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Endurante of Society People. A prominent society lady of Washington beins asked by tlie Primo ot' Wales, " Wliy, li Itthatyou peoplehero RMnifett so little fatigue froni dancin;, teoppttoiM, etc. ?" replied, "Wliy, you sec, we Amerlcans reirain tlie vitality wasted In these uMfefilpatlona by asing Dr. Harter's Iron Ton ie. Sore Eyes The eycs are ahvays in sympathy wlth the body, and afford an excellent index of tts conditlon. TVben the ejes become weak, and the lids inflamcd and sore, it Is an evldence that the systeiu has beeomc disordered by Scrofula, for which Ayer' Sarsaparflla is the best known remedy. Scrofula, whioh produced a palnful inflammation in niy ocs, CMBed me nuich euffering for a number of years. lty the advice of tphyilcfan 1 commenced taking Ayer's 9rsparll)a. After ming thfi ¦uedicioe ¦ liurt time I was comiilutely Cured My eves are now in a splendid (¦ondition, Uld 1 am ia well aml Itrons :i ever. - Mis. Williaru Gage, C'oucoid, N. 11. For number of years 1 v:is troubled witli a huniur in my syea, :uul TM uikiIiIi' to obtain any relief muil 1 commenced using Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Thi medicine has effected a complete cure, and 1 lulicve it to be the best of bloml puriliur. - C. E. Upton, Kashua, N. II. From childhood, and untll witliin a few months, 1 have been atlliited wilh AVeak and Soro Eyes. I have u-d for tbeM coniplaints, wlth beneflclal retulU, Ayer'a Banaptrins, aml condder it greal blood puiiüer. - Mrs. E. l'hillips, (jluvor, t. I suffered for a year wttta inflamniation In my left cye. Three ulcera formed on the ball, deprirlog me of slght, and causing reat pain. Aftcr trrlng in:iny other remedies, tono purpoe, 1 was tinally induced to use Ayer's Sarsaparllla, and, By Taking three bottles of tliis medicino, linve been entirely cured. Jly light baa been restoied, and there Is no iftn of luflammaticin, sore, or ulcer in mv eyc. - Keiulal T. Bonen, Sugar Tree liidge, Ohio. My dauphter, ten years old, was afflictcd with Scrofulous Sore Byes. During the Imt.two vears she liever shw light of :my kind. Pnyslclani of the bigbed qtandtoa e.virted thelr kill, bui with no permanent Micci'ss. n the recommendatfoti of a t rieml I purchased a bottie of A . r 8ar ¦aparilla, nhicb tny daugbter commenced tukiiif.'. Kefore she had uscd the thlrd bottie her M;;ht wai ri-storcil, aml slie eau now look steadily at a brilllanl lighl yilliout pain. Her euro is complete. - V. E. Sutherland, Evangelist, Shelby City, Ky. Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Preparad by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., I.owell, Maai. bolU ky all Druggial. Mm tl , ¦" butilca, .


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