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Advices of the 3Oth uit say that over twenty soldiors had desertod from Fort Meado, D. T., slnce the opening of spring. Thb Bwanton and Banta C'rui hotel, two of tho lareost housos ki Banta Cruz, California' popular bathing resort, were destroyed by tire on the :th uit Ta four-year-old daughter of Greenberry Dvis, of Wood' Hun, Pa., died on the 80th uit from hydrophobia, havlng boon bitten by a dog one year ago. CtCloxes on the 30th uit at Upper Sandnsky, O., and Edinburg, Pa., caused heavy losaos to buildings and crops. Goternor Hill, of New York, on the 80th nlt votoed tho High-Liccnse bill passod by the late Legislatura. Thb station agent at Tontogany, O., was attacked on the Sist uit by highway robber and shot in the flght The robber got away with $300. The annual parado of the New York polioe foreo took place on the 31st uit There wero three thousand men in live. Prof. Charlbs Biedhor and hls wife Matild, aged ninety-one and ninety-two years, Uring of their truggle with destitution, committed suicide on the Sist uit at Union HUL, N. J.. by taking poison. Tde business portion of Syeamore, O., was wept away by re on the Sist uit Four million feetof lumberowned bythe United Lumber Company of Buffalo, N. Y., wero burnod at Keating Bummit, Pa., on tho 31st uit The loss was cstimated at $350,00. Firb on the Sist uit at New York deitroyed an eightstory warehouse fllled with cotton, rags, wlne and general morchandise, rausing a loss of $250,000. Strikbrs made an unsuccessful attempt on the 31t uit to blow up a coal haft at Davidson, Pa.., with dynamite while four men were at work. Is a fit of jealousy on the 81t uit at Reading, Pa., John Matz shot Abbie Qring, a divorced woman, and then killed himself. Mr. Oring would recover. At Savannah, Ga., on the Slat nlt David Weebin, retail dry-goods dealer; K. Lovell & Bon, Wholesale hardware, lost their establishment by tire. Loss, $125,000. A lamp explosión on the Sist uit set fire to a small houte in Oswego, N. Y., occupled by a Mr. O'Brien and her four chlldren, and two of them were burned t death. A nest of thievos and smugglers near Brownville, Tex., was raided on the Sist uit by a posse of offleers. A pitched battle followed, but the gang was flnally dlpersed. Beveral were shot dead. Coal f relghts from Buffalo to Chicago by lak at this time last y ar were flfty-flv cents per ton. On the Bist uit there was an ad vanee to $1.25 per ton. A FiFTT per cent reductlon was reported on the Sist uit in the acreage of tobáceo in Wisconsin. Keports of the Sist uit from the Choctaw Nation were to the effect that a battle between the full-bloods and half-breeds was imminent A number of the latter were crossing into Arkansae for safety. A Disiisi-r earthquake shock was feit at Jamestown, N. Y., on the mjriutig of the Sist Uit A TBRRinc hail-atorm on the 31st uit in St Josoph County, Ind., dld Immense damage to growing crops, wheat and corn being utterly ruined. Further proceedings in the Haddock murder case at Bloux City, Ia., have been postponed to the August term of court Thb calaboose at Mackinaw, 111., was burned on the Sist uit, Edward Lahart the only prisioner, perishing in the flamas. William Bhowbrs, of Annville, Pa., eonfessed on the 31st uit to having murdered his two grandchildren in order that he might marry a woman, who made a condition that the children should ba got rid of. The Inter-Btata Commerca Commission on the Sist uit ordcred the Georgia Central railway to answer the romplaint of a colored minister named Council, in Alabama, who charged that he was thrown out of a tlrst-class car after payiug a lirsV clans f are. Thb public-debt statement on the lst shows the total debt to be $1,330,233,134; cash in treasury, $23,951,692; debt less cash in treasury, $ 1,296, 28 1,461 Decrease during May, $8,889,997. Lymax D. Follbtt, judge of probate at Grand llaiñ Is, Mich., disappeared on the lst leaving an indebtedness of about $20,000. Bpeculation in wheat was given as tho cause of his down f all. Captáis William Muscbisox, of Medon, Tenn., had on the lst gone seventy-eighl days without tasting fooi or water. Paralysis of tli throat was the causa. Thb Master Masons' Association of Pliiladelphia, composed of nlne liruis, decided on the lst to lock out all their union stonecutters until they promised to ceasa mterfering with tho non-union employés. It was reported on tha lst that Charles and Ray Davis (brothers) wc ra hanged at Eckerty, Ind., by a party of men for criminally assaulting a twelve-year-old daughter of John Flannigao. C'iiAitLKs H. Disqub was hanged at Jersey City, N. J , on the lst for the murder of his wife on October X, 1885. Charles B. Parcells, manager of the Hall Bafe and Lock Company at Ban Francisco for nearly twen Uve years, was on the lst found to be a defaulter for $60,000. Br the capslzing of boats on tha lst tnree men were drowned at Wheeling, W. Va., and two at CincinnatL LioiiTNiNü struck the house of O. W. Johnson at Vincennes, Iud., on the lst, knocking the entira family senseless and fatally injuring two children. William Htbblb (colored) was hanged In the jail at Jackson, Miss., on the lst for the murder of Nelson Potter. Tuk Fifth International Sunday-sehool ronvention began it session in Chicago on the lst. A fle asure yacht containlng John Briggs and William Jones, of Rochester, was wrecked off Ene, Pa., on the 2d, and both men were drowned. One of tha most wonderful gas strikes in the Indiana belt was reported on the 2d from Montpelier, Blackford County. The estimated flow of gas was at the rata of eight million feet daily. Thb Central Rubber Trust Company, with a capital of $35,000,000, was formad in New York on the 2d. The object is to control the manufacture and sala of rubber goods in this country. Thb principal business portion of Bhoala, Martin County, lui , was destroyed by flre on the 2d. It was estimated at the Pension Office In Washington on the 2d that the number of Mcxican pension claims would not exceed thirty thousand. A cyci.onb passed through Western Georgia on the 2d from south to north. In everal oounties much damage to crup was reported and large numbers of house were swept away. No loss of human lifo was reported. Thb roinage at the United Btates mtnts during the month of May was $4,802,575, of wli u-h $2,900,000 was Standard dollars. Kuwabo Hanlan and J. A. Bt John,


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