - Stockbridge Sun. The friends of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Rice, of Sharon, gathered at their residence reeen tly and gave them a handsome center iiililr and hanging lamp to celébrate the 49th anniversary of their marriage. The heirs of the late N. C. Putnam have received a check for $1,000, being bis lite insurance In the Kuights of Macabee. This ie the flrst time Champion Tent has heen deprived of a member by death. - Milan Leader. A correspondent in the Milan Leader bewails the tact that recently two important enterprises were scared out of that place by the high price asked for land on whlch to lócate them. In each instance$400 per acre was the price. The last vestige of the old hotel lately known as the Heber House (in Lima) has completely disappeared. It was one of the oldest houses In the county, having been built when Michigan was yet a territory.- Chelsea Herald. If every store in town was closed at a tixed time each evening, abont two hours eurlier than some of them close now, it woiiM be a good thing tor all, just as much trade and more rest.- l'inckuey üispatch. Happy right you are. From all we eau learn the spring fair ofthisweek, at Ann Arbor, was not a very dazzlingsuccess. - Ypsi. Commercial. The fair was a success so far as a good exhibition was concerned, hut the weathcr was a drizzling success too, and the two didn't wolk well. John Schleh bouglit tliree head of two year old teers of J . b Avery, on Monday, that weighed 3,900 pounds. The youngest of the lot was 23 luouths and 5 days old, nnd tipped the scales at 1,355 pomuls. The last 80 days before the sale, it galned just two pounds per day. - Saline Observer. Mr. Ivcs told na Monday among many other rood things, that 97 engagementa were fought n 1861, 230 n 1803, 115 in 1863; that 18-2,000 men were taken prlsoners; of which niimber lesa tlian 3,000, in the desperation of starvation took the oath of alleglanoe to the confederacy. - Stockbridge Sun. A special car containing the officials of the Lake Shore railroad eouipany, passed over the road, yesterday, to Ypsilanti, to Investígate the seheme of exteuding the road from that city to Detroit. If the road 8 extended, two passenger train will be run each way, daily, over this braneh. - Saline Observer. As nearascan be figured the Bohemian oat agents have carried $175,000 out of Livingston county. Many of tlie leadlng business men say that the speculation has led to hard time aiunnirst the farmers and slow collections In the county. O.iklind county comes In fr about the saine amount. - So. Lyon Picket, The Detroit district meeting of the Womau's Foreign Missions of the M. E. church will meet in this city Juue9th and lOth. Opening service Thursday at 2 p. m. In addition to the regular order of business, and deyotional exercises, readinjis, essays, mtisic and special service make up the pogram. On Friday afteriiiiiin eree tinga will be received from other socielles. Two returned missionaries from India will address the evening meet uigs. All are invited to attend.- Ypsilauti Commercial. Aldermen Hoyce, Roys, Kirk, Deube!) Neatand Foerster, accompanied by Mayor Corowell and City Clerk Joslyn, left lor Chicago last Saturday afternoon, by Invltatlon of an electric light company of that citv, and speut Sunday there returnlng boime Monday moruing. Thecouncll bas receiveil an invitation to visit Ci.lumbui', Iud , at the expense ot an elpctric Ught concern of tbat place, and n.Hy accept. The aldermen are having loU of fun In connection with thelr acqiremement of Information on the illuminatlng subject, tod as the city is being put to no extra expense we advise tlicm to vialt all the electric HghtestablishmenU in the country, at least continue to go as long as the " allexpenses paid" iuvitatlons bold out. -


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