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The Men Who Do Not Succeed

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Tlie Kepiibliran has nosvinpathy wilh men, young or old, who are constant ly prating about tlie iiu'qtmlity ot tliis lite 8 fortunes sninll or great, tll(i wam of opportuuities to ivl ahead In ihe world, hen t the sanie time they lose no ojvportunity for haviug "a good time," to eat, drink and bc nierry so long as they have innri) v to pinchase the means lor every kinü of enjoymeut. We liave 110 objectlons to uien eaiing and diwklbg wlmt tbey eau et out ot this world, bilt wlien tlicy have apent uil their substance in this way and Umi theuiselves hard up for the necegsitiea of life, we do object to their charging others who have lived fruga)ly,deuied tuemselves evanescent pleasures in order to secure permanent comforts, and who have sucoeeded in laying up a competency tor nuil tlmcs or old age, of being the cause ot the poverty ot the world. Young uien of to-day who liveouly for the "Itui" Uiere Is in life, when unuble to set ure means of purchaaing this loo deplore the eomlïtic.ii of business affnirs; tinii's were not like the present in the days of their father' s youlh or they never would have suuceeded as they have ; a young mau bat DO chance to get ahead in tlie world as did the generation which preceded thein. We b ivo liyed fo toity yrars or more in this world and most of the time it wim "root, hog or die,'' and we eau honestly say to the young men who are havinjf "lots of fun" idling hls time awiy, and iving kicks at the changes in the times which have taken away opportunitirs for young mn to succeed that the young men of to day have ten chances lo get rrinuneratlve einploymcnt and to push ali'-nd in the world wlurc e had one In our early nianhood. Hut there is tnother pliax' of this etling on in the world which is ubly nmmitril iu the fullowing trom a paper in a western town: "Kor some yeari past we have watched the influenceof a Fatlu-r M:ittliew's total abstinence soi-ii-tv ht-rc in Keokuk. lts incmIkts, wlj ticlicvi', are uil lrish-Americrtiis, and the society numhers trom two to three hundicd. 'l'he young nten who have grown up in that society are Uklng the towii. They are fant becoming its property owners, its business men, its money investers. Heing températe every thing i-lse has come lo tlirni. Swing, thrifty, enterprising, successtul, preoperous, the secret of it all is the primaiy fact that they didn't take to ([uzzling liquor and pending what they made in saloous. Tlie certaiuty and rapidity witli which these young men have accumulated property shows that all the property of the beer-guzzling cranks of tlie red-Hu;; coinmutii.-in In the elites is inerely their own fault. That anybody in America can be come well-to-do if he will leave liijour alone and work and save."


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