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KCMIfi NO FEE!! 1 KsTni,isiiEi) ii5i. ) Merrill UNTIL BETTER f DETBOIT.MICH. ƒ Block. f' SHv S The Eegnlar, Old-EstabUihed lT ' I'HYSKIAN & sriUiEON %f li itiU truttig wltk th puUrt Sé 8KILLAND 8UCCE88 YOUNG MEN. MIDDLE-AGED MEN and all persons who by their own mets of Impni.i.m... or Folly at any period of iife have brought upon themsrive, the evil effect! following cioseljf upon the heel of tran tffression of the laws of nature ihould consult the celehrated Pr.Clarke at once. Rememberl Nervoua dle(with or without dreams) or dobillty and los f nerve nownr treated icientifically by new methods with never fniling succes. Jarlt make no diffcrence whnt you have taken or who has failed to cure you. J-'.".ie terrible pnlaoim of Syphlll and all bad blood and akln UlaeaM, completelv eradlcated without mercury. Remember tliat Oiisone horrible illixaar, if ncglccted or imprnperly treated, curie the present and coming gencration -All annntarnl ilUch arpes cured promptly without hindrance to business. No experiment. tioth sexes consult conti.lintln.lly. Age and experience Important. A wrítten cu jirjuitO oí cure giren in every case unriertaken. 3-Sufferer from any chronicdlaewrte Hiiitory and Symptoms of your case - plainly. Cases solicited which others have failed to cure. 5T!-Send two stamps for eclebrated workl on C'lironic, Nerroui and I"lirnte Distases. You luive an exhaustivo ayinptouiatoloiry by wliich to studv Toar own raHe. Consult:itiin, persunally or hy 'letter, free. Consult the oíd Ioctor. Thousamls oured. Orïlces and pttrlors prívate. You see no one but the Doctor. Ilefore confulinL' vour case consult DU. ('LAIIKK. A friendly iL-ttrr or cali inay save future suííerinp and shame and add golden vears to life. Medicine sent everywhere secure rum expoaurt. lluurs, &to 8; Sundays, 9 tu u. Addrcss, F. O. CLARKE, M. D. MERRILL BLOCK. DETROIT. Mlcli CURES Coughs,Colds,Asihma,Tickling in the Throat, Whooping Cough, Qünzy,Sore Throat, Consumption, Bronchitis, and all Pulmonary Diseases. YOUNG'S I! [Co u cHJ Danívllle.Mich. 1 Howell. Micb., Aun. 15. 1874. - ! j? Oct. W, 1S74. - 1 1 was aititi'ki'.l 1 have trled lir B. wlth a leverel J 1 A.Younirs Cough cold and ! and Lung Syrup ened wltb lung ¦ h aT S ur more than a fever wblle 1 1 U ¦ yenr. aa 1 had ocTlsit to Hudson. ! m f a remeMich., about a ! dj for Cold and nionth ai!. ni iCoughs, and nmch so that lí found Itarellable was unable tu flll H ! medicine. 1 have an appointment t g ued hl Agüe to preacb on Wm and I.m'r Syrup a mint of niy 1 ! iu tur fmnlly witti Reveré couKhinir, ' I I the best of suc but manHKiMt lol ceas, curlnflr rny get huine.and S mother (whose inedlately took , age 111 over soroj oí Dr. K. A ¦ seventy year) of my coukI. left me ! l ?Ter nd "¦ as ooii a I ! % ! 8fter the econd meneed taklngit, J (chlll and fever. and I flnd II take pleafiure nent relief when 1, In recooiniendlnK 1 ara attacked 1 ; the above rt'iufby congb orí! JJ die Ui all who luns complatnt. "U"1 nptnt them HEV. IUiut. COPB. I ItIV. M. B. KlMUKLL. 8old by all drugglsts. Prlee, 25c., 50c. and $1.00. I.arge bottles sent free on roceipt of prlce. W. JOHNSTON A CO., Detroit, michicam. RINSEY & SEABOLT'S BAKERY. GROCERY, AND- - Flour and Feed Store. Wc koep conptautly on h:tnd, BHKAI), CIUCKKRS, CAKKS, KTC, For Wh.ili'suli' and Ki'Ull Trxde. We aball alno keep a Mipply of 8W1PT & DBUQSL'8 BEST White Wheat Flour! ii Un Flour, Flour, ItiK-k wlit-al Flour, rn TI cal, FteI, KU'., At VVIi(il.Hlc and K.'Iall. A L'filrral ítoik ol GROCSRIES and PROVlSIüNS i'niisttti.tly on Imnd, which wlll h oíd on a raoabl torna iw at any ther liiiu-i' II the cit. . Owh pald for BUTTKR, BG", tnd COUNTKY PKOOri'B tnHlly (í' d.liveied to miy [Mi 1 of tbfl "}' wilhoot extra cbar.1. RINHET á SKA BOLT. Kstate of Liicy V S. Morgau. STATB UV MU'IIIOAN. C.mnty ol Wimhtenaw. -. té. At a 'iwtiiii of the Prtkata Court for the i'ounty ol Wiutau-iiaw, holden at the l'robate lftcc, 11 the cltv of Auu Arbor, on Mouday, the tw-uty-tblrd ¦ lny ol Miy, in th.J year 011e thoimaud eiht aundred bimI elgbtr evsn. Pnuint, wuiiam I). Ifarrimnn. .1 mitre ol Probate. In the matter of Ule estáte of l.ili'y W. S. Monnn decoiaed. i'n readlni' anil flluin thepeii linn, duly verlll. d, of Krimkliti L. H.irkcr prayiiiK tbat a ceitnin ] it mi 1 1 1. -11 1 111MV on lile lu thi rourt p. rportln tobe the la?t wlll and It-alami-nt of "aid .lee. 