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MASOtflC UIKKCTOUÏ. A.H- A.BBOB CojíxajídbRY, No. IS meets i flrst TuesUyofeaetimoutH. W. G Doty. K. C; W. A.. Tolchnrd, Recorder. iVijum1W OHAITKR, No. t, K A. M.- Mwuttrat Mooday each m.nth. Isaac Hndy. H P.; Z. ftoath, Secretary. BUSINESS CARD8. CLOTiï CÁSKET3, MKTALIC And Coramon foffliis. Culis aueiited to Day or Nlghl. Erabalralng a Bpeclally. Sto erooraon E. Washington streel. Residence Oor. Ltberly aud FlftU. W. H. MLCWMO, Il -ESHMilTHXII SUTIL OÏ'FICK : OTer RmIi & Vbel's lry Nood Store. Kutrmice next to N-itional Bank. WILLIAIH HERZ, House, Sign, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! 'S;ujvrA-Xugo,,"ddonc,rcrruid tyle.and warrained to give atiehctioo. Shop, No. 4 W. Washington St., Ann Arbor. W. W. & A C. RICBOLft, Kooiiis Over Ann Arbor Saviutrs Bank, MrtMHiic Tt'iiiile Blek. G A.S or VITA.LIZED AIR A.i.uii.tfi.T.a i.r 'h. lul- asnea -n M ce-Fthe best FIRE INSURANCE! $29.000,000. ftecorlty held Ut lhi Mfat- titl or the pjjlcj CHRISTIAN MACK whlch ooc. the Btna, h8 alone palrt $5t.,0U(l,UtHI Ure O8c in ixty-flve ye: iEtDa,of HÁrttord 9.1Ö2.64U Fraiiklin of Pliilailclpliia S,l 18,713 GermHiiiM, N. Y 8,700,799 Germán American, N. Y 4,060,968 Lotidnn Assur:incc, LíraAoa... I.41G.788 Miclii"-an V. & M., li.-iroit. . . 27.608 N. Y. Onderwritert, N. Y 2,5,6?9 National, HartWIrd 1,774,505 Phoenix, Brooklvn 3,759,036 Lonn liberally adjusled and promptly paid. Polieies issued at the lowesl ratcs of pretniuin. llltf LITMBERI LUMBER! LUMBER! lt you contémplate building, cali at FERDON Lamber Yari ! Corner Pourlh and Depot 8u., anil tre our figures for all kinds of LUMBER! We manufacture our own Lumher and guarantee AERY LOW PRICES lyfiivg us a cali and we will makc it to your Interest, as our large and well graded stock fully ustains our assertion. Telephone Conncttions rith Office. r.l. KKECH Supt. JAMES TOLBERT, Prop A. DeFOREST, Fire Insurance Plate GHass Insurance, Steam Boiler INSURANCE ! LoweHt Kntrs, Honorable Adjnstments and Losses Promptly l'a'nl. REAL ESTÁTE RENTS Spkciai. attenïion oivk.n to Coli.kction or Rknt ano Manaoemk.nt of Heai. HsTATE INTKRK.1TS FOK NoN-IlKHI IIKN TS. ENTIK SATISIfACTION TO IIK.K.1 UUAUANTKKU. A. DeFORKST. IIFIKI m"re money than at anythlnKelse by Uk UI IV 'K au i;i;iH-y for Ihti beat fi-l!ln boik ¦ I Ijl out. Beginners sacreed grandly. Nune mi fall Terms free. Hallbtt Book Co., Portland, Malne. PENNYROYAL WAFERS. tProcrlption of a physician who haa had a life lone eiperience In treatinfr f emalO diseaaes. Is uóed moutlily with perfect sucoesa by over lu.UOU ladui. rieaaant, safe, effectuaL L&dirs askyourdrugpist for Pennyroyal wafers and take no Bubstitutw, or Inrloan potape for lealed part iculara. Sofd by all druprgists, $1 per box. Address THEEUEEKA CHEMICAL. CO.. DlTBOIT. Mica. s id In Ann A; txir, Mich , by Kbe rbach A Son IMMMO Mean live at home.and make more mnm-y at work for u, Ihan at anythlng ele In thle world. Capital not needd ; yon are ¦tarted free. Botn sexn ; all aeen. Any onerando the work. Larue earulii;s ore freira uratatart. C.mlly oilttlt and term M4. BcttSf notdelay. Cmt yon nothlni? Ui Bend us your addrew and rtcd out ; lf you are wlae yon will do do at once. U. Uíllktt A Co.. Portland, Malne. lu) g 1 M'jRSAL ifcr.fc. m ] ni wtt- Í ifUtó .( Kttotl. oíd Ibilhi RnrWMl. Í! 8Jto,cireuu,.. E. J. KNOWLTON. Ann Arbor. Mlch. A 0OXP1.KTB ABKAMOKMKNT KOR Pflyiitiw'iairiaiiiesJiSeiterlináSCheiper AND MORE CONVENIENT THATA 8TATIONARY BATHTUB, WITH NO KXl'ENSE OF BATH ROOM ANI) KIXTUltKB. SS-83 SUBSCRIBE FOK The Aon Arbor Courier.


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