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Ann Aitirnt, .íuiie 18, 18t7. Bmtob of Tuk Codhiek: At the meeting of tlic managen óf the spring fair liulJ June llth, the treasurer's r. - eeipts showed there was more than enodjrh money received to pay up ill the expendieres of the spring fair. Had the weiither been favorable tlie spring fairwould have been a success in evi-ry particular. In behalf of the society, the offleera extend tlieir hearty tlianks to the exhibfton In different departmenta, especially so for their genero9ity toward the society in tloing all tliat could be done. It is ilie general opinión these axhibiton ure the live and reliable pnities in WashtaiMW u n t v. We also extend dut tbanka to the pn-ss tor (helr liberal adrertiaemeut, ¦uectalIjF to ilic pnpeii of Aon Arbor city. Nmv, Mr. Editor, let us sav irne wor(, for rijflit wroiigi nobody, if it duln't look llkfMtlrertialiigw wuuld like toaiiy mvrt, when we considiir tlie work and time ipenl even up to tlie lnt day, when tliene wiia no lnp' df clearinft op. It iJiowed and provea to the public tluit they liav gol tlte W0lfare and promotion ot the Anici leun umple al lieart and do all they -:ui tor any gockd enterpriM al any Unie and whatevei Utev repiesent to you mui ui depend upoa is genuine ;md reliabie. l! . ;il-o gocs in sliow tbnt they are nol living fir tha aluittbty aioa. let us sny to tl,,' peopleof „- tcn.iw couuty through y mir papet tlial al any time lluting ihis year il th.n are noiiirii to jiiiike it an object tliere is competent auctloneej ready tell for R smafl tee. The society will give lluii srounda and .-lieds free, proyidinK Uiere is do entrance fee chareexl.


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