'ii-fd, may beadmiitwl to proliate, anil that he and IWIi C. JóhnHon and Edward 1). Kiune nuy !.¦ ipl.ointed executors thereof. Therenpon It Ik ordered, that Monday, the twen ticth day of .June nexl, at ten o'clock in the fora110011. be Mslffned fur the bearinti ofsald peti tion, and ttiat the devine, lií;ate"í. and heir at lawot saiil deceased and all mher persons inter¦ in naici estáte, are recfoired 10 appear at a -.--Ion of atd court, then to be holden at the l'robtta Ornee, in the city of Ana Arbor. in mud county aud show canee, lf any there l.e, why the prayer of ihe .etitioner should not begranteil. And it 1 further ordered, that satd petiMoner give noU.e to the pvrMXM inlerested in sald enlate. of the poudeucy of said pelition. aud tbe hearing thereot, by caueinc a cop oí tbtt order to he puhllghed in the Ann Arbor ('ouriVr, a newspaper printed and circulaltnii fn ssid couniy. thiee MM Mulve weck urevloDK to aid day ol hearing. W1LLIAM D. I1AKHIMAV (A true copy.) Judïeof Prohaie. WM. (. DuTY, Probate Register. rM l. Kslatc of Uarius PiMWi STATE OF MICH1OAN. County of Wuubtenaw, H. At a aeralon of the l'rohat-1 i'ourt for the rounty ol Waahtenaw, holdeu at the i'robaic Ufllre. In Ihe city OÍ Aun Arbor, n b'i iilay, the tliird day of June, in the year one ihougand elht hun dred and etehty-sev n. Present, W'illtam U. Harrimau, Judtrc of I'rol. ite. In the matter of the esuite ol Darlus Plerce, deceased. On readlni? and fllius; tlie peiltl-.n, duly veritled, of Nathan Pierce. pro 1I1 it a leriain tnntrumeut now on nle in ibis court puvrtiu 10 the last wlll and testament of Mld doc4fedi ni y be admttted to probate, and thal he luay be appoiuted execitor tbereof. 'l'h.Teupon it 1b ordered, that Tues'iay, the 5tb day of July ueit, at len o'clock in tbc tannoon, be assiued for the bearin of said petttlon aud that the devi-e, hifatMt, and hfn at law of satd duceaaed, aud all othcr penons intt-resled insald estue. are required lo appcar at a H'it(ion ui said court, theu 10 be hulden at the Probate Otnce, In the l'ity 01 Ann Arbor, and Hhow cause, lf any there be, why th pnmsr of the pe titioncr shonld nut begranlcd. And it ie furtber ordered, tbat said peutioner irive notice [o tbe pereons interented in aatd etate, of th. pendency ol said petit ion, and the lienrint: thereol,b causiui: a copy of this order to be pulillshcd in the Ann Arbor Oourxer, a uewspaper prlnted and circulat.d in said county, thrce euccesnive week previ. Ou to said duy of hearing. A true copy.) Wll.l.lAM U. HAKKIMAN, J uiit'c of Probate. WM. Q. ÜOTY, Probate He-lster. 1:554.1.1)7. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. 4 South M.iln SI., Ann Arbor. The .iMest iiuciii'.v lu 1 lic city. Bilihllihtni over aquarter of auentury ano Keire.s,ni ln ttie followlug Ihsl-.-lass compHnttM with over fVO,OOO,000 CHpllal umi 4't. HOME INH. 00., of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. CO„ of Nbw York. NIAGAKA INS. UO.. of New York. U1KAKÜ INS. CO., of l-ln in.l.-l j-iilia HIENT 1N8. CO., of Hartford, cii.M.MKHCIALUNION.of Imlon. LIVERPOOL, LONDON iiiui (JI,OliK. WASHINGTON PIBE ana MAK1NK. Of ItoKtOll. Hates Low as the IjOTrest, Issen Liberally AdJiiHtml and promptljr l'ald. 0. H. MILLEN.


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