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PLEASE NOTICE wsmñ m, Kstabllshed lu 1875, will funüsli Ico, dellvered to ANY PART OF THE CITY For the SEASON OF 1887: 2.1 poiiiids diilly, except Sundnys, for f-J.iXJ pet muDtli. '-". pimiulK 4 times per week, ?1.7" p.r niontli. K poUDdl .1 tl mes per rek. tflJX pT MKin t h. 2"i pounds a tlinoK per week. $1.0(1 pi-r niontli. HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, BUTCHERS, ETC, Will l)i lïmilshed with Tickets. I,i:ive Orders at Office, 2s Main Street. E. V. IIANGSTERFER, Manager. ABNER MOORE'S TONSORIAL PARLOR, I3:xIoas steeet, Next door to the Farmer's auu Mcchanic's Bank. HAIU OUTTINC, SIIAVING, SFIAMPOONING AND DYEING. BH ! of Workmen and Satisfncl ion (iuaranteed. HALE'S HOllEY is the best Cough Cure, 25, 50c., H. GLENN'S SULPHUR SOAP hcals and bcautüks, 25c. GERMÁN CORN REMOVER kills Coms & Bunions, 10c HILL'S HAIR & WHISKER DYE-ülack ft Brown, 50c PIKE'S TOOTHACHE DROPS cure in 1 Mimne, 25c IIEAN'S RHEUMAT1C P1LLS are a sure cure, 50c S Vjhe Best and Purest Medicine?? llN. EVER MADEIII k Itn1ll(1rlvctlieirnmorfromynnrl I ?- v.8st'mt ul"l i"' yuurVkliilll III Hj. ,. k. cli'an mul Rmooth. Tlwiuil I II . 'fe VjJL.Pimpl.-s nuil r.lot. li.-.Iij rn %j '' ycWwm-li "lllr 5'"r beautySS I V% % ' ' Ltin.c. lf yon arel IÜÜÉI rt Tho Do8c lsXp. j', r'o wm emful. % e j '. 'II I I befli luid ¦lu'UjH'lítk V O S' 'rlll I Imnlieliie. Trv lt, amífe. ¦, V I lllyuu will be saüsñed. k% o. "A V. III H tivt lt of your Drugglst. - r If you are BuflTtTincr from KM. II noy Digcase, aml wísh to Uve (.1. ola nn-, ue SÜLPHUB BITTEUSk They ucver tail to cure. I'] Senrt 3 2-ocnt stampa to A. 1". mpIwmv ('n Bubiou, Maóe.t for beat DMdlcftlwork publlahedr l Bfti wist 9 ' ¦' í" iLUHAli BUIDE FOR 1887 Wow rmrty, oonUins 2 ',.l,.r.vl FtaUa hiindrnU of II. 4ninirndFlowrrt'iiltuit, nu.l otft Vo contalnintr ftn tables irown. with dlKctlon. how to pn thcm Wheretho l,tsKi:ns, 1M.ANTS, ,„„l BüÏÏSRl can l,c procurad wlth prlceaofncb tl i"".." ,„ M ftWOO r-i.i,,t . 10 cents, and the 10 mu m) Í.TA in i'" hf Bn" On'rr 8l'"' '" " '"" hould bavetlnswork. We rdti k. t]u. i,,illi,„is who UMdourxe.!,. lluy o,,ly Vi.k', S.' "i":,; IIu .uuur. J AJÍES V ICK, S i: B llsI N, llotlic.lcr, N. Y NOTICE OFISSÖLUTm NMIK Bnp of Bllss A nilsslms tl, is ,1 ir h..,M JL dMolved by matnal eonsent. Vlldphu neaUiM Ibe ïlrrn will tra pjlW ly W. W BlIfH ua "il Hc.'.nniis dae tbe ifrm musí be i :.i,i to Sldstoïd. (" '" ""¦ ims,i,,,s'a,i'.


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