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POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thln powdernever varíes. A marvel of purlty. streujttli aiiü wholesomeness. More ccouomical i han theordlDnry klurls, tuid cannut be solil lu ' mi'i ti Ion wiih Míe multltude of low teHl, hort weltfht, alum or phogphale powilers. Sold only Ín catiH. Koyal Haklng !".. iler Co . 1O Wall Ht.. N. Y. VÏTÏATED BLOOD. SCKOFIU.AS, IMIKIUTKD ANI CONTAGI0Ü8 IIUMORS IUKED BY CUT1CURA. TlHíul';tl tht; médium f oue ni yonr booke rcccived tbroueh Mr. Krank T. Wny, Urtiggist, Anollo, Pa., I beennw acqiininted your ConcDKA t.KMi 1HK-. juni irtkf ti'ia ooportunüy U) Lrttiify tu yo Ui U ilii'ir use has pi-rui uu-i t' cured aieoCo'M1 el the woot ca-e-t of blood ..ii-niii!ie. Id CODBACltOB witii ar, Ihat 1 have ever sceu, and thir aiter haviutr heen protiounced Incumbí' bv ni ti)1 ht-ct phyvtctuu ín onr county. 1 Cake gití&i pleaaure in iurwardlng o yu ttiis tafttliu ui ilt unr-oliclt d ae lt Ís by you, tu that oihen ufferluu froni similar milttdie- my encouraged lo ivf our itutiia Kbheium h trinl I', s. WIIITUNGEK. Letrhburií, Ha. Kuference: Krank i'. Wnjr, DrUgffÜg Ap -ilo la SCKOFLLOUS LLCEUS. .! urn-K K. Kichardaon, Cutftom House, New O leaue, ou oath saya: "In 1K7U Scrom a I lcn hri -¦ oti' on my 1. ni v oiitil I wiis a dih of c.rruption. Eveiyitiiiii,' uown lo thu medical faculty wtt" tri"d lu v.uii. I baCUBte a wri_-ck. At ttflMi cuuld not llft tu y híindt to my head, conld uot turn iu bvá ; W4 Ín c)ii"iant paiu, and Lüukfid upiu Ufe ( a cutse No rclii-r or cure in ti n jrauv. In 18tíO 1 heard of tbe Cutiouka Iíkmkdiks ua'd ihem, aud vsa purlcci y cured" Sworo to lufor. L . S. Com. J, D. Crawford. ONR OF THE WORST CASFS. We have boe o cellirp your Vuticura HmeJU firyearp, and have Ihe first complxint yet to rCfivt- Irom a purch war. One or the worst Ctteé of ;cr.fula I ever paw wae cured by the nne of flve bottled O Culicura ResiAvint , Vuiicura, OuUtura t'oap. 'ï'he Soap tMk-: tü "cake" here a a medirinal ft-ap. iAVLUKa TAYUJK, Drugiíi;t, Fraukfort, Kan. SCKOFLLOI :sf iNHÜRITEl), And (mta,iotití Ramón, wiiti Lou8 of II iir, and Rrnpliuue of (he skin, are potriively cured by Cuíicura aud Vuticura Soap txLernaliy, and Vuiicura Heëolvettt 1utiTiwtll , wtien all ut her niedlcine fai . 8eud lor Pampbk-t. DRUGÜISTS USE THEM. Wc have obtained satlsfactory reealtn from Ihe usv of the ('uticura Ucmediet In our own lamily, and recommend them beyoud any other remedí d tor dlL'Hsu of ihe skin and blood. The demaud lor them growe thelr merite become known. MaCMILLAN & OO., DruifltB. Latrube, Pa. (IIKII.'l REMEDIES are Bold everywhere. l'rlce : CuTiruB. thilírfrtt Sklo Cnrtt 50 Ceiin; ('ut cura 8oap, an Exquislte Beautifler, %Mt# ; CtTWOPHA KitrtOLVKNT, ibenewBluol Purlfler, l.UO. Prepired bj PotTBR DKUO AND rilCUICAI, ('()., BOBtOll. pTJPPLKH, Ulackhcads, Skin U:emithe and XjHL Baby Hu rao res, iwe Culicura Soap. CHOKING CATARRH. Hv; yon awak.-ned trum dirtarbed llMP with all ihe horrilile m-u-tii' hm of an asoa-'Pin clatchia your tbroat and (jreisln tbe llfe-breatb froin your ti'ht'Tied cttest ' Have you ootlcud tbe lïinour and deblllly that nuccoud tho effjrt to olear yoaT throt ai.d huad ol Unw ctilurrbal matter ï Wbata deprcsIng lDÜuence it ext'rt upoa the mind, clouiliut' tbe memory and tlllin the head wllli pain aoil Htrane ii'ii-.-r. ! Hovv dlflicult lt '- to rlil the nanul paapai;i'e, tbrual and InDee "f tbix poUououe mucus all can trntify who are afflict d wlth catarrh. How difllrult to protect the Trlem rtiííiiiiMi in furlher progreid towarde the Iuuk". livr and kldiiuy, all .hjsirin wlll admit. lt Isa terrible dleease, and criee out for relief and c re. Th ¦ remarknble curatlve poweri. when all other remedies utlerly rail, "f Xnndford's, KmlicaX uure, are alteeud hy tbousandj who cratelully recom¦Mud it to fellowí'urTerrrx. No etatmeut 1b made ri'LMniiiif lt tbat cannot bfl fubatantlatd by the munt reupectable and rellable refererice. f(K cli incki't coiiiuiiiK one bottle of the Ham (Al. (IIIK, u blll of l'ATAKKHAL SlIl.VKNT, and nu IMPBOVMD iNHAi.KH. willi treatii1 and dlroctloiiB, and ia old by all druNts Tor $1.CO. PO TKK ilKHlAM' ClIEMM'AI. 'O . , BOStOBi HOW MY SIDE ACHES . Fruni Mncn una the counter, Irom ¦ jm the loon tiiiil j'-wíhl' niaihine gttes up BXyjtÊ sl11'" and Back, Kldnry and Ctt-rlue jiyBl l'aiuH, Htraioi and V'.-kne, Cuairha, fItTt ('lililí and CheKt Plns, and everv Palo and Ach of Milly tol] nllcvid In inliinte by the ('uticura Antl-Paln 1"Ihit. New, ck'iriiit rtn-1 lnfalliblo. A t dniiiele, 'lTn flv" for $l.Wi, or of Potter Drug and Cbenilcal Ui ., Bodton. WatchsprinG OfJ4 ' I ¦¦ i i i m il q Q WUIi slldlng: Dctacliable Springrs. 17 Better tlian Vliult-tone or Horn,_g3 and uarauteed ucver to break. Price, #1.25. For tale by ftfíirg wholeaale uod retaü establishment. MAYER, STROUSE & CO. 412 Broadway, N. Y.( Manufactureri. ARTHMA CURED GERMÁN A8THMA CURE Inntantly r--li.-T.w thn imwt riolent tt&ck. and insurt cmafortAhlv nleep NO WilTIMO rr KISI LTB. Keinff UNtKl hy inlinJ ation, it H tvctioD is i in - mftdintn, dimet nt( rt-rtnln, and a curfi In the nMull ín all curable canefl. A Binjrlo tnai conVÍDÜ4M the imtMt nk.-pt ical Pric Hbo. and $1 00 of any drutfiiit, ur bj mail Hampl Kr re itr


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