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Sober Sense From A Respectable Source

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In au arlicle headed "Qov. Luce and the Unlverslly,'' the Detroit Evening Journal luis this sensible article, wliieli will coinuiend itself to the people for its candor and logic: "Oov. Luce's request thut the lejtislature will recall the appropriation bilí and add a provisión that the ncrease of expenses shall be met liy an increase of tuition in the fees of "forei'ii" students, c;ills lor prudent and eautious trentuient. The danger ie that this mlfCÜt force the tees of outside stndeuts so lilu'li that it would dimlnish tlieir attpiiditnct', in whicli CHse noCtitng would be galned, reveuue miyht be lost, nd the University's reputation hurt. The idea of inaking the fee luw to all stndents is to altrad a large niimber of atíldente to I 1 1 i v t i s i I v , malie the state known and talked nbout, and end in attraciing to lts populalion a superior class of people. Many ot Ihese stndents settle in Michigan and are a desimble iiddition to lts populatlon. One cutise of the U"lvcislty of Michigan's greal fume Is the lar;c nunilierof its .ttinlents. To reduce that uumlx-r would not simply reduce the rev enue they bilng lnto the state, bilt impair the reputation of the Unlvergity itself, do it in injury and mi harin tde investinent the state has alremly made in the iii-iltutiou. Oov. Lnce has by no means settled it in liis ott-hand, one-sided treatraent. Very likely foreign tees can be tunde higlur, but it wlll be liazardous to ralse thein la Buy arbitrair fishion. As the manager of a well i-stablished business, Gov. Luce wrould not do it wiihout grave considti.ition, and he shoiild not expect il of the leyl-lature. 'Che house Vt'Hlerday lefused to ncall I lie bilí 01 the ground tlmt the Oovernor'x ohjedions had alieady been coi.sldered, and tliat he ülinuld rither sijfii or veto, instead ot lecturing the liouse. The house has taken its responsibility in the matti-i ; the governor niUbl IIOW take hi.i."


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