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As a glittering example of concUeness, t...

As a glittering example of concUeness, t... image
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As a glittering example of concUeness, the following comes from the vall9 of a deserted shanty in the heart of Dakota. " Fore miles frum a naber; sixteen miles from a post-office: twenty-live miles from araleroaJe; a hundred and atey frum timber; half a mile frum watter; God blesour home. We've pone Kast to git a fresh start - we will stop in Michigan." - South Lyon lJlcket. The haughty Peninsular Cricket Club of Detroit, an orgiinization that has a rvutation that extends through Michigan, into Ohio and ííew York, and has even established itself to no small extent in the Queen'sDominion, visited our littlecily last Friday, actuated in so doing by agfiB¦ erous desire tn instruct our boys in the practical workings of the game, and incidentally, to add another to their long list of victories. Theirs was instruction, however, that didn't instruct, and the victory failed to materialize. The Pentnanlan made 46 runs in the first inning and 11 n the second ; and the Ypsllanti Club sccured 56 runs in the first Ionios and 45 in the second - making a total of 101 agalnst 87 for the Detroit playera. - Ypsilantian. One of the last and best thiugs that Henry Ward Beecher ever wrote is the following : "Keep your ohlldren at home at nlght. There is many a sod that lies over the cliild whose downfall hegin bj vagrancy at night, and there iá uuiny a child whose heart-broken parents wohM glve the world if the sod did lie over Ihein." Hou. Thomas D. Gilbert, of Grand Haplds; Hon. J. W. Belknap, of Greenville; Hon. Talcott E. Wingr, Monroe; and Messrs. J. T. Cobb, of ÖchooKrafl; and Qeo. H. Greene, of Laocing, were appointed by the Governor's private secretary last week under joint resolution, approved June :S, as commissioners to represent thls State at the Centennial Celebration of the lïrst settlement in Ihe Northwest Territory, at Maritctta, Ohio, to be held in April, 1S6S, and at the In dustnal and Educational Expotltton to be held nt Columbus, Ohio, ir. the autunin of 1888. Is not tlils celebration a breeoli of economy, Mr. Luce (or Campbell)? Can the State aflbrd it?


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