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The Register Proprietor Is Again Upon The Rampage

The Register Proprietor Is Again Upon The Rampage image
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After boring bMome dijrusted over liis frequent charges of "enllusion," "trickery" and "slifjlit of hand" work ii]on ihe Business Men's Assoeiatlon. its ptteMng oommhtee, wd Uw Coran ivprapatt tive, the Register BMO rain comes lo the front with another bijr wliopper. He says tliat the Courier bid w:is on 30 1b. paper, when in fact it wns on 00 Ib. and 80 lb. paper, botb, as the bid now in po session of the printing committee 11 show. Now Uien Mr. Register, if tliis not so, gfit the printlng oommtttee to state otherwise or else t:ike lack tliia, your last false statement in connection with tbat work, the loss of whicb feemi to prey so heavily upon yourniind. By the way. Mr. Register, ptoaae teil the public wbo it was tliat so frequently importuned you (asyou claim) to bid upon tuis work ? Who, In fact, had such power asto draw from j'ou that bid against your desire? Who was thisgreat friend that looked so persistently after fÓÜT welfare ? Name him, or else be honest enough to acknowledge to your readers that you are again off the track. Is it your rule to exact urglng from tpplieanta dedrlng ííítures on work, or did you make thls an exceptional case. Mr. I. M. Weston, chairman of the dcmncratlc state central eommlttee. Jumpcil lnlo lt with both feet, when he wrote a lettor of advlce to the legislature about tlie liquor law; and now "E. B. P.," of Ann Arbor, and the Kree Press, can't forbear to tuke a part In the discussion, and to glve polntN In perfecting of tlie schemo. e believe demo crats general ly, will be botter pleased to have thelr prominent men keep flngers out of thia republlcau ple. Whatever credit or llame tneineasure may carry wttli lt, the niajorlty of the legislature is reponsible for, and democrats can gain nothtng by aldtng to perfect ablll.whlle any fault will surely be luid in thelr inlerference.- Ypsllantl Hentlnel. Is that the true Cliristian spirit y Just to make a little political capital every niembcr of the opposite party must keep mum, and let a law beenacted thatwould be detrimental to the best interests of the people of the State ! The legislature etiacts laws for all the people, and not for any party; and the people, regrardless of party, ought to give their best thouglit and advice to the men who are elected to make our laws. lf thcy tl tliis, and the advice s not rejrarded they can at l;it have a clear conscience, and be in :i position to suy : "I told yon so.'1 Tlmf ¦ great deal. The Detroit Xrentng Journal II to )¦ conratulated upon tlie aoquisilion to iU start' of ;il R. Osnmn, die prowint uere tury of (il is to t;ike the M:ite newg dcpartinent, a Held In wblch be is prifi'ct, and in !ilh lic ilnl more Hutu any other man to boom the NeWt. Wlien tlie time comes for writlng Luce'gobltuaiy - (which won't Ije long) - tliere wlll be a ciowd of ippltcantafor the distioguislied honoi(V) in this city.


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