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Niggardly And Disastrous

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Gov. Luce lias vetoed the University bilí, lie lias taken ttie g'ouml of expense to llie Oíate. Kconomv la ctt tainly not c.- a nutional tli m i civic virtue, huí uiggardliness or lack ni" jiidgment are certainly as In State hs in iri vale alfiirs. Our schools as BOU oiyanized, inc'iiile tliree depa tinenta, fir-t, the cnuiiunn tobaote) second, Ihe Mgh schools; and third, tlie University. Now, it Is :i ¦ i oíd adage that a stream cannot rise hinlier than its 8ource. A strong, powiTful University 9erves as the sltaily wil] and foro by which all litnmnts and sitiewsof our system are louiul together and lucreased iu strcntli and lii'alth. ll 8 Icitious to dni'll lipón the ui'H aud advantages if' our Uuiversity. are ktiown uml iipri'ciated by eveiy intelligent VVIiy is MichIgM soiilit out ly so inanv students t'ioni far uwiiy otates and countrles? Why is our iSutc aluiii!t alone well knowu In (JiTiimnv v Why are the coinmon schools of oiir State noted for thelr par-excellence? Are not these thíngs due to our Univereity? The University is the capstone of our educational gystetn. I,et us Ireat it renerotisly. It i. and always has been, the pilde of Miohiuan, and öhould befoütored and encourated. Hundretls of peivons, not only iu Micliifran, hut all over the Union, h:ive been educated witlun its walls at sinall expense to them, and to each taxpuyer in the State. Many a poor stru-jgling boy luis been able to get an edueatlon tbe rebecause of the smail annuul tee the student is reqnind to pay. The Governor is nivay off in iliis veto and the legislatnre of Michigan vvould do iiscll' proiul liy passing the lul] over bis head.


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